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   Chapter 12 New year contract

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"What is this you want me to sign tats?" I questioned while looking up at his naked body. It's was past midnight, we entered the new year with wild sex. Now he wants me to sign some paperwork, I mean I know tats is crazy, but this was just ridiculous.

"After you pound me to death you want me to sign something? I think you had to much to drink babe, or maybe too much to smoke."

He laughed at what I said, but I found nothing funny about it. "What are you up to?"

"Do you trust me?" He asked while crawling on the bed towards me. Those brown eyes melted my heart every time but something felt off.

"I do tats, but tell me what I'm signing and I'll do it."

"Marriage contract!" He stated which caused my eyes to bulge out.

"Come again, I thought you said marriage contract."

He sighed deeply and nodded his head, "We'll have the wedding in summer, I just want to fuck you as my wife. So please just sign and trust me."

"Tats, we just-"

"I fucking love you Betha, never loved anyone but you and will only love you for the rest of my life. Just sign it and let me call you my wife, please."

Tears fell as my heart ached, "I love you too tats but this is not how I imagined I'll get married."

"It's a legal paper between us, I'll plan for you the best wedding in history. People would talk about it for years to come, just let me call you my wife until that day." He whispered while getting on his knees.

He reached for the nightstand and pulled the drawer open, pulling out a small box. I placed my hand over my mouth while tears still continued to make its way down my cheeks.

The small black b

se no matter what, I'll never leave you but you got to get on dad's good side. I want you two to never fight, I know he hurt you in the past but it's over now. Please tats, don't let me choose between you and him."

He face expression turned blank, closing his eyes as he inhaled a deep breath. "Let's talk about something else, like you moving in with me."

"How about we find a new apartment for us, you don't want my place and I don't want your place. So we find a new place and move in together, then we'll figure out how to tell my parents that I am married to you."

"That's sounds even better, wanna live next to sam? The apartment below them is for sale, it's not as big as Nicolas penthouse but it's good."

"Are you serious, that would be amazing. Can we go see it in the morning?" I asked eagerly.

"Yup, anything you want. I just want to see you smile like this forever Betha." He said while kissing my forehead.

"So are you going to make love to me husband?" I questioned him while running my fingers through his hair.

"Thought you'd never ask my wife."


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