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   Chapter 11 I'm sorry....

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"I have to see him, let me in! I want to see him now!"

It was painful to sit and wait, the doctors didn't tell me what was going on with Damon. I've been here for six hours now and still no one has told me a thing. Dad, mom, Santos and his men along with Samuel stood before me as we waited.

It's my fault he's here, he was out looking for me. Oh god, please let him be alright, please!

"Are you going to tell me why you ran away? Where have you been for two weeks hiding? Why didn't you come to us èsabella?" Dad questioned as he? crouched before me.

This wasn't the time to talk about what I did, I told mom but she never listened, you expect me to tell you? You both are just the worst parents a girl could ask for.

"Not now father, please let me be."

The look on his face seemed hurt, I always had a better relationship with my father then I did with my mother. Samuel handed me a bottle of water before sitting down beside me.

"You can leave, I'll look after èsabella." Santos said to father as he pulled him up. Mother placed a kiss on my head before walking after father and Santos.

They were talking in a low hush tone while looking towards me, "Don't worry èsabella, Damon will be ok." Samuel said.

Daniel came out of the intensive care unit. Pulling down his surgical mask from his mouth, he slumped down in the seat that was before me. My knees were weak, my heart was pounding, and my hands were shaking. Another doctor came out after him, pressing his hand upon Daniel shoulder.

I didn't dare to ask if he was alive or not, the look on Daniel's face scared me to death. "Talk! God damn it!" Santos yelled as he stood above Daniel.

"We'll have to see when he walks up, for now, he's in critical condition." The doctor said before leaving.

"Talk to me, will he be fine?" Samuel asked his friend but didn't get a response back. That's when I knew, something had happened to Damon.



"Can you feel anything?" The doctor asked.

"No! Why can't I feel my legs?"

"Please try to move your toes for me sir."

But I couldn't.

"Sir, I don't know how to say this but the impac

ather was never there for me. I had no one but my mother, she wasn't the best but still, she made me feel like she is the only one who cared for me. Image having someone you love, taken away from you when it wasn't their time to leave. Never had a happy childhood, father was always gone. Mother was always doing her own thing. While I stayed all alone wanting attention from both my parents, mother gave me that attention I craved for. Not every day but she had her ways to surprise me from time to time. I was heading to her room that night to tell her about the girl I just asked out on a date, just to find her covered in her own blood. Father and Stanley were hovering above her body as they were covered in blood as well. That's when I realized the one person who ever showed me any kind of love was gone forever. I didn't rush in to hold her or grieve, I just stood there watching father pull out his phone, thanking your father for telling him where mother was. That's when I made a promise to myself, to grow up and hurt your father just as he hurt me. I never meant to hurt you, but I did. I thought it would be the best way to get my revenge on him but it didn't work out how I planned. I'm sorry, I'm so sorry èsabella. Please don't leave me, I'll promise to make it up to you no matter what, just wake up, please."

Her hand seemed to relax in mine, then out of nowhere she gripped on tightly before her eyes shot open.

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