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   Chapter 5 Run but can't hide...

Captured by Leo By MarillaGarden Characters: 19251

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I was expecting him to push me off, hit me, yell. Anything really, but all he did was curse multiple of times.

The knife went through his hand, I watched closely at the blood dripping from the back of his hand.

The car stopped unexpectedly, throwing me off him to the floor.

Hearing Marin say, "What's going on Leo?"

He grunts out in pain, "Take us home, NOW!"

I managed to get up and pull my pants up before sitting far from him. I thought of a crazy thing to do, jump out the car

I looked out the window and saw that Marin was going to fast, but fuck it.

I'm not going to wait for his punishment, I was going to kill myself minutes ago.

Might as well go for it, "I hope you rot in hell you sick bitch."

Kicking him hard, I opened the door and jumped out. I felt my body roll on the ground over and over in pain until I came to a stop.

The sound of tries halting and screeching made me look up. I got up to my feet, ignoring the pain I felt. The SUV was reversing backwards, I turned around and came face to face with a car that dodged me before swerving left, hit the SUV they were in.

I ran without looking back, I ran not knowing where to run too. The sound of a car turning and driving fast was behind me. Tears blinded my vision, don't give up, keep running.

I hear the car gaining on me, I felt it was going to run me down.

I got off the streets and onto the sidewalk, running towards people who were watching me run.

I stopped, not hearing the car anymore, looking back. My eyes widen as I saw Marin and Leo run after me.

Adrenaline kicked in, I fucking ran even faster than before. Pushing people out my way, knocking down whoever and whatever.

Into the small narrow road where shops and people were, I ran, I glanced behind me to see nothing. No one was following me anymore.

No, they are, keep running.

I made a left, then a right, then another left until I felt I couldn't run anymore.

I hid between two buildings, catching my breath in the process.

I finally calmed down, smiling happily that I lost them. But that smile vanished when I heard his voice.

"Ti darò mille libbre se trovate me la ragazza che ha appena eseguito da qui. O farò piovere inferno su tutti voi."

I didn't understand what he said, but I knew it wasn't good. A small door to a house was open, I ran in there and hide under the stairs.

It looked like and apartment complex, I tucked myself in further as I heard footsteps coming down the stairs.

People talking in Italian, not knowing what the fuck they were saying bugged the hell out of me.

What if everyone is scared of them and will helped them find me?

I couldn't do anything, so this was my safe place until god knows when.

A door opened behind me, I looked back and saw a woman in her late thirties look at me.

Tears filled my eyes, she was overhearing the commotion that was outside.

Motioning with her hands for me to come in, "Affrettati!" She whispered while waving her hands for me to come in.

I got up and ran into her apartment, she locked the doors before going to the window. She closed both sides before draping the light white curtains against each other.

I looked around, it was a small yet humble home. I stood there looking around, she came to my side and grabbed my hands, pulling me with her to sit on a worn out sofa.

Her eyes told me that she was going to help me as she rubbed my back gentle.

"Thank you!" I choked out while crying.

"No cry, I help you." She said sweetly.

"Thank you so so much."

"Um..English me bad, little know." she pointed towards the window. "Say..thousand money for you. You stay." She motioned with her hands around her small apartment. " help out is bad..very here.. safe." she asked pointing at her mouth then to my stomach.

"No thank you, water please."

She nodded her head and got up towards a small kitchen she had in her living room. The place was small, moldy and cold.

She handed me a glass of water in a small mug while holding a glass bottle in her hand that was filled with water. I drank down the glass all in one go.


"No thank you."

Taking the mug, she placed it on the wobbly coffee table. "Me Vienna. You?"

"Rachel, I owe you my life Vienna. Thank you so much, I can't thank you enough." I cried out.

She grabbed my hands and smiled like an angel, her brown eyes were warm and soft, kind and gentle. Her brown hair into a nicely neat bun, she was thin, to thin.

" bad man?"

"I don't know him, he took me. I saw someone kill a person and went to the police."

