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   Chapter 4 Fight...

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The men besides me were talking to buttface, I didn't know who was Fedora or why they wanted him dead. The three men I didn't know talked to much, but Marin was very quiet.

I glanced his way, he was slowly taking his time with eating his food.

"You should eat." Buttface said.

Everyone was silent for a mere moment, I felt them stare at me.

"What's her name?" The guy on my right asked.

"Rachel." Buttface stated calmly.

"Rachel must be special for you to let her sit with us, huh Leo?"

Silent was upon us once more.

"I'm Adamo by the way." The man said. "The one next to Leo is Givno, the one beside Givno is Franco. And then there's Marin, I can't help but admire your beauty. I've seen you before, but don't know where."

Marin threw the magazine he had in his hand on the table, my face was on the cover. It was the photo shoot I did the last time, Adamo stretched his hand and took the magazine. I looked up towards them and wished I never did.

Buttface was staring at me along with the others, Adamo looked at buttface while the other two just looked at each other.

"And how do you think your going to keep her here if she is this famous? Have you lost your mind Leo, what if someone-"

"Rachel is here on her on will, isn't that right amore?"

"No, I'm not." I dared to speak.

Eyebrows were raised, mouth were open in shock from all three men. A wicked smirk on buttface lips lopsided ever so slowly.

"Ahhh amore, what am I going to do with you hmm?"

I ignored buttface remark, a young woman coughed lightly, getting everyone's attention. "Would you like any more coffee Leo?" She address buttface but was looking at Marin.

She was wearing a maid's outfit that hugged her body. Her beauty was something else, long brown hair, green eyes, round face. I stared at her a bit more, she became more and more familiar. My eyes drifted back and forth towards her and Vitoria they looked much alike.

"That is my daughter Alma." Vitoria confirmed my thoughts.

"No Alma, and what have I told you about wearing that. You're not a maid, take it off and wear your normal clothes." Buttface said irritatedly.

She walked over to him, holding on tightly to the kettle she had in her hand. I leaned back against the chair and watched her pour coffee into each one's mug.

"It's alright sir-"

"Don't call me that."

She looked at him and smiled, "Very well dear cousin."

What? She was his cousin? If she is his cousin then Vitoria is related to him as well.

"Who is the girl?" She asked while slowly walking over to Marin who wasn't looking anywhere else but his plate.

"This is Leo's amore." Adamo said while looking at Buttface.

I looked back at Alma as she happily smiled at me before staring at buttface.

"Next time I see a mark on her, I will stab you myself." She stated firmly while pouring coffee into Marin cup.

I can tell that the two had something going on, she sat down beside him but he got up quickly.

"I'll be waiting in the car Leo." Marin said before leaving.

The men all looked at Alma's sad face, she smiled shyly before saying: "It's alright, we'll solve our own problems. Don't get involved Leo, or any of you boys to that matter."

Buttface stood up from his chair along with his men, my nerves were getting to me as he came closer. He held out his hand for me to take, but I just dismissed it.

Standing up, I heard the men chuckle as they pass by. Exiting the room, a frim grip from Vitoria squeeze my hand before rushing me out after him.

He waited for me to follow him out the mansion, for the first time in a while. I felt the sun on my face, I felt somewhere close to freedom.

"Don't try to escape, you'll only bring suffering to yourself by doing so. You'll tell your friend that you're fine and that you'll be staying with me. If you try to do anything stupid or reckless. I won't only hurt you, but your friend as well. Let this linger in your mind amore, I mean every word."

He got into the white sleek SUV before me, I let out a loud sigh before getting in after him.


We reached the hotel were Nuli and I stayed at, standing before the door. I looked at him, I wanted to speak but was scared too.

I summoned all the power I had in me to speak, "She won't believe me, I-"

"Let's get this over with amore, enough chitchat."

Him and his men were waiting for me to knock on the door, please God don't let them hurt her.

I knocked gentle, her voice came through. "Coming!"

The door opened shortly, she stood before me with wide shock eyes. Then embraced me into a hug, "You bitch, where the fuck have you been?" She shouted angrily.

Pulling me back, she gasped as she took in the mark on my face.

"What the fuck happened to you and..who are these fine looking creatures?" She asked while looking at the men behind me.

"I will explain everything if you let us in?" Buttface said with a smile.

Wait, he can smile?

"Yea, sure. Come in, omg Rachel. You have no idea what I've been through, I've searched for you everywhere. Even went to the American Embassy for help, but they couldn't find you.

What happened? Where the fuck did you go, one month Rachel and my mind was going crazy thinking you were dead. Ugh, talk!"

"I found her laying on a sidewalk unconscious and battered, so I took her in and cared for her. I don't know who would do such a thing to a beautiful person such as Rachel. As you can see she is well." Buttface said as he walked around the room.

