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   Chapter 18 Assumptions...

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3 months later...

"Damon, are you done now?" I asked as he looked up at me.

"I really don't think you need to add or change anything about your body, your perfection èsabella. Pure perfection, don't do it for me but for you if you want." Damon said as I pulled down my shirt.

I didn't like the way my breast looked, they were small, really small. He asked for me to come so he can see for himself, stayed a bit longer then looking but touch and Squeezed as he took his sweet time.

"You don't think they're small? I wear a freaking 34B size bra Damon, there so flat." I complained.

"Perfection, you're the meaning to perfection. Love you now, love you forever. Don't change for me, if you want to do it for yourself then I'm with you but if you're doing it for me then I don't want you too. Ok?" He stated before grabbing into his arms.

"We can play later; dad and mom will be here any minute now." I pulled away from him.

Walking out the room and into the hallway before I came to a stop, Rosa and Samuel were kissing near the kitchen door. "I knew you too had a thing for each other." I said loudly causing them to separate from each other.

Rosa dashes into the kitchen while Samuel stood there proudly chuckling. "Your parents are waiting in the living room for you and Damon." He said.

"What! They're here already?" I asked while making my way to them. "Tell Damon to come." I yelled out as I walked into the living room.

Mom and dad were drinking tea while whispering to each other, they noticed me and smiled. "There's my baby girl, look at you!" Dad said as I rushed over to give him a hug.

"I missed you guys", I placed a kiss on his cheek before planting a kiss on mother's c

than me. Someone that will make her happy, walk with her hand in hand, not a man in a wheelchair who can't do anything."

"Stop it, you're acting like an overgrown baby, my daughter loves you. Can't you see Damon? Maybe at first she wasn't happy but I can see it now. Her eyes never sparkled like I've seen today, so don't break my daughter's heart and do something stupid like leave her just so you think she deserves better. Let her decide, if she wants to stay or not. You will not leave her, understood? The past is the past, you've worked it out. Now keep it safe, nourish the love you two have. Don't let it go just so you think that she or you don't deserve each other. I think you two should go on a trip. Enjoy yourselves; I'm warning you my boy. If my baby girl comes to me and tells me that you broke her heart I will come and break yours. Now let's go, I haven't had lunch yet and would like to spend more time with the both of you."

"Ok, let's go!" He tried to help me but I refused. It's not that I didn't want his help, it's just I was use to moving this wheelchair all on my own.

Maybe I can have a happy ending with èsabella.

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