She shook her head, "polica..with bad man. Bad man give money polica."

"I didn't know."

" go where? Um..person help you know?"

"I only have my friend here but she probably leaving now. He told her that he will kill her and her family if she does anything or tells anyone."

She shook her head while patting my hand.

"No safe here." The door opened and I jumped.

A small boy walked in, he was around ten maybe nine. "Me son." Vienna said while the boy walked over to his mother.

He planted a kiss on her cheek before throwing his worn out backpack to the floor.

"Your husband may not like it when he sees me here, maybe I should-"

"No husband, me and son only. Man..father me boy, very man outside. I leave him...go he no hurt me and son."

The boy looked at his mother with questionable eyes. She spoke to him in Italian before I received a nod from him. He held out his hand for me to shake. I took it and shake his hand with a smile.

"Son say, bad man make it five thousand for you to catch."

Vienna got up and went into a room in the far corner where there was no door on it, I watched her take out clothes for her son.

The boy was watching me intensely before he made his way to his mother.

A loud pounding knock came on the door, a man screaming loudly.

She rushed out, "Go to room now." She whispered before heading to the door.

I was in the room, listening to the argument that was going on between her and the unknown man.

A loud sigh came from the boy, I looked down at him and watch him stared at his shirt that had holes in it.

My heart broke as tears filled my eyes.

Vienna came back in with tears in her eyes. She smiled at me and went over to her son, helping him get dressed.

"Are you OK?" I asked while walking up to her.

" want money for house."

I knew she didn't have any, "I say tomorrow. He say two me no pay, me go out."

I huffed and sighed deeply, she can hand me over and get the money she needs but she doesn't.

People like her deserved a better life, for their kind hearts.

I hugged her unexpectedly before walking out the apartment, she yells out after me but I just ignored her.

"Come...where you go..nooo." she yelled after me but I couldn't.

I was out in the open, I looked around and yelled out his name.


She pulls my hand but I pulled it away from her, I spotted him and Marin. They both looked at me, she pushing me to run away but I wasn't going too.

He was so close, I could feel his anger as everyone watched silently.

She backed away from me while crying.

He stood in front of me, "I'm selling myself to you, but under conditions and you will follow them."

He stepped before me, hovering over my tiny frame that was compared to his.

I was waiting for a slap, a hit, a scream. But nothing, yea, call me crazy, stupid, insane. Whatever you want, I really didn't care anymore.

He was going to find me no matter how much I ran from him.

He knew everything about Nuli, then he definitely knows everything about me.

"You fucked up big time amore, you'll be spending a month in that dark cold basement while I'll." He lowered his face and looked me dead in the eyes.

"Hurt you over and over again." He whispered, inches away from my lips.

"Are you done talking?"

He raised his eyebrow at me before looking at Vienna that was behind me.

"What conditions amore?" He asked while tilting his head.

"The five grand, you give it to her." I said while pointing at Vienna. "Along with a apartment fully furnished and rent free, meaning; she won't have to pay a dime, clothes and food. You do that? And you can do whatever you want with me. I won't run or go anywhere until your feed up with me. I won't fight you, just do that and I'm all yours."

"Deal!" He agreed without any hesitation.

I turned to face Vienna who was crying while having her hand over her mouth.

"Thank you!" I whispered out to her before Leo pulled me away.

"The pain you will ender for your actions today amore will be severe. Just you wait, just you fucking wait."


We were in the car, Marin was talking with Vienna while handing her some money and a card.

She shook her head and ran towards the car, knocking on the door where I was sitting.

I opened it for her, she was crying so much that tears never seemed to stop falling down. " do this..please no."

"It's OK Vienna, you're such a good soul. I wish the best for you and your son, don't cry." I whispered while wiping her tears. "I'll come and see you soon, take care of yourself and your son. Do that for me please."

I hugged her, facing Marin who was staring at me before looking down.

He walked forward and pulled her away from me, closing the door.