I grabbed Nuli's hand tightly, hoping she would get the message. She looked at me confusingly, I looked at him then at her countless of times.

Her eyes widely opened in fear, she hugged me once again and whispered as low as she could.

"Was he..."

"Ohhh Leo" Adamo sung out. "I think your amore told her friend something she isn't suppose too." Adamo said before a loud crashing sound came from behind me.

Nuli screamed at the top of her lungs for help, but all three men rushed to her side. Adamo placed his hand over her mouth while the others grabbed her body and laid her on the bed.

"Noooo, stop it, stop it." I shouted while being held back by him.

"Please nooooo, let her go." I cried out, they laughed while Adamo touched her body.

I tried my best to get out of his hold and help her but I couldn't. He pulled my hair back harshly, his lips were placed against my ear.

"I told you not to do anything stupid, now look what you done. My men are very hungry amore, we will watch them take your friend one by one. You should have listened to me. RIP HER CLOTHES APART AND TAKE HER." He yelled.

I watched as she trashed her body against the bed, I cried and cried. It was my fault, "Please don't, I'll stay with you. I'll stay, let her go please."

"Said that again amore, I want to hear it again."

"I'll....stay....please nooo..let her go."

They released her, she cried out and I did as well.

Adamo was staring at her hungrily with his gaze, Leo let me go and walked over to her. I fell on my knees and heard him speak.

"If you try to come after her or look for her, I will ship her body to you part by part. Your friend didn't tell you she caught something on film she wasn't suppose to. She will be with me until I decide to let her go" he bend down to her as close to as he could.

"You tell anyone and I will come for you Nuliful Mantgo, I will kill your mother and father along with your brother who works at a bar in LA. I know everything about you, I will hurt you in ways you can't imagine if you ever talk about this. Anyone ask where your friend is, tell them she decided to take a break. That you don't know where and when she will be back. I know where you live and who you love, I will hunt you down and kill everyone in your life before killing you. Do I make myself clear?"

She nodded her head while crying.

Looking at me she whispered a unnoticeable sorry. His men left one by one out the room, "Say goodbye to your friend amore and thank me for not killing her."

I stared at Nuli with tears in my eyes before speaking, "Just leave and do what he says, don't worry about me. Just tell everyone I'm on a break as his said. Please Nuli, I don't want them to hurt you. Leave as soon as you can before they come for you."

He wiped her tea

rs before placing a kiss on her cheek, he gripped her face tightly.

"Listen to her, if you're not gone by tomorrow. Then I will come for you and place you in my brother brothel so every man can have their ways with you."

She pulled away from him, he walked over to me and grabbed my hand before dragging me out the room with her.

I stared back at her while mouthing her to run.

Her cries were the last thing I heard from her. "Don't worry amore, she won't help you. No one will."



After locking the door behind them, I ran towards my phone and called Ron, a guy that worked at the Embassy. With shaky hands, I dug through my purse to find his card.

"Call me if you need anything or if your friend shows up."

I remembered what he said, how not to trust anyone. To come to him and only him for help. Struggling to dial the numbers on the keypad phone, I fell to my knees, sobbing uncontrollable.

He'll kill my family, he'll kill Rachel. He knows everything about me, oh god, ughhhh.

Pulling myself together, I pressed the call button and waited for it to go through.

I'm not leaving her, she's practically my sister. I've known her all my life, how can I just leave her knowing her life is in danger. What kind of friend would I be?

"Hello, Ron speaking!"

" me please."

"Who is this? Hello?"

"Nulifa, the one who came to report about a missing citizen. Rachel Longwood-"

"Yea, I remember, what's wrong?"

"My friend just came with a group of men, they threatened me If I don't leave they'll kill me and kill everyone I love. They tried to rape me and took Rachel hostage, please help me. You have to save her, do something."

"Stay where you are, I'm coming, you're at the same hotel right?"

"Yes, please help her, hurry!"



I was officially dead inside, I felt weak for not fighting for once. But I feared the abuse he would cast upon me.

Was I this weak?

Was I this person?

How can I just let him do this to me?

Giving up without a fight wasn't the answer, even if I knew I was going to get hurt. At least I could say I tried.

Marin was driving the SUV, Adamo was in the passenger seat. Buttface and I were in the middle while Givno and Franco sat in the back.

I zoned out on their conversation about the same guy they were talking about during breakfast. I stared out at nothing, feeling my soul drift away from me slowly.

He was too close to me, even when he had plenty of space for him to seat far away from me, he chose not too. His hand carelessly was on my thigh, rubbing back and forth as if he was trying to comfort me.

"Tell me amore, you wouldn't have happened copied the film for the murder crime and kept it for yourself?"

My body tensed up when he said that.

