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   Chapter 15 Hidden secrets

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"Look Valentin, you're a good guy. I like you a lot, your hard working and you know how to take action when it's needed. All I ask is for you to stay away from Abby, like dude, she's sixteen and you're twenty. Find someone whose age appropriate for you and stay away from her. Your father's past is a shadow following our every move, I don't want Abby in the middle of it. Not now, not later, not ever. This mafia shit, we keep it in our own circle." I hissed out while walking around him.

"I came to tell you to look after my family Sego, I'm going to back to Italy. No one knows, so please don't tell Matthew nor mama." He whispered while handing me some paperwork.

"Shut the fuck up, you're not going ok. I won't let you, trying to get yourself killed you idiot?" I asked while pushing him into a room.

"Fuck Alex, you don't get it do you. He kills my father in front of me, then he takes everything away. Lives in our home, and you want me to look the other way? You know everything, every fucking thing." Valentin shouted angrily.

"I'm not letting you go damn it, fucking wait. Two more years, that's all there's left, then you can go and be the Mafiaking. Look, you're like a little brother to me. We're fucking family, we've seen each other in our worse. Patience little one, we'll fucking kill them. One by one, and I'll be there with you." I whispered while grabbing the nape of his neck.

Zella Mantno Sego, that's was his mother's name. She was father's sister, I've always lived the high life, but that's until dad decided to come to America. The American dream they say, when it was more like a the nightmare. Living from riches to rags was hard for us, but he had to leave.

"Why can't I talk with Abby? You married Bank's daughter after what he did to you, why?" Valentin shouted angrily.

"She'll get hur-"

"I won't let anyone hurt her." He yelled out.

"You hear me good Valentin, she knows.

jandro was behind me, rushing over to mother's side.

Walking into where father was with uncle, I froze! Six men surrounded him while pointing their guns at him, but he didn't even flinch. A voice boomed through father's phone, "This is the end for you Del'con, you time has come. I'll spear your family's life, but they will witness your death." The unknown voice said coldly.

"Please, no! Not in front of my children, I beg of you, please. Don't! Please don't kill him, don-"

Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang.

All six men shot at father from all different directions.

Ringing sounds in my ears were all I heard, as I let go of Ysabel from my arm's. Everything happened so fast but my eye's captured everything in slow motion. I couldn't hear mother screams or cries as she ran over towards father, I couldn't hear the men yelling at my uncle as he blocked the men from touching mother. I could hear my two younger siblings, it was like I've gone deaf.

End of flashback....

"Sefton, Sefton?" A voice brought me out of my thoughts.

I turned around to find Abby standing behind me, "Are you ok?"

"I have to go", I whispered while walking away from her.


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