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   Chapter 2 Scared

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*warning, attempt of rape in this chapter*


A year has passed and Damon Lexmark was even morecruel then before. I wonder how long I can take this from him?

It has been a month since my seventeenth birthday party, he didn't come and I was extremely happy about that; he called today and asked papa if he can take me out on a date.

I begged papa to say no, but he said that everything will be alright; he told papa that he was going to take me out for dinner. But when I talked with him, he laughed and said he wanted me to meet a special person in his life.

We weren't going on a date together but going to a college party his friend Daniel was having. Now, here I am in his car, sitting in the back seat and he was in the front with a beautiful woman. Dark brown hair that reached her shoulders with dark brown eyes. With body to kill for, wearing a little black dress that was too revealing.

His hands were on her thighs as I tried to ignore them both, "You're beautiful èsabllea." Daniel said as he was sitting next to me.

I turned to look at him and smiled, hiding my pain. "Thank you, your dashing yourself." I replied nicely but got a glare from Damon through the rear view mirror.

What was his problem?

"You will have fun at the party, just don't take anything from any guy cause I know they'll be hitting on you." He chuckled.

Daniel was around Damon's age with dark brown eyes and blonde dirty hair. He was tall and fit and had a smile that can charm any girl, we chatted for a bit until we reached the campus.

People we're everywhere hold drinks and dancing, I felt like an outsider in my short white dress and heels I regretted putting on, my blonde long hair reached below my back. Didn't have that much makeup on because mama said I didn't need it. I sat in the car as all three went out, I was nervous and didn't want to be here but Damon opened the door and looks down at me, "Get out and stop acting so scared. Bet you can party hard with Daniel, maybe you two can fuck each other later on." He hissed angrily.

I've been practicing in holding my tear and pushing my emotions back, but I still need more practice. "What the fuck man, I would never do that to you. Fucking chill and leave her alone." Daniel shouted as he pushed Damon to the side.

I got out and looked around, Damon, and Daniel were having a heated conversation as I walked over to them. Damon walked away before I can get to talk to him, pulling Ava with him. All I wanted to do was go back home and stay in my room, listen to some music and eat junk food, but I was here, watching my future husband mingling with a woman before my eyes.

"Hey, just forget him. Can't believe he's a big of an asshole then I thought he was." Daniel declared.

I shook my head in disbelief, no one knew the real Damon, only I knew his true colors."It's alright, I don't care about him. Just, it bothers me the way he treats me. I haven't done anything to him and all he does is try to hurt me. If he doesn't want this engagement, then tell him I don't want it either, he'll be doing me a huge favour if he calls of this stupid agreement." I stated firmly as Daniel led me to where the party was already in high heat.

If college is like this then I'll definitely will not be fitting in, I'm a bookworm and a loner that loves peace and quiet.

Trying to get in between the crowd but failed miserable, Daniel grabbed my hand and led me out to the far back where people were smoking clouds of illegal drugs.

A beach house filled with people from all ethnicity, some we're enjoying drinks while other just danced. High and lost in their own world, I found Damon with three girls surrounding him. All three ladies had their hands on his body as he stood with a proud smirk.

I was alone until Daniel came over, holding a drink in his hand and a closed coke bottle in the other. "Kind of though you won't go for the alcohol so I brought you this." He chuckled lowly.

He was sweet or maybe acted like he was? Only time will tell. "So, this is what college looks like? Is this an everyday thing or just random?" I asked as he opened the cap of the coke bottle for me.

I grabbed it and stood watching what everyone was doing, "Well, not every day. You rarely see Damon out partying, he's always studying but tonight he just wanted to take a day off I guess. Being in Harvard is hard and he's trying to please his dad in every way. So, you two are going to get married after he graduates huh?" He questioned as he took a sip of his drink.

"Something like that, just wish I die before that day comes." I giggled lowly as his eyes pierced through mine.

"Don't say that, not funny at all." He declared, taking another sip.

"Whose place is this, it looks amazing." I said as I took in my surrounding.

It was a two story beach house with full length windows, "My father's actually, it's the family vacation home. We don't come here a lot as we did when I was young; you want to go for a walk on the beach?" He asked and I accepted gladly.

I didn't bother to look back at Damon as Daniel was making me feel much better. I took off my heels and felt embarrassed, I was too short. Daniel laughed which caused me to push him, "Not funny, I'm short so what." I said as I made my way through the sand towards the beautiful waves.

"So, tell me about yourself Daniel, what are you studying?" I questioned as we sat down on the cool sand.

The night was warm and calm being it was the middle of June in New York.

"Well, I'm studying medical medicine. Third year as an intern, I plan on becoming a doctor. My dream is to work in the ER room but it gets hard sometime. I'm twent

y-three and single, my father runs the hospital I work at. My mother is a chef and I have a sister that is around your age. Now, tell me about you, what do you plan on doing when you finish high school?" He asked while he lay back on his hands.