"I wish I have." I lied, keeping a straight face as possible as I could.

His fingers were placed on my chin, harshly turning my face towards him. Staring into my eyes, he searched in them, trying to see if I was lying or not. Lifting his eyebrow, he asked once more.

"Did you, or did you not, copy it?"

I felt my eyes weren't showing any emotions, so I repeated once more.

"No, but I wish I did."

His gaze went to my eyes then my lips, he came in closer but Adamo's phone rang. Stoping him from doing what he was about to do, Adamo answered it but I was to corrupted by buttface intense gaze.

"Alright, leave it too me. Bye!"

"Who's that Adamo?" Buttface asked while his hand went down my neck.

I hated how my body was melting by his touch.

"Nothing Leo, I'll handle it. Drop me off here Marin, I'll be back by dinner."

The car stopped and out went Adamo, the back door opened as Givno and Franco followed him.

My stomach twisted unexpectedly, something felt wrong. Then again, nothing seemed right, gasping loudly.

I looked down at his fingers that were pinching my left nipple, my thighs pressed against each other as the pressure he was building with the flick of his fingers went soaring through my body.

A tinted glass window went up between Marin and us immediately.

"He can't see, but that doesn't mean he can't hear. So try not to moan so loudly, spread your legs apart and take your hand in that sweet pink püssy of yours. This will be your first punishment for today, you didn't listen to me amore. So you need to be punished."

He had my nub between his thumb and index fingers, pinching and rubbing as if he was starting a fire.

My hand connected with his left cheek, sending a loud smacking sound to be heard throughout the car.

He face me angrily, eyes were dark, deep sea blue staring at my dull honeybrown ones like a hawk staring at its prey. I watched him roll both sleeves up to towards his elbows, I watched him loosen the top two buttons on his shirt.

I watched him run both his hands through his neatly combed hair.

Bring down his hand on his face, wiping the corners of his mouth, multiple strands of hair fell down his forehead.

I waited and watch this sick, sexy, psychopath, handsome son of a bitch buttface of a man part his red soft lips...omg I'm going mad.

"You're going to obey me amore" he ordered while grabbing something from behind him. He held his best friend, also known as the knife, in his hand while never breaking eye contact with me.

"I will stab and kill you, take off your pants."


He was on me in seconds, pressing the knife really hard against my cheek. "I don't want to fuck your face up, so fucking listen and be a good girl."

He pulled back, waiting for me to do what he asked.


"I don't think you understand amore, I own you. You're my pet, the quicker you know that. The faster you'll leave my prison. You will be mine until I don't want you anymore, consider yourself lucky. You could have been tied up against a bed and countless of men fuck you over and over and over. Count your blessings that I will be the only man who will ever fuck you, fuck you so hard that I'll have you wishing I was in you and never out. Now be a good girl and take off those pants, bend over papa's lap." He said while patting his thighs.

I didn't move, holding in my tears. He reached over his hand and unbuttoned my pants before unzipping the zip.


He pulled me up, my head hitted the roof of the car. He pulled down my pants forcefully, exposing myself for his eyes to see, he bend me over his lap before landed the palm of his on my butt.

"Listen to me amore, I don't want to hurt you."

I felt his hand massage the back of my neck while the other played against my back of my spine.

"Relax and try not to moan." He whispered lowly, only I can hear him.

His hand went down to my rear end once more, kneading and grabbing as much as he could. I was flipped over on my back effortlessly by him, my eyes were shut close as his fingers trailed below my navel, along the line of my hipbone ever so lightly.

He left fire trails of heat each place his fingertips brushed, unexpectedly he grabbed my püssy. "This is mine and I'll buried all fourteen inch of me in you tonight, so let me get started now."

I felt wet and distributed.

Tingly and annoyed.

Aroused and scared.

Something was wrong with me.

I was crazy, yea, that's the only explanation on why I'm feeling this way.

His middle finger rubbed back and forth until my mind gave up and my legs opened widely on there own.

I was a sick bitch that was enjoying his touch, he was possessing me with his touch.

"Open your eyes amore, I want to see the pleasure look in them. Do you like this, hmmm?" He spoke in a hush tone.

My breathing was raging and my body had gave up, I felt the knife next to my hand.

I should kill myself, I'm already mental and sick for feeling aroused by a man who kidnapped me and abuses me.

His finger went in me as I took the knife and stabbed myself in the stomach but he blocked it with his hand. It all happened too quickly, the knife went through his hand.

"FUCK" He yelled, pushing his finger even deeper in me.

"Ouhhhhhhh." I shouted in pain.

He pulled out his finger while mumbling a unnoticeable sorry.

What the fuck? Why didn't he let me stab myself, he blocked it, he fucking stopped it. And he apologizes, what the hell?

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