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   Chapter 9 Friends....

Trapped with the devil By MarillaGarden Characters: 13375

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3 months later...


I just stared at her when she walked in with Damon, that all I could do was stare. What the hell was he thinking bring a woman here? Yea I didn't care who he was with, but to bring a woman in my house, to hear them have sex was killing me.


The wall between Damon's room and mine was banging over and over. He was making it obvious and clear to me that they were doing the deed. All respect and dignity I had left in me was strip away, why couldn't he just f*ck somewhere else?

"Ooooooohhhhh, yes!" Her loud screams muffled but still clear for me to hear.

I placed my fingers in my ears, just so I won't listen anymore, "Let's go out èsabllea, its better than staying here. Samuel can take us to the park, anywhere you like. Let's not stay here, please." Rosa begged, holding my coat in her hands.

It was three in the afternoon, and I don't think I can be here anymore. I grabbed the coat from her hands and ran out my room till I reached the front door. Rosa was following behind me as I hear her shut the front door with a loud bang.

"Wait èsabllea, we can't go out on our own." Rosa said out of breath as she ran down the stairs after me.

I grasp the clean fresh air that cleared my suffocating lungs, my hands were shaking and my mind was spinning.

"èsabllea, Rosa! Why are you out here?" Samuel asked, holding the bag of groceries.

Rosa caught my arm before I had the chance to run down the block, I needed to get away. All I wanted was to be by myself, but I knew that they can't let me go anywhere alone.

"Your boss brought a woman in the house, how could he? At least have some respect for his wife, why is he doing this to her? Can't you see he's killing her without any fear? He is sick Samuel; I only worked here because you said that he will pay well. I can't handle what he is doing to the poor girl; I might just commit a crime and kill him myself." Rosa hissed at Samuel.

It seemed as if they've known each other before hand, I never invaded one's privacy, but both Rosa and Samuel were a mystery to me.

Rubbing his face in frustration, "Don't move, I'll be back down in a minute."

He entered the building as we waited for him, "I'm so sorry èsabllea, and I can't believe an angel like you is married to a devil like him. Why did you say yes to a Mafia heir, couldn't you marry someone else?" Rosa stated, causing me to frown.

"Mafia? What do you mean by that?" I questioned her curiously.

Her eye's widened in fear, "What is? Damon line of work Rosa? What did you mean by mafia?"

She avoided me, Samuel watched us without saying a word.

"Either you tell me or I swear to god I'll run away and you'll never find me. Talk!" I yelled out, Samuel took slow steps towards me.

"It's ok èsabllea, I'll tell you. Let's go somewhere so we can talk." He whispered, masking his expression.

Shit, he wasn't going to tell me. He'll probably drag me-

"Hey, let go of me!" I shouted loudly as he grabbed my arm tightly, pulling me into the building.

"You had to open your mouth Rosa, she wasn't ready to know." Samuel said, pulling me up the stairs.

I stomped on his foot, which cause him to let go of me. I ran down the stairs, pushing Rosa out the way.

Out to the street once more, I ran and ran while hearing them shout my name over and over. I never ran so fast in my life, I looked back to see if he was after me, but he wasn't behind anymore.

I kept running, and running until my legs gave out.

Not knowing where I was or where to go, or who to call. I broke down in tears; mother and father knew about him, they married me off to a man with no heart. Papa was probably in the same business as Damon was, oh god!

What a lie my life was, nothing was real.

Who was I to run to? No friends, no family, nothing! I had nothing, no phone, no money, f*ck! What was I going to do?

I just kept running, and running until I was completely lost, scared and terrified. I stopped in front o

t the office laughing, I slumped back into the chair and rubbed my eyes.

I will kill you Scarlet if you lay a single strand of hair on her, I will kill anyone who even thinks of harming her.

My mind was going crazy, I love her, or I thought I do. But why was I hurting her? She didn't do anything.

Where the hell would she be?

My phone rang causing me to grab it quickly, "Hello, did you find her? Talk to me god damn it."

"You know, I hear from a friend that your wife is missing, what's going on man?"

"Santos? How the f*ck did you know that she was missing? Samuel told Vinny huh, I don't have time for your games man. I have to go out and look for her, bye!"

"Listen shit face", he braked out angrily. "I've had enough of your stupid revenge on Lucan, your young and still starting this business. You have to be able to learn how to control everything, what if she runs into one of your enemies? They lock her up and do what they want with her, send her body to you-"

"SHUT UP, SHUT THE F*CK UP. I'LL F*CKING KILL ANYONE THAT HURTS HER. I'LL F*CKING KILL THEM." I said in the loudest voice I had but the line went dead.

Fuck, he was right. What the hell have I done?



Santos ended the call and I was shocked at Damon's actions.

"I just wanted to prove to you that he cares for you, if he didn't. Than trust me, you would have been dead by now, I'm sorry I had to be the one to tell you what happened, but just know. Your father didn't kill his mother, I don't know who planted that idea in him. He's holding onto that and I don't think he's ever going to let it go, now if you have any more questions. You should ask them now." Santos said while holding his wife's hand.

He looked scary but his eyes would soften every time his wife walked in.

"You're also a part of the mafia?" I asked.

"Every business man here in New York is either in the Mafia or works for the Mafia." He answered.

"So my father, Damon and his father, you know each other?"

"Everyone knows each other, we keep close and work with each one another. I know Samuel more than Damon, he and Vinny would be cousins. There are rituals and crowning, balls and events when one passes the throne down. I would be lying if I said I didn't recognize you, because I did. I was there for the wedding, you had this look on your face and I couldn't help but feel sorry for you." He said while his wife laid her head on his shoulders.

They looked like the perfect couple.

"Why doesn't he just kill me and get it over with?" I asked as my eye's filled up with tears very quick.

"Cause he loves you." Emily said effortlessly with a smile.

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