Silence like no other filled the car, I di

dn't look back at him. Didn't want too, I just looked out at Vienna holding her son while crying.

At least you did something right Rachel, she deserves it, she's worth what you're about to experience.

"Such a Noble act you did amore, but that won't stop the punishment coming your way."

I was filled with anger, I turned around to face him and started attacking him with all I had in me.

"YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE, I FUCKING HATE YOU. I'M GOING TO KILL YOU." I shouted while punching, scratching, kicking him.

Whatever I could do, I did.

He pushed me back and both hands in his.

"ENOUGH LEO!" Marin yelled while he entered the car.

He reached out and pulled Leo's hands off me, "Enough for now."

His eyes gazed into mine, it was a look of respect in a way as he nodded his head at me. He pushed him away from me and sat back in his seat, his hands gripped the wheel before starting the engine.



My stuff were packed and ready, I waited for Ron to come but he was taking to long.

A knock came through, I rushed to open it in a hurry. He stood there, but he wasn't alone. The three men that were here earlier were with him, pointing a gun to his head.

I back into the room, as they walked in. I watched and then began to panic.

One of the men pulled out his phone before saying, "Thanks for the tip, you can find his body in her room. We'll deal with her since she didn't know how to keep her mouth shut."

One of the men stood besides Ron before pulling out his gun.

Bang, was all I heard before passing out.



We were back at his place, Alma was standing by the front door while gripping her skirt nervously. Marin opened my door, holding out his hand for me to take.

"Run up to your room and lock it shut, we'll keep him tamed until you reach there." He whispered so low i barely heard him.

He pushed me forward as Leo came around the car, I ran towards Alma who was rushing me with her hands to run faster.


I looked back at him, Alma locked the front door. I watched through the glass door as Marin held Leo down as hard as he could, but Leo escaped his grip, turning around to punch him over and over and over like a madman.

Alma gasped, opening the door while running to Marin.

He pushed her hard to the ground, and continued to punch Marin until he passed out.

He got up and screamed in Alma's face, he looked up and saw me before he ran towards me like a fucking cheetah.

I couldn't run, I just stood there. Waiting for a blow to the face or gut from him, he grabbed me by my hair.

I didn't fight him, he was crazy and could easily hurt me.

"Let her go Leonardo!" Victora yelled out but it was no use.

The door of that dreadful basement came to view, he pushed me down the stairs.

My head landed on the cement floor with a loud thump, hearing his footsteps coming closer. I crawled away from him but my hair was yanked harshly as he pulled me towards the room I was in before.

He stopped when I heard painful moans coming from a woman. I looked up to see who was down here, my blood ran cold.

"No, no, no, no please nooooooo." I cried out. I grabbed his leg, getting on my knees. "Please let her go, please Leo, I beg you."

He pushed me away while walking to his men, "Why is she here?" He asked.

I took in Nuli beaten body, she was tied up against the wall.

"She called a guy named Ron from the Embassy to help her, Sato called and informed me that he was going to help her and her friend escape. So I shot the man and took her, you warned her to leave but she didn't listen." Adamo said while looking down at me. "What did she do?"

"None of your business." Leo said while facing me. "Tie her up in the chair, I think I have the right punishment for amore." He walked over to me before crouching down to face me. "You're going to watch your friend suffer before your eyes amore."

"Please don't, hurt me, that's what you want. Let her go Leo, please. I beg to let her go." I pled while crying.

"Go see if Marin is ok, all of you leave."

All three men left, I heard the door shut behind them. He stood up and went out the room, I crawled over to Nuli.

Trying to stand on both feet, I struggled but finally managed to stand up straight.

"Why didn't you leave Nuli, why?" I whispered while moving the hair away from her face.

"I couldn't just leave my other half like that without doing anything, we go way back Rachel. What kind of friend will be if I just left you, we're gonna die aren't we?"

We both cried against each other, I was yanked by my hair once more.

I felt my body slump against whoever was holding me, I was placed again the chair before he cuffed me to it. Then chuffed the chair to the wall.

