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   Chapter 5 A tour of our new home...

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Time was creeping up on me as I feared for my life, two more weeks and I will be in Damon's possession.

Wondering how my life will be with him has brought my health to a fearing state for my parents.

I felt they weren't listening to what I was saying, they thought I was having cold feet but it was more than that. I felt I was facing a death sentence and both mama and papa were leading me towards my death.

Two more weeks and I'll be with him forever but by force, everything was prepared for the wedding. Even my wedding dress was ready, Damon hasn't been hurting me that much but I know he will once he has me.

I was supposed to go look at the apartment we would be living in together with Damon today. My body was weak but I had to go, orders from dear mother. She made it her mission for Damon and I to be with one another no matter what. Not caring at all about my needs.

I sighed heavily as I stared at my reflection. Ready, I was waiting for him to arrive; Be a good girl, listen to mama, I know best èsabllea.

"Put a smile on your face young girl, he will be here soon. Make it work for the both of you, Damon is a good boy. You will grow to love him in the future, a woman is at fault if her marriage goes down the drain and I will not let you ruin your chances with Damon." Mama said as she fixed my appearance.

How is it the woman's fault if the marriage doesn't work? Isn't marriage based on both man and woman? Why was the woman blamed when she did nothing?

"It won't be my fault that this marriage won't last but yours and papa's. I told you I don't want to marry him but you are forcing me to be in this mess I never asked for."

Mama's eyes flared an evil look, "Oh stop whining, all your friends want him and you're here skulking to get away from him."

"You think you're giving me happiness but I can assure you that you're making my life miserable. If this marriage doesn't work, I'll place the blame on you and papa. He is a cruel man mama, he hates me, and I feel that he wants to hurt me badly for something, but what? I don't know!"

A honk beeped loudly, mama pinched my cheeks. "Be more seductive, hold his hand. Sway your hips, kiss him, and make him feel wanted. Now go, have fun dear."

I can't believe her.

She pushed me out the house while waving at Damon who was in a gold Ferrari. I made way down and opened the car door that went flying up towards the sky, "Easy on my baby, you'll hurt her." He stated while waving back at mama.

"Ridiculous, " I mumbled while entering the car.

The outside looked amazing but the inside design was even more appealing. Pulling the door down slowly, trying not to hurt his baby, It was awkward silence after that, glancing over, I stared at him while he did the same; I haven't seen him since our little incident after graduation day. "Why do you look skinny? Are you sick?" He asked while placing a pair of shades he had in his hand on his face.

"I'm fine, can we just go so I can come back and sleep."

The engine roared loudly, he drove off through the gates and onto the road. The dashboard was gold, the steering wheel was gold, the stick shift was gold. Everything was shining in the car, "Is this real gold?" I questioned him while running my fingers along the glove department.

"Yes, it's one of a kind." He answered.

I didn't want this day to be quiet so I decided to talk with him normally.

"Where are we going now?"

He hummed to the music while driving slowly, we we're entering the busy streets of New York. People stopped and stared at the car while others took pictures, "We're going to look at the penthouse I just bought, and then we'll go buy the furniture that you like since it will be your home as well. Take anything you like, don't care what the price is just take it, ok?" He stated as we entered Fifth Avenue.

"Must have cost a fortune." I whispered lowly, looking out the car? window.

"It doesn't matter." He said while parking in front of a tall building. "I have an interior designer waiting for us in the penthouse. He will help you choose out what you like, tell him what you want and he'll help."

The engine truns off, Damon got out the car as I unbuckled my seat belt.

He was nice today; he opened the door for me and held out his hand. I placed my hand in his without questioning.

Standing up straight, I look up at the building., It was probably 13 story high, I felt a hand on my back which caused me to look at Damon who lead me in as if we we're two love birds.

Maybe he did change a bit.

Taking the elevator, we reached the top floor in no time. Walking into a spacious penthouse, my breath was taken away. A man caught my eye as he walked our way, I stood in front of the wide window overlooking the street view.

"Hello, I'm Paul Rodri! I'll be helping you with the furniture for this penthouse in no time. Congratulations to the both of you, might I add you both look lovey."

Damon still had his hand around my waist, "My fiancé is a bit sick so if you can please give her a tour and ask what she likes, I'll like to get this over with quickly. I'd truly appreciate it Paul." Damon stated.

His hand wrapped tightly around my waist as the man showed us around.

It was weird feeling, his fingers gripping and holding onto me, but I ignored it. Paul talked and talked but I wasn't focusing. "And that is the tour of the house, now tell me. What is your style, what do you envision your

dream home to look like?" He asked as he held the pen in his hand.

