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   Chapter 14 Can you hold me...

Trapped with the devil By MarillaGarden Characters: 7008

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The light were dimmed low, Damon and I have talked so much since we came back from his therapy session he had. I wonder if this was how he truly was, or was it the loss of his walking abilities to make him this way.

I didn't know, all I knew that I was fascinated by this person before me. The way his mind thought and the way he spoke was extremely impressive, it wasn't the Damon I knew. It was another person I had just discovered, I wished for something so cruel I wouldn't wish on my worst enemies.

I wished for him to be like this forever, for him to not able to walk again. I feared so badly that if he ever did walk again, that this person before me will disappear forever. That the old heartless Damon would return, which I never wish to see again.

We had just finished dinner, now we were enjoying our cup of tea along with sweets Rosa made for us.

"Why don't you enroll in any college you wish èsabella? It would be great for you to go out more instead of being trapped here with me. It's not fair for you to miss out, what did you have planned to be before marrying me?"

As I said, he was different. I was slowly being attracted to him, he was much warmer and kinder than before, but something is his eyes was still haunting me. I felt there was more to Damon, deeper things he still didn't trust me with.

"I don't want to go now, maybe in the future I will decide to go. For now, I like being here. Or do you not wish to see me all day?"

A deep chuckle escaped from him as he stared at me, "Actually, it's what makes me try harder, seeing you bring an ease to my heart. Like a.....

Friend I'm getting to know more and more. Still can't believe you're here after what I did to you, all the pain and still you're here. That's either the most stupid thing or the most loyal thing someone has ever done for me. I....have I said that I am truly sorry èsabella?"

"I think you have for the past couple of months now, I'm getting really tired of hearing you apologize when I've told you that you're already forgiven."

"You'll hear it from me until you

erve to live with a man that's unable to feed your needs. You're here now, but for how long? I want to let go, but I don't want to let go."

What was he saying? How can he want me and not want me at the same time?

My fingers went through his hair, gently to the side of his neck. Then up across his jawline, his eyes fluttered as I caressed his cheeks with both hands. I stared at his lips that were calling for me, I want to taste them again.

"Kiss me Damon." I whispered while placing my forehead on his chin.

Slowly letting the stubble of his facial hair slide down the bridge of my nose until his lips hover over mine.

His eyes were filled with so many emotions, he was holding back from me. "You said you need me, if you need then kiss me."

His fingers went through my hair as he pulled me up to his lips that attached upon mine quickly. As if our lips were made for each other, fitted perfectly with each breathless kiss he gave me. I felt my body pressed against his so close that it could have been one, heaven bliss washed over me as he continued with his overpowering, tongue twisting demanding kiss.

This wasn't what I asked for, it was more. I felt it, I craved it, needed it.

He pulled away, I grasped for air my lungs needed only to have him pull me into another mind blowing kiss that lasted longer than the one before.

Yea, Damon. I'll hold you, forever...

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