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   Chapter 2 Wrong trun....

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Dinner was done and I was bored out of my mind, Nuli was a bit tipsy as well as I.

I wanted to leave cause I felt very uncomfortable with the man besides me.

He wouldn't stop looking at me, very touchy and I didn't like it one bit.

He didn't get the memo of me not being interested in him. The waiter came around the table and poured more wine into our glasses. Nuli was really enjoying herself and I really didn't want to be a cockblocker so I decided to go ahead back to the hotel alone.

"Nuli, I'm leaving. Take care OK!" She nodded her head while I bid my goodbyes to the rest.

Stepping out into the hot humid air, I fanned myself while looking for a cab to take. The hotel was only 3 blocks away from here, so I decided to walk.

Feeling a pair of arms around my waist, I yelp loudly.

"Girl chill, it's just me." Nuli said.

I let out a sigh of relief before calming down, "No cock for the night?" I asked while walking ahead.

"No, I was touching him under the table and the dude had a shrimp for a dick. I swear, it's like I'm cursed with shrimpy dicks for the rest of my life. Can a woman find a good thick nine inch cock that will-"

"Can you shut up?" I yelled as I looked around where we were. "Our hotel is three block from the restaurant?" I asked.

Nuli took out my vlog camera and pressed start, I grabbed it from her and ran before her down the street.

"Guess what my bananajams, mama bear is lost in Malta, a beautiful island off the coast of Sicily. The weather is far too hot and I'm sweating like a pig, as you can see we got Nuli in back humping a poll. Excuse her, she's a bit tipsy. So let me give you a tour of this beautiful place, we have the ocean view over there. It's a bit quiet here and we are seriously lost. How but you guys come along with us as we find our way back to our hotel. Yea? Yea! I know you guys are always there for mama bear, I love you my bananajams."

"What's good you smutty girls, this is Nuli here with your mama bear. So..let me tell you about small cocks-"

"Woah there, totally editing this later. Let's go sit by the water Nuli, you need to chill."

"No, let's just go find our damn hotel room. Ugh, I could have brought my toy with me."

I shook my head while placing the camera strap around my hand. Threw one of Nuli's arms around my shoulder and held her tightly while walking around.


1 hour later...

"I think we're fucking lost, and there's no cars here. Where the hell are we anyways?"

"Oh look, there's a shop that's open. Let's go ask them." Nuli said while pointing at the shop.

We made it there and no one was available, "Hello?"

"I have this bad feeling Rachel, maybe we should....omg look over there." Nuli gasped loudly.

I turned around to look at what she had seen and smiled. "Finally, let's go." I stated while walking towards our hotel that was in clear sight.

Trashing sounds came from the shop. I looked back to inspect.

"This is where we run Rachel, we don't go acting all fucking heroic." Nuli said while pulling my hand.

We heard the sound again, I was being pulled away by Nuli. Walking, became jogging before turning into running from whatever that sound was.

We reached the hotel in no time while trying to slow down our hectic breathing, into the lobby and up the stairs until making it down the hallway. There were only 6 rooms on this floor, reaching our room.

Nuli opened the door before shutting it lock. We both leaned against the door, looking at each other.

"We got to stop watching CSI and Criminal Minds. It's getting to our heads."

We both laughed as we made our way to the beds, Nuli started to get underdress. "I'm going to sit in the hot tub for an hour or so. Indulge in fine wine and chocolate before sleep. Care to join?"

"No, I'm taking a shower, maybe edit some videos after."

We each went to attend to our own needs, my body was already under the cold water, washing myself. After ten minutes, I was already wrapped in a body towel.

Grabbing my pj's, I placed them on before tying my damp hair into a messy bun.


Two hours into editing and I was getting really tired. The camera I had with me tonight was charging seen I forget to turn it off. The file uploaded and I started to laugh as Nuli dry humped the poll.

I looked over Nuli who was resting her eyes while enjoying the hot tub.

"So let me give you a tour of this beautiful place, we have the ocean view over there. It's a bit quiet here and we are seriously lost."

I stopped right there and zoomed in closer, "let me give you a tour of this beautiful place, we have the ocean view over there."

I gasped at what I was seeing, I zoomed in even further. Three men stood there, surrounding a man who was tied up. The man in front of him took out a gun and shot him before they threw his body into the water.

I replayed the footage over and over and over again. I could see clearly who was the murder and who was the victim. "Nuil-" I stopped.

She was sound asleep, I looked at the clip once more. I had to do something, I made a copy of the video and emailed it to my personal account no one knows about. Not even Nuli, after that was done. I got up and took the camera along with the evidence.

I had to show this to authorities so they can take action and justice for the person who was killed.

I walked over to Nuli but I knew she was out. I sent a text to her phone.

"I'm at the police station, don't worry I'll be back soon. You were sleeping, sorry."


"Now tell me one more time how you caught this on film." The officer asked for the tenth time.

