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   Chapter 12 The past is dead...

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"I'm fine Daniel, I just fell. Now can you hand over the discharge papers so I call leave, please." I asked politely.

Daniel refused to let me go without an explanation to what happened, I mean he's sweet and all. But the way he's acting makes me feel that he's has every right to know. Which he didn't, I had the right to tell him or not.

"He's going to kill you slowly èsabella, let me help you. You deserve better than him, he thinks highly of himself while you're the complete opposite of him. Oil and water don't go together, you deserve a man who will love and treat you like a queen."

I stood up from the hospital bed, Samuel was waiting for me outside. I just wanted to leave, "Thanks for caring Daniel but I'm honestly fine, don't worry about me."

He did something I wasn't expecting, pulling me into his arms, he hugged me closely to his chest. I felt weird, something about this hug felt off. Not a hug you give a friend, it was like...

The door opened and in walked Samuel, "I'm sorry for interrupting, but Damon is waiting in the car. We should leave." He stated while looking at Daniel strangely.

Letting his arms drop to his side, he smiled once last time at me before leaving. "Call me if you need anything."

Samuel picked up the small bag that had my spare change of clothes in, I walked out before him. Down the hospital halls, making a right towards where the elevators were. "I'll be with you in a second, just go out the main doors. The car is waiting there for you, I want to talk with Daniel about something while I'm here." Samuel said before going back.

It didn't take long for me to reach the main doors, the car was parked on the side of the road. I opened the back door and entered before closing it, "where's Samuel?" Damon questioned.

"He went to talk with Daniel about something, he won't take long."

The past three days in the hospital with Damon was peaceful, we actually talked about our current situation and came to a deal. If he tries to hurt me once more, than I'm free to go. But I knew something about him was different, we'll just have to wait and see.



"Daniel" I said loudly as he was with a couple of nurse's talking. He faced me and came closer, "What's up?"

"Can we go talk somewhere in private?" I asked.

"I'm kinda busy"

I chuckle

ur legs." She whispered as I draped my arm around her shoulder.

No use, they were useless. "There dead" I chuckled, when all I wanted to do was cry.

"Can you go up èsabella and open the door for us?" Samuel asked her.

She took two steps at a time before disappearing to the second floor.

"Thank you!" I whispered.

"No need boss, but you don't have nothing to be ashamed of. Let her see all of you, not what you want her to see. Trust me, she doesn't pity you. She has a good heart, you'll need her more than you think. So let her in!" Samuel muttered out before carrying me up the stairway.

In no time he reached the fourth floor, èsabella wasn't waiting which I was thankful for. He placed me down and walked in while holding me, "bring him in here." èsabella yelled from the living room.

"No, take me to my room." I demanded firmly.

She walked out with her arms folding together. "You're not going to lock yourself in that room anymore, you'll spend the day out here talking with me. The only time you're allowed in your room is when you sleep." She stated firmly.

"Yes sir" Samuel said with a low chuckle. "Sorry boss, boss lady order!"

He took me into the living room, placing me down on the uncomfortable furniture we had. "I'll go get your chair from the car." Samuel said before leaving.

èsabella took a seat next to me before smiling, "So, tell me about yourself Damon. I seriously don't know a thing about you, and I would like to know everything."

This wasn't what I had planned, but I'll go with whatever comes my way.

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