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   Chapter 20 Saving his love...

Trapped with the devil By MarillaGarden Characters: 5765

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6weeks later...

We were back at home, but we're back broken and ripped apart from each other. No matter how many times I told him it wasn't he's fault, he wouldn't listen.

Sitting down in the living with him, Samuel and Rosa were hard as we waited for the lawyer to finish pulling the divorce papers out.

"Please don't do this Damon, I won't give another chance. Please don't!" I cried out, as I cried out for the past month.

"Listen to her man, it wasn't your fault. Why are you hurting her and hurting yourself? Don't do this Damon." Samuel said.

But he didn't talk; I felt Rosa's arms circling around my neck while crying.

"Please Damon don't, you promised you wouldn't hurt me anymore."

"I did, but you know what I meant so please don't make this harder than it is."

"This hurts even more", I yelled out as he bends over to sign the paper. "I hate you, I hate you!" I shouted.

"Good, it can be easier for you to forget. Sign the papers èsabella, you can't trap with me. I can't do anything for you so just leave and find someone else."

My heart shattered into so many pieces as the lawyer handed me the pen, "If I sign this I'm not coming back, no more chances Damon. I fucking mean it. Don't do this, please don't."

"SIGN THE FUCKING PAPERS AND LEAVE!" He yelled out before wheeling himself out. I got up and followed him, "please don't, please!"

I stood in front of him, blocking his way. "MOVE, go and live your life. Be free! I.....lo...yo...move please." Samuel pulled me aside.

I watched him as he entered his room without taking another look at me, I felt like I was dying.

"I'm sorry", Samuel whispered while walking me back to the living room. I pushed him aw

with so please don't Rosa, please!"

"But èsabella, please listen to me. He's fighting really hard to-"

"You can leave, I said don't talk about him."

"But let me finish ples-"

"Leave Rosa, goodbye!" I said before going up to my room.



"How is she Rosa? Did you see her?"

"I'm sorry sir; she didn't let me speak about you. She didn't want to even hear your name. Maybe you should call her?" Rosa asked with so much hope.

"Come on boss, the therapist is here for your physical activity. We have some walking to do." Samuel said as I slowly turned around.

Leaning against the wall, I took one step at a time but the pain was shooting through my back.

"Easy there sir, I'm still amazed that you can stand on your own and walk a bit but you need to give a chance for your body to adjust. It will take some time for you to be walking on your own again." Steve said as he walked over.

He was my new physical therapist that would come and push my limits. I stared at him before grabbing on to his shoulder for support.

"Time is slipping away; I need to walk again so I can go beg èsabella to come back."

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