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   Chapter 6 Memory....

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"How is she?" Alma questions. Taking the warm rag, she placed it upon her head. Running it down the side of her face.

"Why does she have to suffer Leo?"

"Why can't you stay quiet?"

"Let's cut the bullshit dear cousin, I know very well that you could have shot her easily. Why haven't you?"

"Because I want a new toy."

She scoffs as she threw the rag towards me, causing it to land on my white clean dress shirt.

"You are lying to yourself, I know the Doctor you're seeing asked you to find someone that you can be in a relationship with. But not like this Leo, not kidnapped a girl. Not lock her up. Not beat her and treat her wrong. Not rape her. That is not how relationship work, not at all. You're not only hurting her physically, but mentally."

"Are you done talking?"

"No, I'm not!"

"Please leave, I want to rest."

She huffed as she stood up, making her way to the door. One last look she gave amore before leaving.

Quickly undressing the shirt I had on, I laid next to her sleeping form. "If only I wasn't so fucked up cara, I would make you the happiest woman alive." I whispered.

My lips skimmed along her shoulder until reaching the soft pulse that was beaten slowly. Her eyes fluttered open, her lips smiled softly.

"Can you give me something to drink please." She mumbles low.

I got up and left the room to get her something to drink, I should be less cruel to her. Reaching the kitchen where I found Alma, she folded her arms while raising a questionable brow.

I passed by her and grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge.

"GET DOWN, LEO! COME QUICKLY!" Adamo shouted.

Alma rushed before me out to see what's going on. Gasps escape from her lips as she rushed over the staircase.

Rachel was standing on the rail, holding her hands out. Preparing to fall, she looks at me and smiles.

"I hope you rot in hell forever." Was all she said before throwing herself down against the marble floor.

A loud thump, screaming, chaos was all I heard as my eyes scanned the puddle of blood that was underneath her.

Her eyes wide open. She was dead.

"You killed her, you killed her." Alma shouts while looking down at her.

My eyes shot wide open, I sat up straight on the bed while panting.

It was a dream, I shook my head and grabbed my cell to call Alma.

"Yes Leo?" She answered.

"How are things there?"

"The same as you left them, why are you asking?" She stated curiously.

I remained silent, I left her after that day. And now I'm asking about her because the same dream comes to me every night.

"Bye!" I said before ending the call.

I threw the phone against the wall with all anger I had in me, she was fucking my mind. Don't let her Leo, don't care for anyone.

"JUST DON'T!" I screamed to myself.



A week has pass and no one came down to see if we were alive or dead.

Only Marin that would come with Alma secretly at night, they would bring us food and see how we were doing. Marin united Nuil from the wall even when he orders not too.

He was a good man compared to the other three.

Every night I would hate myself for giving into him, I felt lost with how he made me feel and I hate it.

My mind was going crazy, I was crazy.

He was consuming all my thoughts and I didn't like it one bit.

"You know, if they weren't criminals. I would so date one of them. Stop beating yourself up Rachel. The mind and body don't agree with each other. I would have enjoyed it too if I was fucked by a monster cock." Nuil said with a giggle.

I looked over to her, "You're crazy you know that?"

"Yea, I know. I'm sorry, I just don't want you to go mad. Or hurt yourself. You wanted to kill yourself this entire week, and I thank God I'm here with you to stop you doing so. We'll get through this together, call me crazy. But I think he likes you."

"Shut up, I hate him. He's fucking up my mental health."

"Maybe you should fuck up his, you know, mental health. Make him love you, make him think that you want him too. He's trying to make you want him and only him. I think you should play his game. We won't last long if we fight them. We have to think and plan a

everything down my throat without chewing.

"That's not the only thing you'll be shoving down there." He stated as he leaned against the railing door.

I choked on my food and he laughed.

Glaring his way, he folded his buff muscular arms one on top of the other.

It was a sin to be that sexy, but his soul is ugly.

I went back to eating, and fuck I was still hungry.

Placing the empty plate back on the nightstand. I waited for him to talk.

He was still standing, I wiped the corners of my mouth with my sleeve.

"Can I sleep?" I asked without looking at him.

"No, we need to talk. Meaning; I need to talk and set some rules that you'll obey and follow."

"Go ahead, I'm listening."

"Look at me when you address me."

"I don't want too."

"I'll hurt you."

"You already have."

He stopped talking, he was before me standing. He pushed me back against the bed, laid on top of me. I felt my body tense up as his eyes roamed my facial features, for the first time I got a better look at him.

His eyes were deep sea blue, his nose was pointed and strikingly straight. Jawline on fucking fleek, cheekbone that a highlighter would die to be on. Hair so thick, neck so long that I wanted to kiss.

I'm fucked big time.

He lifted both my hands above my head, he grips them in with one hand in place while I stared at the tip of his tongue moist his upper lip.

"I'll tell you the rules you'll follow tomorrow. Give me a kiss amore." He whispers out.

Hovering over my lips, he waited for me to kiss him. His eyes pierced through mine. I felt my body shiver, causing him smirk proudly.

My body was traitor, I hate ever part of me this very moment.

His left hand somehow managed its way up my sweater, slowly along my flat belly. Fingertips caressing and my mind was losing because of my damn body.

Unexpectedly, he let's go of my hands and pulls the sweater over my head. Exposing my bare chest to him, he stood up. Grabbing his monster of a? bulge he had, his hand went in his sweat. Pulling out half of his....

"I had a dream about you." He said.

Crawling back on my body, he pinched my erected nub with one hand while covering the other nub with his mouth.

I gasped, moaned before shivering in pure delight.

He stopped sucking on my nipple. He placed his chin in between the valley of my breast.

"The dream was you fucking me nonstop, your wild curls all over covering your face. My hands gripping your hip bone, rocking you back and forth. You stop, I push up with such force. I want that now, I want you so bad."

He capturing my lips onto his. Rolling me on top of him. "Make papa happy amore. I want to feel you tight püssy place her ice cream all over my cock."

Yea, I knew there was no way out of here. I'm fucked big time.

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