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   Chapter 23 Thee end...

Trapped with the devil By MarillaGarden Characters: 5468

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He wasn't walking, but running now! To see both men I love before my eyes was a dream come true, I thanked the Lord for every day that passed by.

I could never imagine my life without Damon; he was everything and more to me. My happiness I once feared that I now dreamed of, the love I envisioned. My world revolved around him and my little boy Dominique. Damon's good friend Federci helped us out with the name; I fell in love with it before laying my eyes on my bundle of joy.

It wasn't wrong to feel happy, but a nagging feeling inside my soul always held back that happiness. To be honest, the mafia life Damon was in was scary and Dreadful. I feared when there was nothing to fear, I was protected by my husband. And I knew he wouldn't let anything harm us.

Life was going more than good, it was more than exceptional, it was complete. This man I once thought as the devil, became my angel, became my Guardian, my shield, my sunny mornings and moonlight nights.

I couldn't be more happier. Thank you god, I don't know what else to say but thank you.

"You look so beautiful when you're daydreaming my love, what are you thinking about?" Damon spoke as he picked up Dominique from the floor, swinging him from left to right.

"Omg Damon, be careful." I yelled out. He held onto one of Dominique's arm and foot, before spinning him around.

"Oh my goodness, stop!"

His loud childish laughter filled the room, "Papa, I want to play some more. Pleasssseeee papa, one more time."

"That's what you said the last time" Damon said as he looked down at Dominique. "But I'll play you with you some more." H

s words.

Biting down hard on my lower lip to suppress the moan that ached to come out. I watched and became more aroused; fire burning desire filled me up. My hands had a mind of their own, pulling him even deeper than he already was.

Flickering up, down, side to side with his tongue. In and out, I couldn't control. I couldn't hold, I gasped before coming all in his mouth. He drank each ounce of me as I quivered in pure delight.

He stood proud, licking the side corner of his mouth. "Deliciously juicy and ready for me to take."

Pushing himself in between my legs, he wrapped each leg of mine on each shoulder of his. "I love you èsabella, but you said you wanted raw sex. Hard fucking sex, now take it like a good girl and moan my name."

He rammed himself in me at full force before taking me in full speed mode.

Pounding after pounding he grunted loudly, my mind was in another world. With each thrust, the table pushed back. With each thrust my body took his attack, with each thrust. I moaned out.

"Fuck me harder.". . . .

And they lived happily ever after ?

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