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   Chapter 3 A way out...

Captured by Leo By MarillaGarden Characters: 18886

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2 week later...

I just stared at him, I felt shame as I laid there naked for him to feast his eyes on. He brought me back to his place, but placed me in his basement, tying me up against the concrete floor.

"Your friend is making a riot about you. Little does she know that she'll never find you. Would you like to go see her?"

I didn't answer him, if I did, he would whip me hard with the wide variety of leashes he had. If I cried, he would become cruel and violent. And if I was to remain quiet, he would still punish me with his heated glare.

I didn't know what to do, what did I do to deserve this?

"I will untie you so we can visit your friend and tell her you're doing well. Any foolish act from you and I promise to make you see hell, is that clear?"

I nodded my head, maybe if I could get out of here. I could escape, it was my only way. I had to do anything before he murders me.

"I am warning you Rachel, I will hurt you in ways you have never thought of. So don't even think about running away from me, because you can't. I will let you go when I want too. Understood?"

I nodded my head once more, I'm going to escape. I wasn't going to stay another minute with him, hell, I'd rather die than be he pet.

He stood up from the chair he was on and walked over to stand before me.

Dropping down between my legs that were wide open, chained to each side of the wall.

I closed my eyes as his fingertips trailed against my legs, I felt his nails sharply run up my thighs. "Open your eyes." He ordered firmly.

I didn't, he chuckled wickedly before I felt him blow against my core. My eyes shot open to see him facing my exposed apex. "So pink, so beautiful." He whispered low.

"Have anyone touched you here?" He asked while pressing his thumb near my entrance.

"Please nooooo, please."

"No no no Rachel, you know better than that. Don't be afraid, you're feeding the beast. And you don't want to see him, trust me. You don't! Answer my question, has anyone touched you before me." He said once more as he circled around my clit in slow steady motion.

I nodded my head yes, when in reality it was no. I wasn't a Virgin, I played with toys but never with a man.

"Was he good?"

Tears fell as I felt my body being violated. He stopped all of the sudden, before he inserted a finger in me harshly. "Ahhhh...noooo, please."

"Relax, I'll make you come." He said as I trashed my body left and right.

He pinched one of my ungrateful erected nubs that betrayed me. My body gave into him and I hated it.

"Please stop. Please."

But he kept going, and going until I had no control over my body.

"That's a good slut, you like this huh?"

Tears fell nonstop.

"It doesn't seem you have sex before, you're so tight and it's only one finger in you."

He took in a second finger and I'm that's where a loud agonizing scream escaped from me.

He was hurting me badly.

"Ohhhh that's so good and tight, very tight, come il mio amore, COME!" He shouted.

Piercing his eyes into mine, he gripped my throat and squeezed harder while thrusting both fingers in me at a rapid speed.

I came crashing down and wished I was dead.

"Good girl, very good girl."

He pulled out his fingers while looking at me, placing them in his mouth, licking my cum that came all over them. "cazzo dolce" he mumbled.

Pain shot up through me as I tried to relax, I felt he opened me beyond my limits.

He pulled out his knife he carried everywhere he went from his pocket. Cutting all ropes that held me down.

I couldn't move, I felt numb, disgusted with myself. Ashamed and used, pulling off his dress shirt he had on.

He lifted me up, placing it on me, before carrying me in his arms.

My hands attacked him, not caring the consequences that would come after.

He didn't move, just smiled like a sick pervert he was, taking all I had to give him.

I felt it was no use, nothing fazed him.

"Are you done now?"

"I'm going to kill you, you'll see." I said, making it my top goal in life to do just that.

"Well see beautiful."

He went up the stairs, we reached the top, "put me down."

"Shut up!" He hissed, walking past men who stared at him strangely.

I covered my face so no one could see me.

"Tell Vitoria to come up to my room." He yelled out as he took steps up the lavish staircase.

Here and there I glimpsed around me, we were in the same mansion he brought me too. It was just my first time being up here instead of the basement.

