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   Chapter 24 Letting go...

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6 months later..

"You ruined my life, you dictated it since I could remember. I hate you, I never want to see your face again." I yelled at both my parents.

I came to visit them after all they put us through, I wished I was never their daughter. I wished I could erase all my memory of them but I can't, no matter what they were still my parents.

"Your lucky to be alive dad, you should thank Sam for that. Just know she spared your life for me and the twins. Just because you are our biological father, the pain you put her through and still she forgave you. I'm not here to shout or scream, I'm here to let you know I want nothing to do with you both. Just let me live my happy life with my husband, he's more than enough for me."

"Bethenny, don't do this sweetheart. I'm your mother, I want to be apart of your life, apart of your unborn baby's life. Don't do this to me." Mom cried out while I placed my hand on my round belly.

I didn't want them to her my baby as they hurt me, how could I trust them again?

"Mom, I love you but I can't promise you that you'll be apart of my baby's life. I don't want him knowing what his or her grandfather did, please understand. I won't allow it, I can't."

She sat down in defeat as my heart broke into pieces, the car horn beeped loudly. Tats didn't want to come and see them but I had to come and tell them how I felt.

Mom was the only one who was sad while dad never dare to look at me.

"Just know I have family that loves me, I have three sisters that will be there for me when I need them. So many times I defended you dad, but you weren't worth of me standing up for you. Playing your childish games on your own daughter's, what kind of human are you? Do you even feel any regret for what you did? Say something, you always have something to say." I shout once more.

But nothing, not even a blink. I shook my head while closing my eye's.

"This will be the last time you see me, I'll call you mom but for dad, I never want to speak to you again." I stated before walking out.

"Bethenny, please. You're my only child, don't do this to me." Mom said as she gripped my hand.

I turned around and hugged her, "I'm sorry mom, but I need my baby to grow up in a healthy environment. Where there's love and honesty, I'll call you don't worry. I love you, please take care of yourself."

I walked down the steps and entered the car before tats drove off.



"You OK baby?" I asked as betha stayed quiet the entire time.

"Yea, j


She's laughed, "Yea he does."

I hope you get your happy ending sis..


After having the baby...


"Sam, I want to name him Sam. If that's OK with you tats?" I said while holding my baby boy in my arm's.

16 hours of labor and I'll be damned if anyone will name him but me, but I had to ask tats if he was OK with the name. "Whatever you want baby, God I love you. Thank you for making me the happiest man in the world, now can I hold him?"

"No, back off. I didn't go through hell for nothing, I'm keeping him in my arms until I fall asleep. Then you can hold him but don't break him with your giant hand's, you know what. Never mind, don't hold him. You might hurt him or something."

Tats frowned at me while trying to take Sam away from me, "OK, OK, I'll hand him over. Just be gentle on him, or I will kill you."

"Geez betha, he's my son. I won't hurt him, now can you let go?"

I handed him to his dad that was dying to hold him, gentle cradling Sam in his arms. He smiled, "hey little man, welcome to the world. I hope you like the color pink, the doctors said that you were a girl but you have a ding-a-ling so I guess they're wrong." He said while I laughed.

"He's so freaking tiny betha, I can't imagine watching him grow up before our eyes."

I sighed happily and watch the two men I loved standing before me, I was the luckiest woman on this earth.

I felt complete, happy seeing them. I never want to forget this moment as long as I lived.

The end..


Authors note..

Read Just pretend if you want to find out more about Sam..

Hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I did. Thanks for the love and support????

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