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   Chapter 8 Unfold

Captured by Leo By MarillaGarden Characters: 11491

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I managed somehow slip away from Leo's hold. I've locked myself in the bathroom, watching the blood rush out my wrists.

It was the only way, I had to kill myself. Fuck Nuli's plan. It wasn't going to work, my body wanted him. It was only a matter of time before he takes over my mind as well.

I wasn't going to let him win, killing myself was my only option.

So much for my hopes and dreams.

If only I wasn't weak, if only I fought to live. But this? I didn't want.

"Hurry up, I need to piss." He shouted with a bang on the door.

I was sitting in the shower while the water ran down against my body.

"Go somewhere else, I'm not done yet."

I was getting dizzy, feeling I was going to pass out any minute now.

The doorknob raddled a couple of time, closing my eyes. I can hear him going out the room. Smiling, I felt my body going weaker by the second.

I wonder if I was going to go to heaven or hell? If I did good in my life, then again, if I did. I've wouldn't be in this mess.

I probably did something bad to someone to deserve all this.

With all the strength that was left in me, I laid down. Closing my eyes and wishing I was never going to wake up ever again.



"Where is Rachel?" Her friend asked as I bragged into the room she was in.

Ignoring her, I ran towards the bathroom and didn't bother locking the door behind me. I released myself before looking over to her.

She was staring at my cock like she hasn't seen anything like it before. A smirk took over my lips, "you like what you see?"

She didn't reply back, just turned the other way around. Finished with my business, I flush and turn on the sink to watch my hands.

Slowly she turned to look at me, I grabbed my manhood. Letting her have a better look, you can tell she's a sult. Unlike Rachel that wasn't anything like her.

"You want to taste it?" I asked.

Her eyes never left my manhood, not for a second. Testing her loyalty to her friend, I decided to see how far she would go.

"I can fuck you too, you heard your friend last night moan and scream as I took her over and over. I could do the same for you if you like me too."

"Where is she?"

"Enjoying a long shower, should I put him back in or will you come and suck me off?"

She hesitated, looking back and forth from the open door to my cock.

"I'm good!" Mumbled out from her.

"Are you sure? You look like a good girl that would please me better than your friend."

"I know I can but I don't want too."

"But you do." I replied with a wink.

Maybe if I fuck another woman, I can get Rachel off my mind that she simply took over.

"Lock the door and come suck me dry baby. You said you know you can, show me?"


Nuli ...

Damn he was hung low, girth and all.

This was apart of our plan, and I really wanted him in me so bad.

Rachel won't be mad, he's not like her boyfriend or anything.

Maybe he doesn't even like her, I can definitely make him fall for me.

Rachel was hopeless and naive to do anything, I had to take matter into my own hands.

I did what he said, locked the door and walked back over to him, dropping to my knees.

So this is what Rachel has been fucking with? Lucky as always.

He grips my chin, causing me to look up at him.

"You are such a slut, I'm fucking your best friend and here you are on your knees willing to suck me off. How do you think she will fe

n front of me, "Hey, can you hear me?"

Nodding my head slowly, he lifted me up, placing a pillow behind my back.

An IV was attached to my arm, I was cold and scared. I looked around from him, but he wasn't here.

"They locked him in the basement until he calms down, I'm Nicolaus but you can call me Nick. How are you feeling?"

"Sick, you have something to I can overdose on?"

"That's not funny, I-"

"Why was he watching that? Who was the little girl calling out for him?"

He stared at me, debating if he should tell me or not. Alma walked in along with a beaten up Marin. She sat down beside me while taking my hand into hers.

"How are y-"

"Who was that on the tape?" I cut her off.

Tears filled her eyes quickly, she wiped them away. "That was Leo's little sister, Alexia. Someone kidnapped her, she was lost for six months. Leo searched everywhere for her, gave himself up just so they can let her go, but they never did. They first shipped an envelope with some of her hair to Leo, then week by week, they shipped body parts of her. The last packet was that tape for him to see. After he saw that, he was never the same Leo we knew. His parents death was hard to accept, but he got over it, they took his little angel and turned him into the beast he is now. He blames himself everyday, and torches himself by looking at that tape so he won't forget." She said before breaking down in tears.

She left the room, followed by Marin who ran out after her.

"Then why does he do this to me? He's?doing what they did to his sister to me, why?" I asked, trying to know.

"I really don't know why, all I know that he is fucked up badly and wants to hurt everyone and everything in his way. It's not just you he hurts, he has hurt Alma as well. Kicked her down the stairs while she was pregnant which caused her to have a miscarriage. He stabbed me with a knife when I tried to help him. He beats up his men for no apparent reason. He even slapped Victoria. He hurts everyone around him so he won't feel hurt again I guess. I'm not trying to make excuses for him, he is long gone. And I don't think he'll ever be the same man I once knew."

"Why don't you just destroy that tape?"

He looked at me and smiled, "We have, but he made copies so he won't forget."

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