The sound of a door being opened by an unknown man, "Don" the unknown person spoke with a nod.

"Go bring food."

The man left without a word, he walked into the room, placing me down on the king size bed. He went back to lock the door.

Walking over to a close door on his left side, moments later I heard water running. He came back out and stalked his walk over to me, his fingers went to undo each button on the shirt I had on.

This is when fear came over me, he was going to rape me. He pulled me up with such force, taking the shirt off me. Pulling my body against his, before walking us both to...we were in a bathroom.

He pushed back until I felt the shower jet hit against the side of my body. He hands caressed the side of my face before wiping the tears that never seemed to stop.

"The faster you give up, the quicker you go back home. No promises, but don't fight me. I don't want to tear you apart. Be a good girl and I won't hurt you, be a bad girl...than I'll make you wish you were dead."



3 days later..

I was trapped in his embrace, he mumbled words in his native tongue I couldn't understand. He was having nightmares just like everyday, I couldn't escape due to the cuffs around my hand and his.

Just before bed, he told me we were going to see Nuli today. He asked for me to tell her that I was fine, that she should go back home by herself. To forget me, but I knew my friend.

She wouldn't let me go, we were to go after breakfast to see her for only fifteen minutes, try to convince her to leave or the consequences would be fatal for her and I.

I didn't want them to hurt her, I didn't want to stay here any longer. My mind was on overdrive for the past three days, thinking of a way to fled from him. I had to take the risk no matter what, all I needed was to get out of this place and away from him.

It was morning and I wanted to use the bathroom, I couldn't hold it in any longer. Leonardo was his name, but people here called him Don or Leo if they were close to him.

I never address him in any of those names.He would leave after breakfast and come back before dinner.

I would be locked away in this room, the old lady named Vitoria would come and keep me company for some time but leaves before he ever came back.

I was fed well but wasn't allowed to wear any of the clothes Vitoria had brought me. Only his shirts he wanted me to be dressed in. Luckily, they all reached midthigh, covering what's left of my dignity.

The keys were right beside him on the nightstand to his side. It was out of reach, I huffed loudly.

"Get up!" I whispered lowly in fear.

I knew he didn't hear me, "You!" I poke his shoulder. "Get up!"

"I have a name you know." He said while fluttering his eyes open. They looked red and anger, tried and exhausted.

"I have to use the bathroom."

He turned around and grabbed the keys, unlocking the cuffs from his hand and mine. I rubbed away the pain, soothing as much as possible.

"Make it quick and come back to bed, it's still early."

I hop off, ignoring him. Entering the bathroom before locking the door shut.

"DON'T LOCK THE DOOR." He shouted.

I unlocked it and went to release myself, I? shook my legs purposely. I was tense and stressed. Finishing what I had started, I cleaned myself off but sat there taking in the past weeks. 'Tears were for the weak he said once, don't cry, you're feeding the beast' he said.

How can I not cry? What will happen if I run? Will he find me? What if he hurts the people I love?

The door opened and I knew it was him. From the corner of my eye, I saw him lean against the door, I could smell the aroma of the cigarette he was inhaling deeply.

"Care to tell me what you're thinking of?"

I stood up and went to wash my hands, I felt his gaze on me. I wiped my hands against one of his shirts I had on. Walking past him, he gripped my arm. Pulling me back, "I ask, you reply."

I faced him, trying to push down fear that filled me every time I stared into those dark sea blue eyes of his. I felt he can see right through my lies. "I was thinking on how I will kill you, so many ways you know."

He chuckled while shaking his head, placing the cigarette once more between his lips.

"You know" he blew out the puff of smoke. "You are the first one to actually say that you'll kill me. The others before you just cried, what's special about you is, you fight back. I'm just playing your game until the beast decide to come out." He said while pushing away my hair that covered my face before tucking the few strands behind my ear.

"You really don't want to see him Rachel." He spoke in a low voice as he moved closer, he stood before me.

Staring into my eyes, "He will take you against your own will, brutally in all three holes. Your mouth." He glided his fingers along my lips before trailing down my neck.

