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   Chapter 21 Father's true identity

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"He's my dad for crying out sakes tats, I'm not afraid of him. He has rights tats, he has every right from me as a daughter to love him. I never knew he was like this, then again how would I know anything. You're trying to break him, for what he did to your father. What if I did the same thing and bought your father's company, would you forgive me? No! You'll hate me, just as I hate you right now." She shouted loudly as people stared at us through the glass doors.

Still in the office where we held our meeting, she was pissedbeyond word's. She wanted to hurt me as she came at me with all she had, "If I wanted to bring him down, I would have bought this company under my name. But I didn't, wanna know why? Because of you, I was afraid you'd hate me. Yeah I want to bring your father to his feet, but I can't. I don't want to hurt him just so I won't hurt you. You're all I care about, not him. I could give a rats ass about him, he's already broke. There's nothing he has left, I bought his company for different reasons. The past is past betha, he had one thing I wanted from him so fucking bad. It wasn't his money nor his torn down company, no! It was you, I wanted you and only you. And I got what I wanted, all is left is to find who's behind..."

I stopped talking and stared at her as she stared back at me, "Find out what tats? Talk to me, why did you put me in this situation? How am I to face dad after he finds out that I own his pride and joy you took from him."

"Can we go somewhere and talk, there's a lot of things you don't know about your dad betha. I'm not trying to make him look like the bad guy, but God he is. He's a monster betha, a monster that's hiding a load full of shit I must find before he gets what he wants."

"What did he do to make you hate him this much?"

"The question is, what didn't he do, let's go and talk somewhere in private. Maybe it's time to clear up some things, there's a lot you don't know and I think it's time for to know the truth." I said while my phone rung.

She sat down on one of the chair while I answered Santos who was calling.

"Not a good time man" I whispered while huffing in pain. I felt like bet

ught I'd feel pity for Banks daughter's."

Santos already showed betha everything she needed as proof. She was in the state of shock, didn't react to anything.

Kneeling down before her, I took her hand. "I'm sorry baby, but I swear I never meant to make him look like the beast his is. I know he's your father, but I need to know if you'll be on my side or his."

"You can't let him hurt Sam or the twins, you can't! Promise me you won't let him tats, go over there and help her. I can't believe this shit, he would hurt his own daughter, plan this, all for what? To be a dumb mafia dom, he would hurt his own child just to get what he wants? Why? What kind of father is he?" She cried out.

She stared into my eyes with a sad look, "Please help her, call her, warn her about him before it's to late."

"Don't worry, Don Carlos won't let any harm come to her or the twins. I already sent him some information about the fucker, I just can't believe it. I knew this guy, how could I not see it. Wow he's good, real fucking good that fucker." Santos hissed out angrily while his wife rubbed his shoulder's.

"I couldn't believe it as well, he was so kind and sweet to us. Oh Santos, you have to do something before he hurts her." Santos wife said.

This was a shock to us all, once I get my hands on him, I promise I'll kill him myself.


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