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   Chapter 13 Love & hate

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"Can you please tell me why a car is the middle of living room tats?" I questioned him while taking a sip of my coffee. It was ten in the morning, just walk out in my pj's in front of seven men that were assembling a car in the apartment tats and I just moved in.

"This is art, who doesn't want a car in the their living room? It screams badass, it screams me." He said while leaning against the car.

"You need to get you head check out, I'm not sure it's functioning properly. Out of all the "art" in the world, you choose a car, really?"

I shook my head and walked around the kitchen counter, "There's food on the table, bought you some hash browns, eggs and toast from jimmy coney island. Still your favorite, right?" He asked, sending a wink my way.

"Thanks hubby, love ya." He chuckled at my remark. I freaking loved this man, don't think I can live without him.

"Come over and eat tats", I yelled out while making another cup of coffee for him. "Coming! Make sure you don't scratch anything else, and if you can move it a bit to the right, little more, yea there, perfect." Tats said while I watched the group of men move the car slowly.

Tats walked over to my side and grinned happily, "It's gonna look sick, we can sit in the car and watch movies on the projector. It'll be like we're at a drive in movie, but at the comfort of our own home."

"You're crazy, you know that, but I'll admit that it looks nice." I declared while pushing him near the table. He took a seat, pulling me down on his lap to sit. Didn't object, just dug into my food, enjoying the moment and what's yet to come.

"The twins want bunk beds in their room, those girls got my heart Betha. Their so sweet and kind, Abby reminds me of you when you were a teen. She has this attitude, but it's not mean or anything. Just defensive you can say."

"Yea, Sam did a great job with those two. I don't want to ruin our thing we have going on but, when will you face dad and tell him we're married? I want to get this over with quickly, feels like I'm hiding a big deal from them tats."

I dared to look at him while he ate the slice of toast that was filled with jam. I know he hates dad so much, but I do

t on my tears that made their way down my cheeks made him suck in a deep breath.

"That scent, those lips, those eyes, these fingers, all of you Betha. Every freaking inch, I die for. I didn't even get to have you for long, and I won't either when your dad's finds out."

He placed a kiss on my forehead and left, but not before I yelled out.

"We're growing old tats, gonna have five kids, gonna scream, yell, fight with each other. Then we'll make up, kiss, love, have rough sex over and over but never will I leave you. That attitude, those tats, that heart you have. I die for as well, I love you, only you tats. He's not going to do anything, I won't let him, I promise."

His footsteps came back, he appeared then leaned against the door. He stared at me for the long time, thinking of God knows what.

"I'm thinking about fucking you until your legs shaking wildly and your voice turns harsh from screaming my name so loudly."

A smirk while biting on his lower lips turned me the fuck on, "You're so crazy tats." I said while he lunged towards me, causing me to let out a fist full of giggles.

Clearing my face that was filled with my hair with one hand, while the other caressed my lips. He knew he had me, and I knew I had him. So why can't we be happy and not worry?

"Love you baby."

"Not more than me Betha."


Authors note...

My emotions are all over the place, sorry if the chapter is not good.

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