"I'm a YouTube vlogger, I vlog and caught this on camera. My channel is bannajams, you can look it up if you like to make sure. I'm also a model, I was here doing a photo shoot." I replied back.


Yes, OK! Follow me please." He said in his thick American accent.

I was placed in a room, he locked the door behind him.



"Faster you bitch, ride faster." I shouted at her but she was slow and I was getting annoyed.

The phone rang, I pushed her off me and answered it. "WHAT?"

"Sorry to interrupt you sir, but we have a small problem here at the station."

"Deal with it then!"

"Sir. Someone caught you on film, killing someone." He said in a sacred tone.

"Oh really, and who dares to film me?"

"A American girl, she came and showed me the film sir. What shall I do now?"

"Nothing, I'll be there. Don't let her leave."



I think I've been here for hour's, I didn't know why or what for. The door finally opened and in walked in a man wearing a suit. He was holding on to his cigar while looking at me. The officer came in, he locked the door behind him and stood besides the unknown man.

"You don't rat out on the mafia sweetheart, you should have kept it to yourself." The stranger man said in a thick accent.

Mafia? Omg, what have I done?

"Kill her and throw her body in the ocean."

"Sir, I can't. She is famous. Someone might look for her and report for her missing." The so called officer of law said.

He looked me up and down before smirking wickedly.

"Put her in the trunk of my car, I know what to do with her." The strange man said as he walked over to me.

"My brother will have so much fun with you." He said while pulling a white cloth out of his pocket.

I kicked him between his legs and pushed him down before running to the door. The police officer held me back, my hair was being pulled back harshly as tears began to form in my eyes.

The cloth went over my mouth before darkness took over me.



24 hours later

"Look here you fucker, my friend came here. I know she did, she told me that she would. Now fucking tell me or else I'll have hell raining over you."

"Miss, please. You have filed for a missing person, I can't do anything now. You will have to wait, maybe your friend will show up."

"It's been 24 hours, she's missing and you're here eating pasta you dick. Go out and look for her before I go to the American embassy."

"Then go miss, I am doing my job but you are accusing me that I am not. Please go and wait for your friend to come back."

I left in a hurry, where are you Rachel. Why the fuck would you go to the police station?

I was lost and scared that something had happen to her, I called her once more but no luck. Her phone was off, god. Where are you Rachel?


Rachel, 2 days later..

I was cold, really cold. I knew I had no clothes on, I stared at the girl who was tied up in front of me. Tears fell as I took in the abuse on her battered body, she was barely breathing.

"Hey...are you awake?" I asked as she moaned in pain.

"I want to go me...please." she cried out in a unnoticeable tone.

"Do you know where we are?" I asked, trying to keep myself together.

I couldn't break down yet, I had to fight with all I had.

"Dante, you were captured by the most cruelest brothers mafia has ever known. They use and abuse woman just like us, I am here because of a family feud. What are you here for?" She asked while moaning in pain.

"I caught someone on film murdering someone else. I took it to the police-"

"You should have deleted it, now they will hurt you. I'm sorry."

"How long have you been here locked up?" I asked as I took in the scars on her body.

They looked infected and fear crept upon me.

"I don't remember, I came here with my sister to stop the feud. He was going to kill my sick mother, my brother is very young. Only seventeen of age, I had to do something. But I fell into their trap. I don't know if they spared their lives or not. I don't know if my sister is alive or...dead."

"What's the feud about?"

"It's a long story, but they think my father killed and raped their little sister. But I know he didn't, he might have been evil but never he would do that to a twelve year old girl. They won't listen nor believe me. I want to die....I can't anymore....I..want to die." She yelled out.

My heart broke and tears were all I could speak. The door opened and I gasped, she trashed around the placed but her chains were holding her back. My eyes shut automatically from whoever was coming our way.


I opened my eyes and there stood a man facing the girl I didn't even know.

"Shhh, you're scaring our guest." He uttered in a deep thick tone.

He wasn't the guy that took me, I couldn't see him because he was facing her. She cried as he pulled out a knife, running it along her body.

"Please Leonardo, I beg you no."

"Then beg even more Lahaina, beg until I forgive you."

"Please no...please..."

"SHUT UP!" he stab her once. "SHUT UP!" he stabbed her again. "SHUT UP"!

He stabbed once again before sliding the knife against her throat.

My body shook as I watched her bleed to death, he turned around and faced me. Wiping the blood of the knife against his dress pants.

"This is what I will do to you if you ever tell anyone what you saw." He whispered out as he approached me.

His dark blue eyes priced into mine.

"I will let you go." He said, running the knife against my cheek. He was to close to me, tears fell as I took a good look at him. "But not before having my ways with you."

He wiped my tears off before untying me, I fell into his arms and didn't dare to move.

"We'll have fun my dear, and if you try to escape me. I will kill your friend that is searching for you." He stated while pulling my hair back.

I was facing him, "Just so you know, I won't let you go until you have been claimed by me. Then maybe I will spare your life."

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