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   Chapter 1 Promise made to keep

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I watched as the men lowered the casket where my dear mother was resting in.

I held my spot next multi millionaire Deven Lexmark, my dear father to be exact. People surrounded the open grave where mother was pulled down slowly into, some threw flowers while others just walked by.

Numb, scared, hurt, afraid, lost, deceived is what I felt.

Lucan Ricotta walked by the casket along side his thirteen year old daughter èsabllea.

Her long beautiful hair blew with the wind as it took it in all directions.

I stared at her for a bit before pulling? myself together, I made a promise to myself that I will hurt her for what her father has done. The anger and hate I hold for her father will be cast upon her, she will die by my hand's.

I sworn oath that I speak now, for you to hear mother. I will seek vengeance for you if it's the last thing I do.

He was the reason mother was dead in the first place, but then again, I blamed mother for her actions.

You see, Lucan, told father that he had seen my mother with another man. Apparently, mother had enough of father's suffering that she decided to live her life, even when she knew it was going to an end.

Being fifteen now, I knew what was right and what was wrong, but if Lucan had kept his mouth shut, then mother would still be alive. I would have still been able to hold her, kiss her, hug her.

All I had was her, he took that away from me.

"I'm sorry for your lost Deven." Lucan said as he shook father's hand. His daughter followed him closely as her eye's laid on me.

This will be the girl I marry when she come of age, I just couldn't wait to make her life miserable.

I stared and stared some more, she looked like an angel that fell from heaven. Warmly smiling to me, I frowned, she pulled back, noticing my eye's. I'm sure she seen something that must have scared her.

Grinning at her frightening self, my eyes landed on her father once more who was still talking with my father.

"Thank you, I will be in debt forever to you Lucan." Father said, shaking his hand.

"We once we're friends, but drifted apart. I did what I had to do, for old times sakes. I'm glad we found out who was behind this mess. We will talk later." Lucan stated as he stared at me. "I'm sorry for your lost my boy." He uttered before leaving.

My mind drifted off to an hour before the funeral service, I remembered father saying. "We will end this feud Damon and you will marry Lucan daughter, rather you like it or not."

I didn't like his plan, so I shouted. "He is the one who told you about mother. I will kill his daughter if I marry her, then kill you."

I was pulled out of my thoughts by father gripping my shoulder. I exhaled deeply, before standing up straight.

How could I marry someone that I wanted to hurt so bad? It was her father's fault & she will be the one who will pay for what he done.

What better way to hurt Lucan then to hurt what he loves more than his own life, his beautiful èsabllea.

Time will come and I will show no mercy on you èsabllea, just you wait daddy's princess, just you wait.

I felt a hand on my shoulder that brought me out of my thoughts, it was father again. I shrugged it off as I held my place.

Looking around to see everyone leaving, "You can leave father, I will stay some more. Have one of your men wait for me, you can go attend your guest that come to give you their condolences for what you have done." I whispered, daring to look at him.

"A man's pride in this business is one's top priority Damon, you should learn that as you will lead this kingdom one day." He stated firmly.

His cold eyes never shown love no matter what, he was a dead soul living among others.

Walking towards the car, he took one last glance at me before entering the back of the car.

My eyes trailed behind the car as it took off, turning around, I looked down on mother's grave.

I sat down on the muddy soil, watching three men pour dirt over mother's grave.

I looked down at my hand that held a deep dark red rose, it was my mother's favorite after all. I pulled the flower petals off, throwing them on her casket.

The three men seemed to finish their job as they left me alone, father's right hand man Stanley walked over towards me.

"Young master, it is time to go. You must stand next to your father at this time of loss." He looked down at me.

I wanted to kill him.

"Was her death easy Stanley? How did you and father kill her? What makes you think that I won't take my revenge on you once I become your leader?" I questioned bitterly.

Just like father, he knew how to mask his emotions.

"I was ordered to do so young master, you do not know the whole truth, so, we will wait and see once you know, then you can decide what to do with me." He calmly spoke.

Raindrops began to drizzled lightly, Stanley opened the umbrella that was ready in his hands. The sky have been gloomy all day so it was bond to rain, but I knew that there would be no rainbow after the this day.

I stood up and walked towards the car, taking a looking back I sighed deeply.

I will make them pay mother one by one or my name isn't Damon Lexmark.


3 years later...

èsabllea sixteen birthday party...

"Happy birthday to you!" My friends f

inished singing as I tried to blow out all the candles at one time.