I pulled my knees against my chest, I haven't put in much thought to what I want to do, "I love writing, my dream is to be a famous author one day but I also want work in human resource & management. I don't know yet, we'll let time chose. For now I just want to finish high school." I stated as I looked back at him.

"You're really something you know that, interesting and beautiful èsabllea." He whispered as his eyes lit up. I knew I was blushing hard; he would be the first guy to compliment me sweetly.

"I'll go get something to drink, you want anything?" He asked as he stood up. I shook my head, leaving me alone with the night sky and wave the waved steadily.

A moment of silence took my breath away, that's until I heard.

"So, did you two fuck yet or is he going to get a condom?" Damon voice said from behind me.

I closed my eyes and I took a deep breath, I ignored his comment and stared into nothing as I felt him sit behind me. Pushing himself closer and closer until I was between his legs, I tried to get up only to have him press me back against his chest.

"Come on èsabllea, I'm your fiancé. Let us have fun." He whispered against my ear, his alcoholic breath swift through my nostrils, causing me to gag.

"Let go Damon, you're drunk and I don't want to cause a scene." I stated firmly, but his hand gripped my chin harshly, pulling my head back.

"I can fuck you better than him èsabllea, I will fuck you when your mine, on my bed. I'll tie you up and abuse that body of yours over and over until tears fall, but not from pleasure, but from pain. I can't wait for that day to come." He hissed out as tears fell upon my cheeks.

He wiped them away and pushed me down, his body laid on top of mine as I tried to escape his hold. His legs spreaded mine as his hand violated my body. I felt disgusted with myself; his lips skimmed my neck causing me to shiver. His fingers pinched my already aroused nipples which caused him to laugh, "Such a beautiful slut you are èsabllea." He whispered as his eyes stared into mine.

His eyes roamed once more upon my body as he rubbed himself on me, I pushed him with all the strength I had in me but his hand landed on my cheek. "Don't act like you don't want this, you were going to let Daniel do this to you huh èsabllea, huh?" He shouted angrily.

"GET OFF YOU ASSHOLE, GET OFF ME." I yelled as tears didn't seem to stop. He held me in place as I cried out loudly; he continued to rub himself even hard. "Stop, please stop!" I begged.

I closed my eyes then felt him being pulled off me, "What the actual fuck is wrong with you!" Daniels voice roared loudly as I tried to stop my body from trembling.

I managed to get up, wrapping my arms around my body. "Are you ok?" Daniel asked as he tried to hold me only for me to flinch back. "Please, take me home, " I whispered as I stood up.

"I'll take her, get away from her Daniel or I swear to god-"

Damon didn't get to finish what he wanted to say as Daniel punches him hard, causing him to fall down. "Fuck off; she doesn't want to be near you." Daniel shouts as he stalked towards him but I held him back. "Please, just take me home." I whispered once more.

He nodded his head and walked by my side. We made it to the car quickly, we didn't go through the crowd but around the beach house, I entered the car barefoot. He placed my heels down in front of me; entering the driver side he brought the car to life.

"Are you ok?" He asked while trying to grab my hand but I pulled my hand before he could touch me. "I'm so sorry, don't worry. I'll take you home but you have to calm down first, I don't want your parents seeing you like this. Can I take you to the café shop and buy you a drink?" He asked as I avoided his gaze.

"Just try to breath, please." He whispered sadly.

The car started to move but my tears were faster than the drive. After what seem like forever, he stopped at the drive thru. "How do you take your coffee èsabllea?" He questioned.

I looked at him. "Anything will do, thank you!" I whispered.

He smiled back sweetly. "Two medium Black coffees, two, and two sugar and cream please."


After a warming coffee that had calmed my nerves down, I sat there in the car with Daniel. In front of my parents estate. "Are you better now?" He questioned curiously.

I nodded my head, "Are my eyes still puffy and red?" I questioned.

He smiled widely and my heart skipped a beat, "Yea, a bit but still beautiful."

We were silent for a mere second.

"Are your parents still awake?" He asked.

The light was off but I knew mama was still awake, "I think mama is still up, thank you Daniel." I said as I exited the car.

He waved bye and left, I slowly opened the front door. The lights opened unexpectedly, mama stood there with her hands folded. "Who was that and why didn't Damon bring you back home?" She questioned.

Was I to tell her what happened? Will she believe me? She wants me to marry Damon Lexmark so bad.

"He was drunk so his friend Daniel brought me home." I replied.

She nodded her head, "Go up to bed, it's late, oh, by the way. We have a dinner party tomorrow, Damon and his father will be here to discuss a few things." She stated before she went up to her room.

I had to drag my feet up the stairway, tried, and exhausted. I opened my bedroom door and rushed over to my bed, hugging the pillow tightly as I cried out my hidden pain.

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