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   Chapter 10 Breaking down....

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"I have to tell him doll face, he's going crazy looking for her." I whispered as she lay in my arms.

"But, she doesn't want to go back to him. You can't do this to her, I mean, tell him but don't let him take her."

"If he finds out, and wants to take her, then I don't think I'm able to stop him. I'll see what I can do, you go to sleep while I go and call him." I said while she hummed an OK.

Slowly getting out the room, I locked the door behind me. The girl's bedroom light was still on, walking up I heard a voice whispering something.

"The princess was scared of the beast, he had treated her badly. She feared that if she goes back to him, he will kill her in his own way. She didn't know what to do or who to trust, all she knew that she felt sorry for the beast. Her friend that helped her escape, told her a story about the beast. How hurt he was when his mother was killed, her friend also told her a secret the beast never told the princess. That her father was the killer, who killed the beast's mother. She thought about all the times he hurt her, she then knew. That he only wanted Revenge, she then knew. That no matter what the future holds for her, she will never be happy." èsabella said.

The girls were already fast asleep, I felt bad for her. I had told her why he was cruel towards her, that he thought her father was the reason his mother was dead. It's wasn't true in any way, Lucan did tell Damon's father about her whereabouts but, never accused her of cheating. Damon's mother wasn't that innocent, she had enough of Lexmark. So she cheated the first time, then the second time, then so on.

Love is never forced, nor will it last if you haven't tasted it. Damon's parents were never in love, nor never knew what love was. You can say, they were comfortable with their relationship.

That's what happens when you're in this line of business, you just adapt with what your fate.



"Where is my daughter Damon? What did you do to my baby?" Lucan yelled out.

He was holding me up against the wall, I couldn't breath as he had his hands locked around my neck.

"Please sir, let him go! We will find her, our men are still searching for her." Samuel said as he tried to pull Lucan off me.

He let go and threw a punch up my chin. Causing me to grunt out my pain. Lucan was unbelievably strong for his age, I'll admit, he knew how to throw a punch. Samuel pushed him away, rushing to my side.

Pulling my sleeve up to my mouth, I wiped away the blood that was dripping.

"You better pray she's alive, she's been gone for weeks now. Didn't you think to call and tell me that she was missing? I come to visit my baby, just to find out she's not here. Where is she? What happened that caused her to leave? Why didn't she come back home? I'm going to kill you if anything happens to her, you hear me Damon? I. WILL. KILL. YOU!"

Lucan phone rings but he ignores it.

Where the hell is she?

"You can have your men search for her instead of doing no

Damon, just let me in please." I begged as I stood behind the locked door.

Rose took out her keys and opened Damon's door wide open. My heart ached as I watched him try to stand up.

"I'm sorry, but I don't think he'll ever be able to walk again Mrs Lexmark. Your husband is paralyzed from the waist down, he'll need a miracle to ever walk again."

I shook my thoughts away.

"Stop, you'll hurt yourself." I said as I walked in.

I placed the tray on the dresser and rushed by his side. Rose locked the door behind her as she left.

"Get out, get out, get the f*ck out." Damon yelled.

"But I want to help you, why don't you let me Damon? I am your wife you know." I yelled back as tears fell down.

"You want to see me break, you like that I am like this, don't you? So you can tell dear daddy about it." Damon screamed as he tried to hold his balance.

I rush to his side to help only to have him push her back hard. I felt my head hit the corner of his wheelchair, a pain so violently caused me to yell out.

I was getting dizzy, I couldn't move. My eyes felt heavy before I passed out.



"Get out before I hurt you sweet èsabllea." I said but èsabllea didn't respond.

"èsabllea?" I whispered lowly as I looked at her unmovable body.

My heart started to beat quickly, is she hurt?

"Get up, I know you're ok", I shouted but still she didn't respond.

Blood dripped from the back of her head, I crawled over to her. I felt my body shake in horror.

"èsabllea?" I said in a scared tone. Picking up her body, I hold her tight before I shouted loudly.


The entire staff of house maids and men rushed in. Samuel looked down in horror before pulling out his phone to? dialled 911.

I stared down at her. You need to let her go, thats if you love her, and you do Damon, you love her but your killing her slowly.


Authors note..

If you want to know about Samantha, then read "Just pretend"

All my books are related in a way ???

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