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   Chapter 17 Father dear...

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"Why aren't you at your apartment?

Where are you living at now? With who?" Father braked out.

What was his problem, why was he even here? God help me through his fury, "Why do you sound mad? Are you in New York?"

"Yes, I am! I have something to tell you Bethenny, something that might shock you." Father said which caused me to look at tats.

We had just reached our apartment, the twins we're sleeping and tats just finished taking a shower. "So do I dad, but we can talk about it another time. Do you want to meet now?" I asked while walking past tats that was following behind me.

"No, tell me where you are so I can come Bethenny."

Tell him where I was, geez, this was hard. What was I supposed to say?

"Dad, I'm busy right now. I can't-"


Fuck, this wasn't good.

"I'm at tats place, you want to come then you're welcome. Or? I can come to you."

"Send me his address, just what I needed. Two daughters that- I'm coming now, be ready." He stated firmly.

The call ended but I got another call right away. "Hi Sam, sorry I didn't text you. The twins didn't go to school, they were exhausted so I let them stay in. Their taking a nap now, what's up?"

"Your dad's knows I'm his daughter, but he was surprised to find out that the twins are his as well. Please take the girls up to Nicolas apartment, we're on our way. I don't want him hurting the twins, please Bethenny. Do this for me, protect them." Sam pled as if dad was going to kill the twins.

"Your over exaggerating Sam, he won't hurt them. Tats here and so am I, calm down and we'll talk when you get here."

She sighed loudly before saying, "I feel, god, something bad is going to happen. We'll be there in 30 minutes, bye!" She stated while ending the call.

"So dear father is coming to visit us huh?" Tats said while placing a shirt on him.

Already had sweatpants on, he ran his hands through his hair and walked out our room

leave them alone and leave." Nicolas said but Bank's just attacked him.

The girls screams were loud as I tried to break up the fight between the two but got punched by Bank's. Betha? reached her father and held him back, "Dad, stop! Please stop!" But he didn't.

He pushed her away, "A disgrace of daughter's I have, choosing strange men over their own father. I'm going to make this clear, Bethenny, you leave this barbarian man of yours or I'll have men take him down, and as for my older one, I'll see you in court. I can't have you back but I'll take the twins away from you." He stated loudly.

"Get the fuck out, you can't do shit! You think the court will hand over the twins to you just like that? GET THE FUCK OUT NOW." Nicolas yelled as betha pushed her father out the apartment.

"You can't control what you have no control of dad." She said while closing the door.

Slumping down to her knees, she started to cry.

I rushed over to her side but she wouldn't let me hold her, "He always wins tats. He won't let us be until he gets what he want's." She muttered lowly.

I grabbed her, letting her cry out her pain. Looking over to Samantha that was on her knees crying as well.

Fuck, this wasn't going to end well.


Authors note

Read Just Pretend as well, you'll understand everything more.

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