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   Chapter 17 Unwanted guest...

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The dinner was ready, table was set. Damon and I were dressed. Only thing that was missing was Daniel, Samuel was walking and huffing around like an annoyed person.

Ever since I told him Daniel was coming over, he had a sour look on his face. I didn't know why but I'll make sure to ask Rosa after we're finished, those two were really close which made me happy. Rosa was like my best friend, and Samuel was a good man. Would do anything for Damon, their friendship is one of the best I've ever seen. A healthy dose of loyalty and honest, they hate each other but it was a good kind of hate.

I don't know how to explain it, I didn't understand their relationship until they both explained it to me. As they said, we're like brothers and siblings hate each other. Just because they annoy one another but you love and would do anything for them.

"If Damon fucks up, then I let him know. Even if he's my boss, I still tell him and maybe if I have to, I put him in his place. He's the only family I know, I have his back and I know he has mine."

Samuel was a noble knight in my eyes; I was glad that he was Damon's best friend. "Stop pacing like a madman Samuel, what's the matter?" Damon asked him.

I stared at Samuel that had a grim look on his face before mumbling something under his breath.

"Why does he have to come and why did you invite him?" Samuel hissed out before taking a seat.

Damon wheeled himself towards him and stopped, "What happened between you two, why don't you like Daniel anymore? We were all best friends, what happened?"

"Nothing, just don't like him anymore. He knows how to mask his face very well."

Damon eyed him suspiciously; Samuel shook his head before saying. "He's a snake that wants-"

Samuel stopped as the doorbell rung; Rosa passed us to go open the door.

"We'll talk about this after he's gone, for now smile." Damon whispered as Daniel entered the living room.

"So glad you made it, welcome." Damon greeted him as I stood behind him. Samuel shot up from his spot and stood beside me while staring at Daniel who was staring at me.

"So good to see you again Daniel, welcome." I said while extended my hand to shake his. He pulled in for a kiss on the cheek unexpectedly.

"Here, didn't know what to get for dessert so I bought a chocolate cheesecake."

"You shouldn't have, please come and have a seat." I said while Rosa came in and took what was in my

at will never walk again. You're so young, you're giving up your life for hi-" Daniel didn't get to finish what he said as Samuel punch him in the face. Causing him to fall down to the floor.

"Get out, you got your answer. She wants him, no one else. So fucks off friend." Samuel said before picking Daniel up. He dragged him over to me, "Tell him how you want èsabella, and tell him that you, his best friend want nothing but to take her for you. I didn't want to tell you Damon but I knew he was in love with èsabella."

"Let him go Samuel." I said while holding in my anger.

Breathe Damon, breath!

Samuel let go of him but stayed close just so he won't do anything. "So what you said in the office was to make me give up and leave èsabella, just so you can have her to yourself?"

He just stared at me then over to my èsabella, "DON'T LOOK AT HER." I braked out.

He bends over, reaching my face as he stared at me with hatred in his eyes.

"You'll never be a man, you'll never be able to protect her, and you'll never be able to do anything for her. So think about it long and good before you trap her in you wheelchair life."

"It was nice knowing you, make sure to erase èsabella from your memory. She'll never be yours; I'll make sure of that. Bye old friend!" I said as calmly as I could before Samuel dragged him out the house. A loud bang at the front door was heard before èsabella wrapped her arms around me.

"I'll never let you go Damon. I'm here to stay forever. I love you and only you." She whispered out before I wrapped my arms around her as well.

"I know beautiful, I love you too."

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