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   Chapter 7 Beauty with pain

Trapped with the devil By MarillaGarden Characters: 7675

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Beauty, that's all I saw before my eyes. Body as silk, causing my fingertips to glide effortlessly on her body. Her flower scent intoxicated my mind and soul, golden locks of her hair casted upon the white satin pillow as she laid there without making a sound.

Kneeling on the bed, I stared down at her legs that were spread apart, my mouth to watered as lust took over my body.

Was she aware of what is happening between us?

I didn't know, this was not apart of my plan, but here I was attempting to drown in her for one night only.

Lust, that's what it was. Nothing more than lust, but lust didn't come with need.

I needed more than wanted, craved her for the past two weeks and it wasn't even funny. Setting whatever feelings this was to the side, I stared as she didn't move nor put up a fight.

Did she want this? Was this her way of surrendering?

Eye's closed; Arm's gracefully laid on each side while her breathing steady slowly. "èsabllea?" I whispered lowly.

Laying my chin upon her lower stomach, but no response came from her.

She's naked in front of me, she's not innocent. She can't be, who just gives up like this? She must be used to f*cking men, I should just take her and get out. I do have the right to take her, she is my wife.

My hands roamed over her sculpted figure that screamed touch me, she was asking for it.

Pulling her body on top of my thighs, I positioned myself near her entrance. With the one push, I slam myself into her but the agonizing scream filled the room as she bolted up from her sleeping form.

Tight, blood, screams, I pulled back.

Blood, lots of blood. F*ck! What did I do? I stood up and watched how she rolled in pain, this is what I wanted?

For her to feel pain, why the f*ck is she screaming like that?

She fell off the bed, but I did nothing. A knock, loud knock, then banging came through. "Damon, open the door. What was that? Open the door Damon." Samuel yelled loudly.

All I did was glance at the door, then back at èsabllea. The white carpet was soaking with blood; I've must have hurt her. The door unlocked due to Samuel breaking it open, two maids were with him. He turned around to not see èsabllea's naked body. "Go help her and get her dressed, now!" He yelled wh

the room did. She went back to work, "get him out, I need to finish." She mumbled, looking up at me.


Two hours later...

I was still lying in the cold room with Doctor Anna; she was still by my side. She held my hand tightly as she heard my story, "I know I can't change your mind èsabllea, but what if this happens again, then what? I'll tell you something I've buried a long time ago, when I was your age, maybe a bit older. I was in a relationship with a man who was just like Damon; he hurt me so bad that I spent ten years of my life in pain. I see so many girls coming in here, abused, raped by the man they think they love. I try to help, give them that push they need to get out of that relationship. Some accept, while other decline. I don't want you to get hurt, please let me help you."

"I'll be fine Anna."

She sighed deeply while pulling out a card, "Call me if you need anything, I know what pain feels like. Please don't hesitate to ask for help when you need it. Your discharge papers are ready, dont-"

Damon walked in unannounced, "No sex for six weeks, and follow by an appointment with an ob-gyn doctor so she can see how you're healing." She stated loudly.

"Take care èsabllea." She said before leaving me alone with Damon.

She walked pass him without a word, he chuckled then looked at me.

"That's father's mistress, he'll be glad to know her whereabouts." He said which caused me to feel mortified.

I was in a relationship with a man just like Damon, for ten years I felt pain.

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