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   Chapter 8 Heartache....

Trapped with the devil By MarillaGarden Characters: 9254

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"Stop staring at me like that, it was a mistake. I never intended to hurt her." I stated while facing a very angry Samuel.

"You raped her, cut her open; you know how I feel about rape boss." He hissed angrily.

Yes I knew, his mother was raped before his eyes when he was only nine years old. She was killed after that rape, Samuel witnessed it all.

"Maybe I should hire someone to rape your boss."

My fist went up his chin, but he recovered quickly and grabbed me by the neck. His fingers dug deeply, cutting the air out of my lungs.

"I turn into a fucking madman when I just hear about someone raping a woman, but to witness it again. I won't have it, I don't care if I get killed. You do that to her one more time, then you'll have to deal with me pretty boy." He said, pushing me away.

Trying to catch my breath, I charge at him, but he didn't move. With one turn, he picks me up in the air and slams me on the floor.

"Don't start with me boss, you fucking unleashed him. I thought I wouldn't see him again, but you brought him out. I swear I can literally kill you now, so don't starts shit with me. Stay on the floor and don't move, I'm trying my hardest not to pull out my knife and kill you."

His nose flared, his breathing ragged.

This is how father found him; this is why he took him in. Raised him as his son, I wasn't enough of a man like Samuel. I would never be, but I'll show him.

Fuck friends, fuck friendship.

"Stay the fuck down Damon; I'm seriously trying not to hurt you. You're more than a friend; we've been through so much. You know it hurts me, haunts me every day. To see èsabllea like that, brought so much buried memories I hid, you-" He stopped while moving back.

Pacing back and forth while breathing heavily was intimidating, his wide shoulders, messy hair and blazing hatred eyes that stared at me, made me reconsider my thoughts.

He could easily kill me and father wouldn't even care, but he didn't.

But I would have, I would have grabbed the knife and stab him countless of times.

"I want to kill you!" I uttered.

He chuckled while rubbing his forehead, "I know, you're just a fake friend Damon. But you know I'm not, you have issues that need to be checked out. There's something wrong with your mind Damon, I don't know what it is. Would it be about your mother death? Why does èsabllea have to suffer for what you think her father did? It was your mother Damon, wake the fuck up and know your facts." He spoke.

I got up, causing him to look at me suspiciously. Smiling at him, I walked over to the bar and poured me a drink, my collection of knives was hung on the wall. Too bad I had to use this dull knife, picking it up. I aim it at Samuel that didn't move a muscle, I

ed uncontrollably on our wedding night." I stopped and looked up into her eyes. "He forced himself in me."

She just stared emotionally into my eyes then tapped my hand, "Its normal sweetheart, you should have stayed still and the pain would have gone away. Aww my poor baby, you're fine now."

Was she not understanding me?

"No mother, you're not listening to me. He forced himself into me, I wasn't aware of my state as he shoved himself in me. He tore me apart, causing me to go to the hospital. I nearly died that night." I whispered, pulling my hand away from her.

"It's ok, he's a man. He wanted his wife on his wedding night, look at you right now. You're perfectly fine; the second time is always the best-"


She rubbed her eyes and stood up, "Your father did the same thing sweetheart, and I bled on our wedding night as well. It's just that you unprepared, that's why you bled."

I couldn't believe it, what was wrong with her?

I chuckled, pulling my hair back, "Your right mother, silly me. I was unprepared. He only just placed himself in me while I was unaware of it. My fault, yea! Are you staying for dinner?" I asked, holding in my tears as my heart pounder inside my chest.

She hugged me, placing a kiss on my forehead. "No sweetheart, I have to go. Tell Damon I said hi, take care and call us from time to time."

Grabbing her purse, she walked out. I followed her to the front door, as soon as she left, I broke down.

Running to my room, I paced the floor like a mad woman, I did what I only could do.

I let out the loudest scream escape my lungs.


Falling on my knees, I covered my head and cried my heart out.

I'm going to die in pain.

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