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   Chapter 22 I can't live without you...

Trapped with the devil By MarillaGarden Characters: 6355

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After a quiet dinner and long hours of waiting, we finally left. All she was doing was smiling, but with sad eyes. My heart broke; it was I who caused that pain look in her eyes. Lord help me, we entered the apartment. I somehow convinced her to come with me; she looked around as tears filled her eyes. "Was it that hard for you to keep me near? What could have happened if you'd just let me stay? I don't know why I'm even here? You're just enhancing the pain in my heart Damon." She uttered out painfully.

I only felt that she needed a man who would be able to keep her safe, "To see you that day, slip, and not able to help you was like a bullet through my chest. I couldn't do anything for you; I felt not worth to even be with you if I couldn't even protect you. I'm sorry; I not only hurt you, but hurt myself. You were hurting while I was dying." I confessed.

"But it wasn't your fault, I begged you Damon. After all we've been through you gave me up when I was crying for you not too. This past year was so painful for me, I understood why you did it but it broke me. All I wanted was you, the way you are, walking not walking. I just wanted Damon I got to know."

"I'm sorry beautiful."

"Sorry never mended a broken heart Damon, it never did. It's a word that holds nothing. All I wanted was for you to come for me, even if I was mad. Just wanted to see you, held myself to not come running into arms. What if I say that we have nothing more, that what we had is gone? What would you do?"

We have everything èsabella, don't say that please.

"It's not dead nor gone, we love each other. I pushed myself to walk for you, I-"

"I never wanted you to walk, don't you get it. I fell in love with Damon who was stuck in the wheelchair, that's all I wanted. I accepted it, I loved it, but you didn't. I'm happy you're walking, I really am. But I loved you when you never l

s I watched him undress himself, defined, and sculpted by the finest artist himself Damon was formed. An aching desire was building up; waiting was not an option anymore. I pulled him down upon my body before locking my legs around him.

"Never let me go again Damon." I whispered while embracing him tightly in my arms. Laying his head on my chest, made my heart feels so overwhelming, causing my eyes to fill up.

He pulled back before positioning himself between my legs, "Never again my love, till death do us part I promise to be with you."

Letting go was I could do before entering a dimension I never wanted to leave. The devil I once knew was no longer here, and I didn't mind spending the rest of my life with him. It was the only thing I wanted, was to be with him.

Flashback of memory of what we use to be and how we've become were....I don't think I can find a word to describe it. But I knew we've come a long way to be where we are now.

Which a chuckle escaping my lips while looking up at him, "And I thought I'd be trapped with the devil till death do us part." He stopped and smiled.

Leaning down to capture my lips, "More like trapped with an angel till death do us part. I love you èsabella."

"And I love you Damon, now take me."

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