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   Chapter 15 Don Damon Lexmark...

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3 weeks later...

"You can't Damon, its impossible! How will people fear you if you're in a wheelchair, I've made my decision. I'm taking away the leadership from you, it's just won't work for you to lead men and handle this business. I'm taking back in being the Don in the family." Father said in front of Santos, Alexander, èsabella and a couple other men that were going to be witnesses.

"Just because he's in a wheelchair, doesn't mean he can't do whatever it is that you want him to do. He is not weak, I know he is capable of doing a better job then you will." èsabella yelled out while walking to stand by me.

"I'm with èsabella, Damon doesn't need to walk on two feet just to prove to you he can lead. He has a mind that can do much more than you ever did in your time Deven." Santos said to father while walking around him.

"He brought your company back to its feet in less than a year, he managed to solve your problems with men you had issues with. He is capable, I don't know why or what you're doing Deven but I won't sign anything back to you. Especially being Don, your time is up old man. It's a tradition you can't change, and the hell if let you change it." Alexander remarked while glaring at father.

All my friends were by my side, standing up for me against father. Yes I know I'm in a wheelchair, but that doesn't make me less capable of running things.

Was it necessary for one to walk around to be called powerful? I felt broken by his words, instead of encouraging me, he brings me down. Point out my flaws that I live every day in and know about.

"How will people take him seriously in that chair? Men in our business see it as weakness, I am helping him from people who will break his pride. Point out his flaws. I am not against him but with him, I'm trying to make it easier for him. He can't run this leadership-"


t, which you will hear a lot. People will come at you Damon, they will try to bring you down. That's where you prove them wrong, I want you to listen very carefully to what I have to say and keep it locked in your memory forever. A man is not a man with how tall he stands or how strong he is, your arms, legs will do nothing for you if you don't use your mind. A man is defined by his actions, the way he thinks and solves things. I know you will become a great Don despite your ability to walk. A physical moving body is nothing without his mind to think straight, I want you to prove to everyone that will say you can't do it. I have no doubt in you, you've proven yourself already for me." He said calmly.

"Thank you sir"

"Don't thank me, you have my support and men behind you whenever you need them. Take care, I have to go now, my queen is staring at me as if she wants to kill me." He chuckled.

"Goodbye Sir." I said as he ending the call.

He sounded very humble and wise, a man is not by how he stands but how he thinks. Everyone stared at me before standing up, Santos took his phone with a smile. He faced everyone before saying. "Don Damon Lexmark gentlemen."

Everyone nodded their heads in response, everyone including father.

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