He was ready to write down what ideas I had but my mind was blank.

"What colours do you like?" I asked, facing Damon.

"It's not about what I like but what you want." He implied.

I sighed loudly, running my hands through hair.

"I'm asking you what colours you like so I can tell him what I want." I stated.

I pulled off his shades and stared into his eye's. He was very handsome but it was only looks, his heart is what I needed to see the most and I knew I had to dig through dirt and coal to find one. "White, black and gold. Those are my favourite colours. What are yours?"

I smiled and held his shades in my hands, "believe it or not, those three are my favourite colours as well but I want one wall to have a bold colour that's all. So maybe that wall over there can be collared black with gold edges and the rest stays the same white colour it is. What do you think?"

"I like it, like it a lot." He whispered, letting go of my waist. "Have someone come and paint that wall, now let's go furniture shopping." Damon added as he placed his hand back where it was.



"That was quick; I thought you'd be picky. You sure you don't want anything else?" I asked.

"Maybe if there's a modern wide and round Chandelier that was gold colour, I think it would bring the entire living room to life." She replied.

We we're standing near the window, watching Paul and his crew set up the furniture, "No, no! That goes next Ottoman in corner." èsabllea ordered loudly.

I got to see how she really was, she very interesting. She doesn't second guess her decisions and is very honest. Her beauty captured people's attention which bothered me a bit; even as simple she seemed to appear. She still turned heads, just like now.

Every man that was here, had to look at her as they came in and out, that's why my arm was wrapped around her waist since the morning. First Paul couldn't take his eyes off her now these men; couldn't they see I was with her?

"Be careful with that please, it cost a fortu--"

The glass painting fell from their hands which caused èsabllea to gasp loudly. "ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS, LOOK WHAT YOU DONE." I shouted while marching their way.

èsabllea was holding my arm back but that didn't stop me, she thought her slimming form can do something, ha! But in one move, her hand sled down my arm until it reached my hand. They way her fingertips rubbed against mine caused a spark in me, "It was an accident Damon, please calm down." She whispered like an angel ever so softly.

I was calm; her touches were blurring my mind. "Can you clean up the mess please, I'll handle Damon." She said to the men. Pulling on my hand, we walked into the master bedroom where I was going to sleep in alone.

She locked the door as I shook off this overcoming feeling that took over me.

"You looked like you were about to kill them Damon, are you calm now?" She questioned, clicking her heels against the hardwood floors.

She appeared in front of me, her blonde hair, blue eyes; pouty lips that were screaming out kiss me did something to me.

Wasn't your plan to hurt her father? She's the only way you'll get your revenge. So don't fall for innocence.

"You're so pathetic èsabllea, can't believe you sometime." I hissed out which caused her to frown.

"Knew it was too good to be true, " she sighed deeply. "Yes Damon, pathetic little èsabllea that thought you might have changed, but no! You're still the same, I won't argue with you. Please take me back home and do whatever you want, I'm tired and exhausted and really don't want to bicker with you." She stated, walking past me.

I grabbed her arm, pulling her back in front of me. "Let's practice husband and wife èsabllea, or do you already have experience in that department?" I questioned angrily.

Why did it bother me if she did?

I pulled her body against mine, causing her breathing to elaborate. Her lips were crying out for me to kiss them, she didn't dare to look into my eyes as she only focused on my apples Adam. If it wasn't for her heels, she would have only reached my chest. "You have the poutiest lips I've ever seen in my life. So plump and red, their craving an attention èsabllea. Maybe I should grant them what they want." I whispered as my lips skimmed her forehead.

She pulled her head back, causing my lips to run down her nose. "I...take...home...please." She stuttered nervously.

"Kiss me and I'll take you back home."

She tried to escape my embrace but I pulled her back, locking my arms around her roughly. "Please...let me go."

"Kiss me and I will."

"No! Let me go!"


"NO!" She shouted.

"You're not leaving, if you don't kiss me or you'll be spending the night here with me, in bed, naked!" I said which earned a spit on my face.

She pulled the collar of my shirt down and gently pressed a soft kiss on my lips. "That's wasn't a kiss, I want a we-"

I was cut off by her tongue that licked the bottom of my lip, then the upper lips as well. Her hands roughly yanked back my hair, tilting her head to the side, covering my mouth with her. With one twirl of her tongue in my mouth, her pouty lips placed one last kiss before she pulled back.

I couldn't move, my mind was lost. My arm's seemed weak, my body was still recovering from the spell she cast on me.

You'll never get your revenge on her, you're falling for her.

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