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   Chapter 16 Strange Behavior

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The car ride to the yacht was extremely quiet, not a word from tats or Abby. The only one who was talking was Amanda, walking on the rail board. We got on tats pretty big yacht that was named, The missing girl.

Eyeing him suspiciously, he held out his hand for the girls to grab on, "Watch your step."

Night time had come, the lights of NYC started to bright up the sky's. "Nice whip you have tats, but that name tho, very interesting."

He smiled and pulled me closer to him, "Think you already know who's the missing girl, but I'm gonna change it."

"Don't, I like the name. So, where are you taking us?" I asked while walking on the yacht, it was bigger than I expected.

"First we wait for dinner to arrive, then go for a ride, maybe we can sleep on the boat tonight. You know, camp on the water and look up to the sky. What do you say girls?"

"Omg, yes!" Amanda yelled out excitedly.

"Abby? You seem quiet, is everything ok?" Tats questioned her while she just stared out at the water.

"Yea, I'm fine! That's sounds amazing, I'm in." She replied.

"Well, you know I'm ok with whatever, how long will we wait for the food to arrive?" I stated.

"It should be here any minute now, I'll get the boat running so we can leave quicker."

Tats went to start the engine, bringing the missing girl to life. I sat down next to Abby, "You sure you ok?"

She smiled and laid her head on my shoulder, "I'm fine big sis, stop worrying like Sam all the time. I may be young, but you'd be surprised at how much I can comprehend things. This generation may have their own words and phrases, but I feel we understand things grownup shield our eyes from. I'm a big girl, maybe not by age, but by knowledge. Don't worry about me, I love to think."

She was way mature for her age, not your normal sixteen year old.

"Yes, Dinner is here!" Tats said as I turned around to face two men walking up to the yacht.


d that tug, and pull from Sam. She's like everything to us, our mom, dad, sister, everything. She listens, cares, always place our needs before hers. I'll ask a question and I want you to be honest with your answer. Did you want to be a designer or was it your only option in life?" Abby asked while placing her food down.

"You have three occupations to choose from Bethenny, either a lawyer, doctor or marry someone I chose for you."

"But dad, I want to be a designer. It's been my dream ever since I was a child."

"I don't care, you'll study what I want. When your finish and get your degree, then you can be a silly designer."

"Actually, that was my dream, but I didn't start until I finished med school and got me degree, then started to do what I love which is designing. I'm sorry, I'm so sorry. I'll never bring any of your dreams down, no matter what they are. I'll support you one hundred percent." I whispered while grabbing her into my arm's.

"He was he that bad?" She whispered lowly.

"I guess he was." Replying back to her.

I knew she was talking about dad, and I knew that she was right. My life has always been planned for me, but not anymore. I was going to tell him and mother that I'm married to tats and there's nothing they could do about it.


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