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   Chapter 3 Maybe I'm sorry a little bit

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I needed a drink every time I thought about last night, but she was asking for it. "Dude, what the hell was that? You nearly rapped her and now you're getting ready to go over for dinner like nothing happened?" Samuel said as he threw the ball against the wall.

Samuel would be my right hand man and best friend, Daniel was my friend, but not like Samuel. "You we're there?" I whispered as I dug through my closet.

Grabbing the black dress shirt, I placed on.

"Dude, I'm always there. Whenever, wherever, besides, that's what I get paid for. To babysit you, but why are you so harsh on that sexy body of hers, " he stated with a laugh. "You don't want her then hand her over to me." He finished commenting.

Throwing the hanger that was my hand towards him with all I had. It hits his face with full force, that caused him to moan in pain.

That felt good.

"She will be my wife Samuel; don't want those fucking ideas playing in your mind. I will kill you if you ever think to betray me."

He held up his hands in surrender, "I thought you loathed her, wanting to hurt her, but I see you're very jealous when someone talks about her in th-"

"ENOUGH, " I yelled, piercing my gaze towards him intensely. "Yes, I want to hurt her and will fucking hurt her, but that doesn't mean you get to think about her that way. You will have to respect her; she will be your boss's wife, my wife. Don't fuck with me Samuel, you're my best friend, I don't want a woman coming between us."

He looked at me in a very strange matter, but then nodding his head, he stood tall with his broad shoulders.

What if he tries to seduce èsabllea with his brown eyes and black hair, dark tan and a smirk that made any girl drool over him?

"You know I won't betray you but Daniel might--"

"Daniel won't either, so get going and see if my dick head of a father is ready to leave." I ordered him.

He wanted to say something else but decided to keep it inside, I exhaled as soon as he felt.

Fuck, why did I feel like I wanted to murder him, then cut up his body parts for thinking of èsabllea like that?

Still feeling my blood pressure rising higher than ever, I tried to calm down and shake off whatever the fuck this was.

I pushed it all the way back so it won't surface again. Looking down at my phone, I was debating on calling her or not.

Maybe she doesn't have my number stored in her phone.

I dialled her number and didn't know why. Maybe I felt sorry, just a bit for treating her that way or maybe I just wanted to see what she had to say. Or maybe I just- "Hello, "she softly said but I didn't reply.

"This is where you say, "It's me".

I was still quiet with a grin on my face, "Hello from the other side, but seriously girl, how many times do you have to change your number? Is he still calling you after you broke up with him?" She questioned, thinking I was one of her friends.

"Valerie, you ok?" She said in a concerned tone.

"I'm not your friend, "I stated firmly.

"Oh, " was all I got. She hung up before I had the chance to apologize, I texted her.

[If you hang up on me ever again, I'll do more to you than I did last night ;)] ~Damon

[Come close to me like that and I will chop your freaking balls off and tell my parents what you did to me] ~èsabllea

I stared at her text as the door opened, "Your father said to come down, your two are late for the dinner party over the Ricotta's." Samuel said.

Placing the phone in my pocket, I headed out. "Have fun!" Samuel yelled out as I made my way down the stairs. Father was standing near his office door while the phone was pressed against his ear.

"I don't want you to see if you can do it, I want you to tell me that you can. I won't have this bullshit unsettled; make sure you get my money and all of it by tonight." Father hissed to whoever was on the other line. "Good, I'm expecting a call from you later tonight." He said before ending the call.

Dressed in a black suit, he looked at me and grinned widely. "You look ready, let's go! We've kept the Ricotta's family waiting for far too long, " he stated. "How are things going with their daughter? Have you two planned for the wedding? You know once you're done with college you are to be wed, only a year left my boy." I ignored him and went out to the car that was ready to take us there.

I got in the passenger seat caused I didn't want to be seated next to him; he made his way and sighed deeply as he entered the car. "I thought you had forgotten after all these years, but you still you act as if you're fifteen lost in pain of your mother's death. Get over it Damon, your mother cheated on me and got what she deserved." He said without a care.

Looking down, I uttered what I felt inside my aching heart."Wish it was you who was dead instead of her dear father. Your days are numbered and soon I'll take over your throne, I'll be the best mafia son ever when I take mother's revenge into my own hands." I declared loudly as St

anley drove off towards the Ricotta's estate.