Accomplishing the task, my friends cheered and congratulate me. Papa and mama were smiling in the far corner with a couple of there friends as well.

I was happy to be surrounded by love ones and family, my life was completely blissful and I was thankful for all of had. "What did you wish for èsabllea?" My best friend Valerie asked with a giggle.

"She probably wished for her handsome fiance Damon to come." My other friend Nora said.

I shook my head in disbelief, my friends were obsessed with Damon, but I feared him.

He always had this look in his eye's, the look of death. I know, call me crazy, but it's what I see. I didn't know why he was so harsh and cruel towards me. It wasn't like I had asked to be his fiance, father said that he would be my husband once the time was right, I just went along with what he said.

I didn't want my life planned out for me, but father's reputation was highly known. Once he gives his word, then there's no turning back. I was allowed to date Damon even though he was older then me by three year's.

He's starting college now while I'm still beginning high school. All my friends were envy of me, they say that I was lucky to be engaged to thee Damon Lexmark. He was to take over his family business once he finishes college, and was to be married by that time as well.

"Oh my god èsabllea, he's here, he's here." Valerie whispered as she brought me out of my thoughts.

I huffed loudly, wishing he never came. "Oh my, he's so hot èsabllea, he walking over here with his father. Act natural!" Nora whispered as a smile took over her lips.

I turned to face them, "Ah èsabllea, you seem to get more beautiful by the second. Happy birthday my dear." Damon father said as he handed me a gift.

"Thank you sir."

He walked over to my parents while Damon stood tall and handsome in front of me, his blues eyes stared at me, he took in my appearance inch by inch, I was waiting for one his harsh remarks.

My friends understood that they needed to leave, so they did.

"Go ahead, " I whispered while ignoring his piercing gaze.

"And do what exactly?" He questioned curiously while chuckling.

I took a deep breath, gathering all my strength, but I knew I would fail as always.

"What you always do Damon, I have friends to get back to, so just say them." I stated firmly.

"No, not on your birthday èsabllea, here, " he pulled out a small gift. "I got you something." He said, handed me his gift.

I opened it, not so happy.

It was probably something that would make me cry, but I didn't want any problems, so I opened the small box that wasn't so lavish nor expensive, pulling the a ring out.

I chuckled.

You know those gumball machines? The ones where you put a quarter in and it gives you some kind of fake jewelry?

Yea well, he got me that, but hey, at least it's not something scary like a pet rattlesnake he gifted me on my last birthday.

"It's just like you, fake! With one squeeze, it can break easily." He said with a wicked smile. "How's the snake doing?" He asked while taking the ring from my hand.

He grabbed my ring finger as my friends watched, he slipped the ring on slowly, then pressed the ring around tightly on my finger, causing me to winch in pain.

I pulled my hand away from him and left, running upstairs to my room.

Tears formed as I tried to pull off the ring, why was he so cruel to me? What did I ever do to him?

The door opened, I wiped my tears away.

"Hey, èsabllea are you Ok?" Valerie asked as I faced her.

She knew he was mean, I told her, but she doesn't believe me. She gasped as she looked down at my finger that was turning blue from how tight the ring was.

"Oh my god, what happened, did he do this to you?" She questioned while trying to see if she can get it off but she couldn't. "Oh my èsabllea, we should call your dad up here, your finger is turning purple.

"Get out, " Damon yelled as both Valerie and I looked at him.

She frowned, "You get the fuck out, what the hell did you do?" She shouted, but he came in and grabbed her arm harshly, pulling her out the room.

Shutting the door behind her, he turned around and walked over to me, as I tried to get the stupid ring off.

He pulled out a knife from his pocket, causing me to frown, I stepped back in horror. Was he going to...

He grabbed my hand, but I was holding it back.

"Stop fucking moving and let me get it off you idiot." He hissed angrily at me.

Slowly with the knife, he pulled back the edges of the ring until it got loose, it came off easily, but left a mark.

My tears fell, "Why do you treat me this way Damon, what have I ever done to you?" I ask the same question all the time, but never got an answer from him.

He remains quiet, he looked around my room without saying anything.

"If you don't want this marriage, then it's fine by me, you would actually be doing me a favor by saying no." I whispered, staring at his back.

He turned around, smiling wickedly.

"Oh sweet èsabllea, it's my dream to marry you. I cannot wait until you're in my possession, you haven't seen any pain yet." He coldly said.

My fate was set, I was trapped with this demon til death do us part.

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