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   Chapter 20 Lies

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"Tats, tats?" Yelling out loudly from inside the shower but no answer.

Where is he? Ugh, I stepped out and quickly ran out to the room. Grabbing the towel I forgot on the bed, I wrapped it around my body.

Where is that man?

Slipping on an oversize shirt, and a pair of clean underwear. I walked out the room and down the hall towards the thermostat, cranking up the heat.

"Crazy man, loves to keep the place so cold like a fucking freezer. Where did he go anyway?" I questions myself.

"Tats? Where are you?" I yelled loudly but no responses. A sticky note on the fridge caught my attention, walking up to read it. "Out to grab something real quick, be back in 20 minutes. Eat than go back to bed, I'll wake you up tats style ;)"

Crazy ass...

Opening the fridge, I looked through only to grab an apple. I'm hungry but there was nothing to eat, I mean there was, but I was too lazy to make? anything.

Sitting on the high chair, I looked around the apartment. So lonely and cold, I missed the twins and Sam. Whenever I was bored, I went up or they came down.

After finishing my apple, I got to cleaning. It was spotless, just needed a few touches here and there. Heading back to my room, I started to collect the dirty clothes that need to be wash, dried and folded.

Checking through tats pocket to make sure if he had anything in them before I dump them in the washer mechanic. "How does this shut work? So many fucking button's, why? Ugh, I hate doing laundry."

An hour has passed and tats still didn't come, I went back in the room to make the bed. Stubbed my toe while doing so, I chuckle as I remember what tats said.

"Why does everyone do this silly dance after they stub their toe? You're in pain but you have to hop around like your listen to house of pain song, jump around."

That man and his remarks...

The apartment was officially cleaned, I sat down and grab my phone that was on the night sta

I have listed for you but they're not much-needed, but if you like to look them over then I'll be happy to help. There is one name here I thought you might want to take a closer look at, he goes by the name of Jose Aromas. Whoever he is, the man has power and I mean lots of it. The funny thing about it, Bank's pay this man through a wired bank account, get this. Over half a mill each year he sends him, the bank account is in Switzerland. This man is a ghost, no companies, nothing. All Bank's did was send him money, why? I don't know." Vince said as he got up and showed me the transactions.

Who was this man?


"Not now Linda. Vince, I need everything you can find on this person-"

"Sir?" Linda said while pulling the paper out my hand. I stared at her while she motioned with her head towards the door. I look up to see betha sitting at the end of the table with an dangerous look in her eye's.

Hurt, confused, lost, upset, all emotions were shown on her. She pulled out the black folder from her oversized purse.

"Funny thing tats, I thought this meeting was meant for me. You know, since my name was on the this piece of paper that claims I'm the buyer."

All we did was stare at each other, that's until her eyes watered up.

"I hate you so much."


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