Not a word was spoken.

The drive over there was dead silence between us, so what if she cheated. Doesn't mean he had to kill her, but his pride among people was more important than my mother's life.

Stupid old man, you will pay dear father.


Reaching the Ricotta's estate, both Lucan and his wife we're waiting for us at the front door. I exited before father did, making my way towards them. "Mrs Ricotta, looking beautiful as always." I stated while placing a kiss on her cheek.

She smile happily, "Please dear, call me Elizabeth or mama. Welcome, èsabllea is in her room. You can go up to her if you like." She said nicely as I made eye contact with her husband that had his hand out.

No matter how much I wanted him dead, I would smile in his face. "Mr Ricotta, thank you for having us."

He shook my hand firmly, "Call me Lucan my boy, there's no formalities between families." He smiled genuinely but I didn't buy it.

Father made his way up and I made my way in. Up the stairs to my sweet èsabllea, reaching her bedroom door, I opened it without permission.

Shocked as she tried to cover herself, there she stood in a bathrobe while brushing her long blonde hair. "Aww, I'm touched! You're getting yourself ready for me." I sarcastically said as her eyes shot daggers of hate towards me.

"What are you doing here? Get out!" She shouted, standing up while holding the brush tightly in her hand.

I looked around her room as it fitted her personality. Very soft and elegant yet still had a flare to it, "Get out Damon, I need to change." She stuttered nervously as her eyes followed my every move.

My eyes landed on her bed then at her, "You want to practice husband and wife èsabllea? I can give you a free lesson if you want?" I questioned mischievously.

They said payback is a bitch, right? Well, she threw the brush at me that hit my face harshly. Guess Samuel did a little prayer to god, "Get out before I scream Damon." She firmly stated as she glared at me.

Winking at her, I left her room. Down the steps until I was standing where father and Lucan were whispering lowly about something.

Like all lavish houses, Lucan home was very well designed with antiques and up to date furniture.

I stared at a painting of èsabllea that was hung on the wall; she was no older than ten I presume. She was in the middle, between her father and mother, smiling happily. She's wearing a laced white dress that reached above her knees while her hair was placed on her shoulders in wavy curls.

The sound of heels clicking on the marble floor took me out of my daze; I looked over to where it came from.

èsabllea was making her way down, dressed in a off shoulder navy blue skin tight dress that made me do a double take at her slimmest yet very desirable body. Her hair moved gracefully as she walked past me and over to father a Lucan side.

Did I find her desirable? Yes! Did I feel my dick twitch when she came down? Yes! Did I still want to hurt her even more than ever? Absolutely! But maybe I can have fun along the way as well, there's no harm in it, maybe make her fall in love with me then break her physically and mentally.

"Damon, dinner sweetheart." èsabllea's mother said.

"Thank you for having us; I see where èsabllea gets her beauty from." I stated loudly.

èsabllea glared my way, "Oh please, you're causing me to blush dear. Besides, no one is more beautiful than my èsabllea." She replied truthfully.

èsabllea does look fuckable; maybe I should change my plan and start treating her nicely so I can get between her legs.

A smirk took over as I stared at her; she rolled her eyes and took a seat next to her mother. "Sit my boy; you can sit next to èsabllea or next to your father. Wherever you want." Lucan said as I made my way over to èsabllea side.


Dinner contented small conversations about business and life, then about our wedding that èsabllea refused to talk about at the moment. Stating that she will start planning after she finishes high school, we were having dessert while father, Lucan and his wife talked about how much they missed Brazil and how they want to visit their hometown once again.

Lucan and father go way back, èsabllea and I were born in the states but we still talk our native tongue which is Portuguese.

My mind wandered as how she would sound if she spoke. "você está maravilhosa!" I whispered lowly which caused her to look at me.

"Você está tentando me conquistar?" She whispered softly and so sexy that I felt goosebumps all over my body.

I stared at her as my hand gripped her thigh, her eyes started to water but she stood up unexpectedly.

"Excuse me, it was a pleasure to have you both for dinner but I must finish my school work before I forget." She uttered quickly before leaving.






Você está maravilhosa! =You look marvelous!

& Você está tentando me conquistar?= Are you trying to chat me up?

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