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   Chapter 13 Therapy session...

Trapped with the devil By MarillaGarden Characters: 6196

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8 months later...

"Ahhh, it hurts!" Damon yelled out in pain. I sighed deeply as I watched him try to walk. We had finally found a doctor that gave us hope, the treatment was expensive but Damon had the money for it.

Orthosis that uses electrodes (small metallic discs stuck to your skin) to deliver electrical currents to muscles in the legs which is what Damon needed. The currents stimulate the muscles to move in the same way that the brain would normally. The brace was designed to wrap around Damon's spine, down to his thighs which led to his calf.

The pained look on Damon's face broke my heart. This was over his tenth time using the brace specially designed for him, it was a bit too much for him to handle. I seriously didn't care if he would ever walk but I felt that he was ashamed of being vulnerable.

"Damon, take a break!" I whispered out while he tried to move with the help of his physical therapist. Aaron was a middle-aged guy, around thirty-eight you can say. With a bald shaved head, serious eyes that had big round shape glasses over them. His face always was masked, never knew if he was happy or sad.

"He needs to do this, keep going Damon." He stated in a firm tone.

"He needs to take a break, he's in pain. Look at him, you're pushing him too far. Let him breath."

I walked over to Damon's side, while pushing grumpy Aaron away. "I need to keep going èsabella, just a little more."

"Fine, slowly." I whispered as Aaron walked back but I didn't give him a chance to make another move. "You can watch, I'll help him."

Stepping in front of Damon, his hands gripped the rails on each side of the small walkway where he practiced.

"Don't hunch over, relax your shoulders." I whispered while pushing his shoulders back so he could stand up straight. "Take a deep breath and don't overthink any

s he talking about? I frowned while looking up into his eyes that were levelled with mine. My breath caught somewhere between my chest and throat, his eyes has this mixed colour of blue and gray I've never seen before.

He moved in closer and closer, just an inch more and I...."You two can finish home." Aaron said loudly causing me to step back away from Damon but he didn't let me go. Grunting out loud, he faced him with a sour look on his face.

"You had to talk, you couldn't keep it to yourself? Why don't you leave, I know what to do. I'll have Samuel make another appointment with you next week. I'll practices more at home, and I know, not more than an hour a day. Satisfied? You ruined a moment that will probably never happen ever again thanks to you. UGHHH!" Damon shouted the last part in anger while I tried to muffle my giggle.

Did he want to kiss me?

Or should I say, did I want to kiss him? That question kept running through my mind as Damon sat in his wheelchair, as Samuel came in and wheels him out, as I felt a large hand pull on mine. That question went on and on until he placed his lips in the middle of my palm, that's when I knew the answer to my question.

Yes! I wanted to be kissed by him....

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