His fingers slowly made there way down the valley of my breast, until he reached my... "Pù??y" he said while grabbing it. Harshly turning me around as his hand went to my "and ass." He whispered against my ear. "It won't be a pleasurable experience, but a dreadful, unbearable pain you've never felt in your life."

A shiver of fear ran through my body.

"Don't tempt me beautiful, it's becoming one of my wild fantasies to take you forcefully. But, if you want, then by all means, I beg you to do something stupid." He uttered close to my ear. "I am begging you do try one little thing."

He pressed his aroused member against the back of my spine, rubbing himself wildly while locking me in his arms.

"Just imagine my girth in that tight pretty ass, ohhhh how I wish you try to run from me. I'll fuck you until you can't take it anymore. Pure pain is all you will feel."

He pushed me away from him, I didn't look back as he grunts out.

"Look at me!"

But I didn't.

"I said look at me before I do something you don't like."

I slowly turned around to see him holding his.....the smirk on his face was the last thing I saw before he entered the bathroom.

I fell to the floor, bringing my knees up to my chin before hugging myself tightly.

He walked back out, I placed my head on my knees to avoid looking at him as he pleasured himself.

I felt him in front of me, the sound of him moaning rang through my ears. He grabbed one of my hands and placed it around his monster.

That will rip me apart indeed, I pulled my hand away from him which earned me a smack across my face.

"Touch it or I shove it down your throat." He hissed as he gripped my chin.

The pain from his fingertips on my face was unbearable to handle, tears, stupid tears fell like they always did.

He fell to his knees before taking my hand once more.

"Sit good and make me come, let those delicate fingers touch me in ways to forget. Or, you can put those lips on mine and give me a long kiss, you choose." He said way to close to my face.

His hand guided my hand, slowly going up and down.

"Press the tip harder or kiss me so I can know your answer." He whispered, caressing my cheek he smacked gently.

He was inches away from me, nuzzling his nose against mine while his hand still continued to stroke my hand against his member that stood past his navel.

Was that even normal? Why is it so big?

Lost in my stupid thoughts, he crashed his lips upon mine. I hated myself for giving in easily.

His hand left mine and went into my heated core, he smiled against my lips as he felt my wetness.

"Stroke harder before I place you on top of him."

"I hate you so much."

"Your body is tell me otherwise amore." He chuckled.

I bite down on his lip harder than I thought I did. He hissed out in pain, pulling back away from me. His eyes grew into a darker shade of blue, his nose flared. He huffed like a madman, I back away from him.

Hitting against the wall, there was nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.

His tongue ran along his lower lips, collecting the blood drops that seem to never end.

"Heh, the things I want to do to you. But all in good times." He implied before heading towards the bathroom.

The door slammed shut, I stayed in the same place he left me, crying hopelessly.


I stared back at my reflection through the dresser mirror that was placed in front a couple of feet from the king size bed. My left side cheek was imprinted with buttface handprint.

Even though his face looked like God took his time to sculpt to perfection.

What was I saying?

Vitoria was behind me making the bed while adjusting the decorative pillow in there place.

"Why don't you get dressed dear, Leo will be out the bathroom shortly."

"Please help me escape." My voice cracked as it pled to her.

The sad look in her eye told me she had no power what so ever, her shoulders slumped while nervously playing with her fingers. She walked towards me, until she was behind me.

I turned to face her, she was short and old. The wrinkles on her sweet round face reminded me of my mother. Tears filled my eyes quickly as I remembered my mother, I wonder how she's doing?

A gentle touch against my forearm while another gently caressed the side of my cheek. "You won't believe me if I told you that he is a good man. He is just lost and broken, hurt and shattered. He-"

She stopped as the bathroom door opened, I swallowed the lump in my throat as he walked near me. His hand gripped the side of my waist, pushing me before him. He lead me to a walk in closet before sitting me down on an ottoman chair in the middle of the spacious area.

