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   Chapter 14 Brother in law

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"Sweetheart, come home. Your mother and I want to see you, why haven't you been calling as much? Is there something wrong? Are you still with that Sego boy? Bethenny, talk to me." Dad said a bit annoyed.

How was I going to tell him that Sego boy was my husband now? How will he take it?

"Dad, why don't you like him? He's a good man who loves me, and I love him as well." I stated firmly while getting ready to head out.

"How can you love one man to another Bethenny? You guys broke up with your boyfriend of two years a couple of months ago, now you're telling me you're in love with another man? Sweetheart, your frazzled. Come-"

"No dad, I'm not frazzled. I know how I feel, never forgot about him in first place. But thanks a lot for honest with me, now I know you don't have faith in me. Why do you always discourage what I do? Why is it that you don't let me choose how I want to live, with who I want to be with. You never like him in the first place, not expecting you to like him now. I'm going to stay with Alexander no matter what you say dad, I love him and might just marry him one day." I implied as I walked out the apartment.

"Over my dead body you will young lady, he's not suited for you. I should know, don't let him play with your mind. You know what, here, talk to your mother. You're giving me a heart attack." He muttered.

Mother came on the line a moment later, "What is it that I'm hearing from your father Bethenny? Are you truly with that boy again? I thought we were finished with him, let's not go back to the past sweetheart and focus on the future."

I was getting irritated by the both of them, "You know what guys, how bout you back off my personal life. I'll choose who I want to stay with, you have no right in dictating my life anymore. I'm a grown woman who can make her own decisions, I have to go now. Talk to you guys soon, take care!" I utter out then ending the call.

I couldn't believe them, why did they hate him? What did he ever do to deserve this from them? Now I know for a fact that they will freak out once they know I'm married to him, but I'm not going to stress about that now. The time will come and they'll know the truth, let's just hope they don't crucify me after they find out.

Walking out the elevator and into the lobby, I glanced here and there at people who walked by. Placing on my shades and heading out the building to the car where tats and the twins we're waiting for me, but not before being questioned by a small group of paparazzi.

Bethenny? Over here!

Are you in a relationship with Alexander Sego?

Do you two live together?

What is your relationship with Samantha Dickson?

Why are the twins girls with you and your boyfriend?

Question after question I was attacked wit

alentin. He was really hot, and very sweet.

"Sorry to intrude but father wants to talk with you before you leave." He said simply before leaving.

He didn't even look my way, then again who would. He probably had a pretty girlfriend, while he only thought of me as a friend.

Alexander got up and left after him, Bethenny looked at both Amanda and I. "He's cute!" She stated the obvious.

My phone vibrated again, looking down at it, I smiled.

"You should let your hair down more, it suits you. Try to make it to the party, have fun!"

"Who's that?" Bethenny asked.

I looked up at her and shook my head, "My friends gossiping about a boy in school. So, when are you and tats getting married?" I questioned while winking at her.

She held up her ring finger and smiled happily, "Don't tell Sam anything, but we are. We got married on New year's day."

Amanda ran up and I followed after her quickly, "Omg, yes! I'm so happy for you two, but I really wanted to be a bridesmaid." Amanda said while looking at her ring.

"Congratulations Bethenny, I'm glad you two are married. Now I know why he's so protective, brother-in-law duties." I muttered out, while rolling my eye's.

"He's just wants you two to be safe that's all. But I understand if you're crushing on them, they look hot. Just...just know you can come and talk to me about anything." Bethenny? stated while pulling me into her arm's.

"I know you're somewhat talking with him, is Amanda talking with the other boy as well." She whispered lowly in my ear while pulling back from the hug she gave me.

I shook my head, cause it was the truth. Or that's what Amanda made me think, looking over towards her.

She smiled, "What?"

Amanda was very low-key on what she does, even with me.


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