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   Chapter 4 Graduation

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It's been a year and she was now walking the stage to receive her diploma, smiling happily.

Sitting next to her parents while I watched her walk down, "You two will be getting married soon, and I cannot believe it's almost time. My baby has grown up." Her mother said.

"Yes my boy, you two have to prepare for the wedding soon." Her father implied.

If it was up to me, there be no wedding but since it will be her first and last wedding, then she should at least wear a gown.

"We have already talked about it; she should be calling one of my best friend girlfriend. She's a designer and she may have something for èsabllea taste." I stated while looking at èsabllea who was grinning happily.

Wipe that grin of your face my èsabllea, I won't have that when you're in my possession. I will make your life a living hell for what your father did, I promise you that.

"I hereby congratulate the class of 2017." The man spoke and everyone cheered. Hats flew to the sky while people cried and hugged each other.



"We did it, now for the real life èsabllea. You're so lucky you'll be marrying thee Damon Lexmark, I envy you." One of the girls' said as we gathered in a circle.

They were ruining my moment to be happy about my accomplishment, he wasn't what they thought. He was evil and cruel, cold, and ruthless. It was a bittersweet moment as I thought about now and what lies ahead for me.

"Have you got everything ready for the wedding yet?" Tessera asked.

"Why don't we talk about how we're going to celebrate tonight?" My best friend Valerie said as she held my hand.

"She'll be having dinner with me; you all can celebrate as I take my fiancé out for the night." The devil spoke from behind me.

The girls giggled as they stared at his tall form, the eye can be deceiving my friends; don't let his looks fool you.

He's the devil himself...

The girls left as they pulled Valerie along with them, "Please let me enjoy my day in peace Damon, I ask for one moment in my life where I can remember it for the rest of my life as being happy, don't ruin this day for me. Go out with your friends or on a date and let me be happy for one day only." I whispered lowly, turning to face him.

"Actually, I won't bother you. We have to discuss our wedding, it's in a couple of months and nothing is planned yet. Have you called the number that my friend gave you?" He asked while looking down at me.

He stood about 6'4 while I was a 5'6; I hated how he towered over me. Wasn't it enough I had to deal with his cruel acts, I hated him with a passion. I just wanted to know why he was like this to me, what did I do to deserve this?

"It would be better if there wasn't a wedding, I don't want to marry you. Can't you see that it will never work?"

He smiled wickedly as I took a step back, "That's the point that it will never work. I promise to forever make your life miserable till my dying days èsabllea. That's my vows to you; engrave those vows in your mind forever."

As waterfalls fell, my tears did the same. He never shows mercy towards me when I have done nothing to receive this hate from him.

"èsabllea, why are the tears my darling?" Mother asked as she wrapped her arms around me.

"I don't want to marry him, please don't make me mama. I beg of you." I sobbed loudly as my heart ached so badly.

"Now, my dear, you're just scared. Don't be, Damon will care and love you dearly. You'll see how happy you'll be, I promise." She added as I couldn't control myself anymore.

"Is there a reason you don't want to marry Damon my love." Father questioned curiously as he looked between Damon and I.

"I just don't want to, he's not what he seems. He's evil and cruel, hurtful, and wicked. He-" I stopped as he stared at me with murderous eyes.

"Take èsabllea to the car dear, I want a word with Damon alone." Father said which made me happy.

Maybe I won't marry him after all.



"What's going on my boy, why is my daughter so scared of you? Have you hurt her in any way?" Lucan asked while looking at his wife and daughter leaving.

"No sir, it's just, you know how the business is. I don't know how to show emotions and I don't know how to sweet talk a woman. Does èsabllea knows what we do isn't just some company that handles trading?" I casually said, trying not blowing my cover on my true intentions.

He sighed deeply, "No my boy, then that's the reason èsabllea is scared of you but you have to learn how to separate the two worlds we deal with my boy. Try to be more gently on her, show her affection and love. She'll warm up to you as you will to her. I thought you were a charmer with ladies?" He chuckled.

I chuckled back when all I wanted to do was rip his throat out, "I am not a charmer, I have my father in me you can say."

"Well, try to be more romantic. She will fall head over heels in love with you." He stated as we both walked over to èsabllea and her mother.

"I have talked with Damon my love, give him another chance and if he doesn't change, then I'll deal with him."

èsabllea seemed confused and lost; I held back my smirk and stared at her.

"He is fooling you father, I tell you he's a devil. Has no heart, I don't want to marry him." She declared loudly.

"I am sorry èsabllea if I were cruel to you, I promise I'll change, just give me time." I whispered lowly, acting like I was truly sorry.

"It's a lie, he lying I tell you, " she cried out.

"Stop it èsabllea, give the boy a chance." Her mother hissed lowly at her. She seemed hurt that her mother would defend me in a way.