He stood before me, holding a leather whip in his right hand.

"It's not that you stabbed me in my hand that you're getting this punishment, but the fact you thought you could run away from me. Did you actually think that you can escape me amore?"

I silently cried as I shook my head.

"I told you, warned you not to do anything stupid but did you listen? No! Now looked what I'm going to do to friend, it's all your fault amore, no one else's."

He marched over to her and started to whip her body over and over, her screams filled the room along with mine, begging him to stop.

But he didn't, he was a devil that had no heart or mind. He whipped her body over and over, I couldn't cover my ears from her screams.


"ALL" whip.

"YOUR!" another whip.

"FAULT!" Whip after whip, scream after scream was all I heard.

Until I heard no more from both of them, I looked up to see him raging and Nuli passed out.

Leaning against the wall, he raised his head and looked my way.

Slowly while grasping for air to fill his lungs he reached me.

"I'm going to uncuff you, try to do anything and I'll kill your friend, kill that woman with her son. Kill your sick mother that's in the hospital waiting to die. The one you donate your money too without her knowing you're doing so. She left you on a doorstep to cruel people who hurt you and treated you like a unwanted child but still took the money the government gave them for caring for your needs but they never really did. You hate her for leaving you, but still you're helping her. I know everything about you amore, everything. Your stupid heart cares for others when no one is worth caring for."

"Just because you're a lonely person that no one wants, doesn't make me anything like you. Hurting and killing people is what you do, just because that all you know. Is hurt and pain. And that all you'll ever know. You'll die alone, no one will ever love you."

"I'm going to make you love me, breath me and see only me. You'll never leave, ever. Your place is in my bed and me buried in you. I'll make you sick in the head just like me amore. And there's nothing you can do about it."

He uncuff both my hands, "Strip naked, I'm going to fuck you."

I remain in place, he pulls out a gun out of nowhere and points it at Nuli.

"Naked, now!" He hisses out.


I was naked before his eyes, "Spread your legs apart."

My legs shook as I parted them apart.

Staring up at the ceiling, I felt his finger thrust into my pussy with full force.

"I was going to take you easy but you decide you want to be fucked hard. So that's what I will do to you amore. I'll fuck you like no one has ever fucked you before."

My pussy clenched around his finger to stop him from going in deeper. He pulled it out before placing the head of his monster in me. Gripping both hands in his while his thighs held my legs open. He thrusted in me all at once. Causing a pain like no other.


"Fuck" he cursed out while looking down at himself at me. "You." He grunted out taking himself out before entering me once more.

I felt I was split in half, the pain shook my body as he pushed in deeper, causing my body to jerk upward.

I felt something gushing out from me, I knew it wasn't a good sign.

"Your bleeding amore" he looks up at me. "you've been a good girl huh, waiting for papa to fuck your tight pussy."

He kept gliding in and out of me, my body adjusted to him. I felt wet as he continued to thrust slowly and easily, building pressure I've never felt before. I was being raped and my mind was thinking about how good it felt.

"I'll have you wanting me amora. I'll have that pussy wet for me. You hear her? She's crying for me to go deeper. Do you like this beautiful." He whispered against my skin, pulling my head up towards his face.

His lips smashed upon mine, I felt him go in deeper than before.

Quivering and trembling in his arms, he held me tight. "This was suppose to be me taking you against your will. I'm raping you and you like it. Do you like this." He moaned. Lifting me on top of his body.

I gasped out when I felt him all the way in me, "Uhhhhhh this feels so good." He grunts out while pushing me up and down on him.

I looked up as a mind blowing orgasm shot through me, shaking me into obligation. His lips kissed ever part of my neck, he sucked and nibbled while bouncing me on him.

I felt myself come all over his shaft with another intense orgasm before slumping lifeless against him.

He keep stroking upward with all he had, at speed faster than ever. I felt his hot semen fill me up.

My mind was lost, I couldn't think straight. He wasn't only fucking my body, but my mind as well.

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