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   Chapter 22 Unraveling

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"Why lie about who you are, about your family?" I asked him.

"Would you have still been seen with me after knowing my uncle was a mafioso?" Tats questioned.

This was like a fucking nightmare, I didn't know if this was real or not. But I was holding the evidence in my hands, that man is no father. How could he do this to his own daughter? Why, for money and power? He will rip apart his own daughters heart for his own selfish needs, I hated him. Hated him so much, "That man will hurt Sam tats, you have to do something."

"Santos already sent him the file about him, how we got our information and if it was true or not. Don Carlos is a smart man, I bet he's going to play him until he confess on his own." Tats said while taking a sip of his wine.

I felt sick to my stomach knowing she wasn't safe, "Should have we heard something by now? Like if he killed him?"

"Don Carlos is a very patient man, as I said. He's letting him play his game until he confesses on his own, don't worry about Sam. She in good hands."

"Allstate" I remarked while tats spit his wine out then laughed uncontrollably. "What, I thought you quoted that commercial."

"I swear I freaking love you betha, so much."

"I love you mor-"

The doorbell rung which was weird, I looked over to tats that was getting up to see who it was. He opened the door and in walks in was dad, shocked. I got up quickly, "dad, what are you doing here?"

I didn't want to call him that anymore, he wasn't worthy of being called a father. He was anything but that, how could he do this to Sam. Did he have no heart?

"I came to see my daughter, tell me where is your sister?" Dad asked but I knew he knew where she was.

Playing your fucking game still huh dad? Ok, we'll go along with it. God how I wish I was never related to you, your nothing

ve my own flesh and blood would betray me. Your not my daughter, you're dead to me, you hear me Bethenny? YOUR DEAD, DEAD TO ME!" He screamed out before his voice faded away.

Santos walked out after him, tats locked the door and rushed by my side. My crying form was pressed against his body as he soothed the pain away with his voice.

"I'm so sorry baby, so fucking sorry."

He didn't have anything to be sorry for, it wasn't his fault I Banks as a father. I just can't believe he would hurt his own child, "He's a monster tats, I can't believe that his my dad. Now can I call Sam, my heart is eating me up. I'm dying to know if she's ok or not, I want to tell her to watch out, that Nicolas is playing her but scared she won't believe me."

"No betha, we have a plan. Let's just stick with it, we don't want to be the ones who tell Sam the truth. We want Nicolas and your dad to confess, don't worry. As soon as we get what we want, we go see her and the twins. She'll be needed us by her side after she finds out the truth about Nicolas, she's loves him to much and I'm afraid of the aftermath."


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