"Leo, one of boys asked me to give you this." Vitoria said, she held a black shopping bag in her hand.

"Help Rachel get dressed, then bring her down with you." He stated while buttoning up his dark navy shirt that fitted like a second skin on him.

Hair brushed and gel back neatly, he took the closes cologne bottle before spraying a light amount on him.

Turning around, he gazed deeply into my eyes. "Get dressed and come down for breakfast, we'll go see your friend afterwards."

I want to say fuck you, but bit down on my tongue so I wouldn't get another hit from him. Ignoring him was my best option.

He left without saying anything else, and I was glad he was gone.

"Would you like me to help you get dressed dear?" Vitoria asked.

Shaking my head no, she walked over to me and placed her hand over my shoulder. "How about you go take a shower and I'll have your clothes ready once you get out."

I got up with her, she helped me into the bathroom before locking the door behind her. I was really starting to feel numb, clearing my mind. I undressed myself before getting into the shower.

Think of something Rachel, once you find a chance to run. Then do it, you can't be trapped here.

The water hit against my body, I took the shampoo bottle he had and lathered decent amount onto myself.

His scent filled the shower, quickly as I could. I washed myself off. Before stepping out, wrapping the towel around me.

Just run once you can..... Just run once you can..... Just run once you can.....

I kept chanting in my head, cold air hit my body once I exited the bathroom.

A pair of black jeans and a pink floral shirt were on the bed, along with flat strap sandals.

I placed them once while cursing him forgetting the undergarments.

Pervert, sick monster, son of a bitch..

Once the clothes were on, I dried my hair off. Turning around to find a brush, I yelped loudly.

"I'm sorry dear, I was cleaning the closet. I didn't mean to scare you."

"It's OK Vitoria, I thought you left."

"You look very beautiful, let me give you a brush so you can tame your hair."

I giggled at the tame part, my hair can never be tamed. I decided to let it air dry on its own. Maybe if I looked ugly, he'll let me go.

Running my hand through my thick curly locks, Vitoria stared at me with a smile.

"I don't think you needs this anymore, your hair is very beautiful this way then it was before you showered."

"Thanks." I replied with a shyly.

She sighed before taking my hand.

"Let's go dear, please try not to make him mad. I don't want him to hurt you, there will be lot of his men down surrounding him so don't be afraid." She said while taking me out the room.

Down the hall, I looked left and right. Taking in my surroundings, "He has four men he trust with his life, their very outspoken and rude. So don't mind them."

We were going down the staircase, everyone looked up at me as I came down. Fear took over, no one said a word. Just piercing stares through my soul, my mind was going haywire.

Thinking of the worst scenarios that can happen to me, the last step I took, I trip over air.

I was waiting for my face to connect with the marble floor, but it never did. I long buff arm was around my stomach, pulling me back up gentle.

It was the same guy that only says yes Don or nods. He let's go of me quickly as if I was hot coal burning him.

"This is Marin." Vitoria stated.

He nodded towards me which caused me to frown, I looked at the other men who were now looking down before them instead of me.

Marin walked before us, I was dragged along by Vitoria behind him. He entered what looks to be the dining room area. Three men sat there along with buttface.

Glances from the men were going back and forth between him and I.

"Sit my dear, I'll go-"

"I'll go with you." I whispered so low like a squeaky mouse.

"Sit down." Buttface ordered while sipping his coffee or was it tea?

I refused to obey him, Vitoria left and I followed her. "COME BACK AND SIT DOWN!" He shouted, causing everyone to freeze in their place.

I was going to get punished no matter what, hearing a chair slide against the hardwood sent fear through my body.

I turned around and sat down in the far corner seat before he got the chance to stand up. Watching him from the corner of my eye, he sat back down.

Food was being pushed down the table by the men who were seated. Marin who was still standing, brought them even closer.

Vitoria sat down beside me as tears began to fill my eye, she place an empty plate before me. She started filling my plate up with food, but I held her hand not too.

"Just coffee please." I whispered only she could here.

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