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   Chapter 6 Wedding night & only night...

Trapped with the devil By MarillaGarden Characters: 10385

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"I Do!" Damon said loudly.

"By the power invested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife, you may kiss the bride."

He pulled me into his arms and kissed me with such passion before pulling back, "Welcome to hell my love, till death do us part èsabllea. I'll make sure of that." Damon whispered upon my lips.

Facing the cheering crowd, he held me closer to him as he waved happily to the guests. He led me down the aisle as people threw flower petals, I was holding in my tears.

The past two weeks have been the most stressful weeks of my life, he would come and take me after lunch and return me after dinner.

We would spend the day fighting then he would end up kissing me until I was lost. Hurting me emotionally and mentally, how can he be so heartless?

My thoughts he abused, his touch left a burning desire while his eye took in every weakness I had.

He studied me for the past two weeks as if I was an exam he was trying to pass, I felt something was waiting to erupt, causing a pain with no remorse.

We finally entered the roll Royce and took off to our wedding reception.

"Why are you shaking, are you cold? You can't be, it's July! Are you hunger?" Damon said in a concerned way.

My stomach grumbling loudly which made him speak again, "Samuel, stop by a burger joint we always eat at. Order what we have all the time with two large cokes as well."

I stared at the handsome man in the front seat, his dark eyes and long jet black hair that fell on his forehead made him seem far too sexy to be a driver. His wide shoulders were crying out for help in that tight suit he was wearing. He sent a smirk my way through the rear view mirror, then looked at Damon who was staring at me.

"He is your friend?" I asked curiously while looking over towards Damon.

"Yes, he is! This is Samuel, he's my best friend and you'll be seeing a lot of him around the penthouse. He's like a brother to me, along with Daniel." He said a bit irritated.

What gotten into him, he was fine a minute ago. "Stop looking at him like you want to fuck him." He harshly said.

"Boss, calm dow-"

"SHUT UP SAMUEL, " Damon yelled loudly.

I looked the other way, trying to hold my tears in. After a while, the car came to a stop, Samuel got out. I waited until he entered the place where he would order food for us before saying. "Please don't hesitate to let me know what you think; you're doing a very good job at it. How was I looking at him was not what you were thinking. Yes he is handsome, but I wasn't thinking of 'fucking him'. If you have something to say or want to hurt my feeling then do it when we are alone, not in the presence of anyone. I don't care who it is, I don't want you to make me feel the way you always do in front of others. I don't deserve to be humiliated in front of anyone, I can't take it."

My tears won't be wasted on him anymore, I will not cry for the rest of my life just because he wants me too. I won't have it.

"So you were admiring his looks in front of me, let me remind you èsabllea that you are my wife. You will NOT disres

her help you get out of that dress." He whispered while masking his face with unknown emotions.

"Do you have any aspirin, my head is killing me." The maid rushed out.

I fell to my knees, causing the wedding dress to surround me. It was so beautifully made by Bethenny, I fell in love with it but hated it as well.

The maid came back in with a bottle of water and aspirin in her hands, handing them over to me which I gladly took. She spoke, "I am Rosa; may I help you get out of your dress?"

I nodded my head but didn't have the energy to get up; Damon made his towards me and lifted me up. I truly felt nothing; I laid my head on his shoulder as Rosa unlaced the ribbon strap on my dress. I could have sworn that Damon smelt my hair but then again, I must be hallucinating.

Dizzy and tired, Damon pushed me back, causing the dress to slip off my shoulders. His hands were still on my waist but his eyes roamed on the white lace undergarments mother placed me in.

"You can leave Rosa, I will finish up alone." Damon stated, licking his lips hungrily.

Rosa rushed out quickly, locking the door after her. "You can leave as well Damon, and I can do this on my own.

Grabbing his hands, I pulled them off my waist. Stepping out of the glittering ball gown, and like every any bride. I had on a sexy white lace two piece undergarment; I didn't care walking in front of him like this.

Walking towards the bed, I laid there as he watched my every move.

Heavy eyes, tired body and numb soul.

I glanced over to Damon who was taking his suit off, each time my eye's closed, he would have something already off. After a couple times my eyes fluttered shut then opening them, I drowned in my sadness, out of nowhere, he appeared on top of me, naked.

"This will be the only night we become one princess, so let it engrave into your memory forever." He whispered while taking off my panties followed by my lace crop bar.

I truly felt nothing, didn't even fight him. I had no more fight in me, so I just gave in while tears dribbling down my cheeks.

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