"Let us leave these two alone darling, èsabllea, give him a chance. He promised to be nicer to you, now go and enjoy the rest

of the day with your fiancé. You two have a lot of planning, the wedding is in two months and nothing is ready. Please dear, do it for papa." Her father said as I stood there watching them.

She gave up and nodded her head, Lucan, and his wife left. I watched her look at the car as if all her hope and dreams were disappearing before her eyes. I should feel happy that she's hurting somewhat but I didn't.

"Let us go!" I whispered.

She followed me like a dead soul following her death; maybe I was too hard on her. She didn't kill my mother, her father did. I should be hurting him but the only way to hurt him was through what he loved most, and that was his èsabllea.



I sat in car that filled with low Portuguese guitar solo music. The beat was calm but my soul wasn't, I just imaged how my life would be.

"Will you always be like this forever? Am I doomed to cry all my life as a lost child crying for his mother?" I whispered.

I hated how weak I was, hated the tears, hated myself and mostly hated him.

He didn't reply, just kept driving as I shed my tears away. "Can you least tell me why you are like this? Why do I have to be the one who suffers, have I done something bad to you? I apologize if I did, are you mad that you're marrying me? Because I don't want this marriage if that's the reason you're being cruel to me. I never asked for this, please say something Damon. I just don't think I'll make it if you continue to be this way."

Again, not a word. I cannot live like this, I seriously can't, "You want me to suffer? If so then you're doing a good job at it, take me back home. I want to go home. I WANT TO GO HOME, TAKE ME HOME NOW. NOW!" I shouted loudly.



This was supposed to make me feel good, why isn't it? I loosened my collar button, taking a deep breath.

"I'll take you home after we go see the designer who will make your wedding dress, I won't come near you until the wedding. Choose the design and I'll drop you off wherever you want, Ok?" I managed to say.

This wasn't how I planned, fuck!

I pulled out my phone and dialled Alexander's number; I waited for him to answer which he did. "What's up Damon, " he said while I tried to block out èsabllea soft cries.

"I need you to see if your girlfriend will be able to get the wedding dress done in two months." I stated, glancing over to èsabllea.

Covering her face with her hands, she made a pain surface, her crying wasn't making me feel any better.

"Dude, two months? Come on, she's not a mechanical robot. She's one person, where have you been the last six months?" He questioned.

"I'll pay her 100k cash now and 100k once she hands over the dress. All materials and fabrics I will pay, for all she has to do is design it. She can hire people along with her to get it done on time; I'll pay their fees as well." I stated.

"Deal, " a soft voice said through the phone. "She said ok, but where are you? Doesn't your fiancé want to choose the design for the dress?" Alexander asked curiously.

"On our way, get them ready and text me the address so I know where I'm going."

I ended the call and pulled over to the side of the road, my phone vibrated and I knew it was Alexander sending me the address. Looking over to èsabllea, I sighed. "Wipe your tears, we go in for a while and you choose what you like. I won't bother you ever again; I apologize for what I have done, Ok? Now, stop crying and clear your face."

"I don't want to marry you Damon, please don't do this."

My blood was boiling, "look, we're trapped together no matter what. It's a deal your father and mine did when we we're still young. It's an agreement, signed on paper. We can't erase it no matter how much we both want to."

She stared at me as I did the same, it wasn't only revenge. It was written, sealed, and stamped. We can't do anything, if I had a way out. I would have just shot Lucan in the head along with everyone responsible for mother's death.

"So, I'm trapped with you till death do us part?"

"Yes èsabllea, you're trapped with the devil till death do us part."



"Tell me what you like beautiful?" Bethenny the designer asked sweetly.

They were all pretty but the one caught my eye, "This one please." I replied back with a soft smile.

Her eyes held sadness, I didn't know if it was for me or something else, but I felt she was a kind person. She and her boyfriend seem the complete opposite; I stood up as I watched Damon stand.

"Thank you for your time, I hope I didn't put a lot of work on your shoulders Bethenny. You both will be the first couple I personally invite for the wedding, thank you once more." I stated as Damon pulled my hand.

For the first time he was gently in the way his touched me, "It such an honour & pleasure you trusted me to design wedding dress. If you want anything, anything at all. Please call me, you still have my number right?" Bethenny said.

I nodded my head, "Thank you for your time, I already wired the money to your account. Send all the expenses to Lexmark Inc., if you need to contact èsabllea for fitting, let me know. I'll bring her here." Damon said with a blank expression.

Bidding our farewells, we left her apartment, making our down the stairs before reaching the car. All I wanted to do was go home.

"I'll take you home, start planning for the wedding. You won't see me until you walked down the aisle in your white dress." He spoke as he drove off.

Maybe I should try to get him open up; maybe everything will change with communication. Who was I kidding, "Trapped with you for the rest of my life makes walking through hell a better option."

"It is a better option èsabllea, we're doomed forever."

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