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   Chapter 7 Lost in her....

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A rare beauty she was to corrupt and destroy, but it has seem she doesn't only satisfies my needs. Also the beast within.

Maybe it was her soft skin. Or her untamed locks of curls. I think it was her submissive body, yet to come to think of it. Her eyes did much more.

A spell of some kind to take over my mind.

I have to stay in control, can't let her take over. That wasn't the plan, and never shall I fall for a woman.

She waited and observed every move I made. Scared? No! More like; anxious? Can't be that either.

I couldn't understand her nor myself.

Adoring her gaze, I approached her as she kneeled on both knees on the soft satin sheet that were the color of his rosy lips.

The lion between my legs twitched in joy, wanting to pounce in the depths of her tight walls that have been made for me.

And shall be for me only.

I could stand back and watch her forever. How every curve looked as if it was sculpted to perfection. There was no denying that she was a beauty like no other.

I have been blessed, maybe I should keep this blessing and savor each inch of her delectable body part.

This wait was longer than expected for her, intentionally. I waited for her to lust over the moment, keep her mind ticking around the clock.

I wonder how long she will last with me?

Or how long before I get fed up with her?

"Is it burning you?" Questioning her while leaning over.


Her wittiness attitude I enjoyed so dearly. I love a woman that talks back, if it was another woman besides her I would have punished her.

But I think I've hurt her enough, didn't want her to go mad just yet.

"So if I slide my index finger between your heavenly folds, it won't cry tears of wanting?"

Her body slightly shook, the pink nubs on both perky round breast stood out. Crying for me to run a feather light lick from the tip of my tongue.

"Lair, your body is telling me otherwise amore. It's practically begging me to touch you."

"I hate you!"

"I know love, I despise myself too. Shall we begin?"

Her breathing slightly picks up its pace. Not breaking eye contact with her. I placed both hands on her shaky thighs, gliding my fingertips across while gentle but roughly letting my nails scrape until both hands rested on her waist.

Intoxicating smell lingered from her, surrounding and clogging my thoughts.

I hated that she can do that without even trying.

You shouldn't feel, this isn't even real.

She is your pet Leo, not your lover.

I griped her by the her throat, she gasped as fear flashed in her eyes.

"I didn't do anything, let go!" She yells while trying to escape.

Placing one of my right finger in between her legs, the warmth heat of her püssy fanned over my fingers.

Causing me to groan in need, to take her against her will.

Inserting my middle finger in her heated core, she gasped.

"Ride amore, " I ordered.

Her püssy clenched tightly around my finger, one push upward. She let out a moan I waited to her, flicking in her back and forth. She relaxes, I released my hold from her throat. Pulling her body closer to mine while looking into her eyes.

"Like this amore." I whispered.

Rocking her body along with mine, soft whimpering sounds escape from her pouty lips. Her body weakened in my arms, she was a sight to see.

"You like this amore?"

I quicken my movement in her, she took a hold of my shoulders. Her eyes rolled backwards, leaning back her head, exposing her neck, watching her visible pulse beat.

Moving in closer to her, I bite down while continuing my assault. What seemed like forever, she came all over my finger. Wave after wave after wave.

Now that I knew she was lost, I pulled back. Get to see her body drop back against the bed.

"So beautiful amore."

Her ragged breath didn't stop, and it wasn't going to stop until I say so.

I grabbed both her arms, pulling her up. "Now you're ready to ride my throbbing cock amore."

Laying back, I placed both hands behind my back. "Take a hold of him, lead him to his new home."

With hesitating hands, she leans over and grabs my..."fuck" I hiss out as I jerked between his delicate fingertips.

"Get on me, NOW!"

She jumped in fear as I shouted. She saddle herself around me, pressing her wet core against my....


Both hands pressed on my chest, tears fell. She wasn't going to place him in, I had to do it myself.

"Don't worry amore, one day, you'll fuck me on your own will. And I'll make it my mission for you to fall deep."

A teardrop fell on my chest, her hair covered her face. "Don't cry amore, it's OK to feel want. It's lust, do you not feel pleasure?"

She stood up, I managed to catch the an


Both arms lift me up easily, hosting me upon his..."Fuck....easy..that hurts."

"Uhhhhh" he groans loudly.

"Push...down even further amore."

"You're not even all the way in?"

"Look at me!" He hisses out, placing both hands on my each side of my face.

He smashes his lips on to mine while pushing me down on his....

Holy mother.. "mmmmmm."

He covered my muffle noise with a kiss, I felt his manhood throb in him over and over.

Heavy eyes, mind lost, body in heaven. I felt nothing but him, his chest pressed against mine, his lips kiss along my neck, his fingertips running down my back, lifting me up even closer to him.

He was winning, and he knew that.

My legs were wrapped around his waist, it was like we were hugging and he was taking his damn time.

Pushing my body back slightly, my hands automatically grabbed onto his shoulders. His hands gripped my waist before he began to slow steady movements into my damp, moist needy place.

He rocked inside me over and over, in all different direction. "Amore, how do you feel?"

I feel....I feel...I feel...

"More...harder buttface."

What the fuck did I just say? God I? need help.

I was pulled back up to face him, his laid his forehead on to mine. Looking straight into my eyes, "Say I want you." He whispers.

"Will that make you fuck me harder?"

He chuckled, "Yes, it will."

"OK then, I want you buttface."

In a harsh, unexpected move. I was dropped on my back. He spread my legs wide apart, grabs both my hands before moving behind him to grab something. I looked down and saw a pair of cuffs.

It happened so quick, he slapped the cuffs on my wrist before cuffing me to the headboard.

Both hands reached my nubs, pinching them down as hard as he could before ramming himself into over and over and over and....."OH MY GOD....ohhhhh."

"Yea, that feels better amore? Hmm? You want it like this?"

His quick fast pace was like lightning bolts, they went soaring through my body as I rose up to meet his urgent, wild thrust.

Sweat started to cover his body, his breathing was hectic.

A tingling feeling burst out of me, causing me to arch my back, roll my eyes before moaning out his name for the first time ever. I came down hard with vibrating shaky legs before slumping back down against the bed.

He kept his assault going while groaning out words in Italian I didn't understand before shooting his hot firing liquid in the depths of my core.

I feel him kissing my belly and upwards my chest. He was untying the cuffs off before getting up, I was to tired to move, to tried to think.

I felt a warm rag between my legs, he was cleaning me off. Under heavy eyes I watched him care for me, slowly dry me off.

He walked over to the closet, I hear him going through some stuff. My eyes shut close, I felt his dress me into something soft.

The bed dip on the other side, my body was pull into his arm. I couldn't move, I just wanted to sleep.

"Ti sognero' tutta la notte fino al mattino amore." (I will dream of you all night until morning.)

Was the last thing that came from him before I went to a heavy sleep.

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