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   Chapter 16 Doctor's visit....

Trapped with the devil By MarillaGarden Characters: 7021

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3 months later...

"You think I can perform sexual intercourse?" I asked Daniel who was giving me a physical examination.

"Depends, do you erection?"

My mind went to last night..

"I want you, I want you so bad èsabella. Please, I won't get hurt. You won't hurt me, I need you." I begged before taking one of nubs between my teeth.

A loud moan escaped from her as she rubbed herself on me even harder, I was dying mentally and physically.

"Damon, Damon? You ok?" Daniel asked as he brought me out of lustful thoughts.

"Yea, I'm fine. I just want to know if it will cause damage to me was involved."

"Looks like you and èsabella have come a long way." He whispered with a chuckle. "That's good, she deserves a man who will please all her needs. You won't be able to give her, I mean please her needs. She'll be the one pleasing you instead of you pleasing her. Kinda greedy don't you think?"

Was I greedy to keep her with me?

"You can have sex, you'll be fine I guess but do you think that it's fair for her? Maybe you should think about others before thinking about yourself." Daniel said.

He was right, why was I keeping her to myself? "You're right, thank you for opening my eyes." I whispered as he hides his smile.

Why was he smiling?

I shook my thoughts away before standing up to sit in my chair, Daniel tried to help me but I was getting use to doing everything myself. One can be amazed at the endless possibilities one can do if he puts his mind to it.

"How is èsabella? I haven't seen her in a while." Daniel asked as I rolled myself to the door he opened for me.

"She's well, my helping hand and strength to keep me fighting hard for. She's remarkable, not only beauty but a heart as well. You should come over for dinner tonight, it would be good to sit down together and talk."

"Um, sure! I'll be there by dinner time, what should I bring for dessert? What does èsabella like?"

"Anything, as long as it's chocolate. I'll see you tonight, bring a date with you."

"Ah, too busy to date. Haven't gone one in a long time." H

kissing my eyes, "These two are so beautiful when they shine, a spell that cast upon me every time I look into them."

Tell me how can I leave him? He was everything to me, "You have a way with words, as well as your lips."

"Don't forget my hands", he said while chuckling.

"Whatever, I'll never tell you what I feel ever again. You use them against me."

"Say it, say, oh Damon I love your hands. They make me feel-"

"Shut up", I said while getting up. "Never again!"

"Oh come on, I love your soft delicate hands as well when they touch me."

"In other news", I hummed while he laughed loudly.

"In other news there will be a chance of kissing, screaming, moaning my name out tonight." He stated while winking at me, "But after dinner, I invited Daniel over for dinner. He asked how you're doing, so I told him to come over. Then after that we'll come back in here and have a midnight fun."

"Can we have our fun on that chair you're sitting in; I love how you hold me close to you while my body is locked around you ever so close."

He eyes shifted to a darker colour, biting his lips. The look only lasted a couple of seconds before he looked sad, I frowned as I watch him think of something.

"Is something wrong Damon?"

Masking his expression quickly before nodding his head, "Nothing is wrong beautiful, I'm fine. It's just sad that I can't give you what you want."

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