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   Chapter 11 Auction night

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"Wow man, you really fucked up big time Nicolas. I thought you and Sam we're going strong, what happened man? You got to apologize, make it up to her, do something, anything! Look at you, how long you been here?" I asked curiously.

He looked like a mess, big mess that was sinking deep in water. "I can't do anything, she's different, more distant from me." Nicolas mumbled.

"So what, you had a miscommunication. Have you tried to make it up to her?"

He stares at me then shook his head, sighing loudly. "Look, let's go over to her shop and grab a coffee. Betha is over there and we'll try to make things better between you two. Maybe you two can head out somewhere and talk it out, get this situation under control. Stop moping around and acting like it's the end of the world."

I got up from my chair and went over to his side, "Come on man, get up!" I said while pulling him up. "When was the last time you shaved? You look weird with that overgrown beard." I chuckled which caused him to chuckle as well.

"Two weeks man and three days. I don't think she wants to see me man, I'll stay here." He said giving up.

I pushed him in front of me while grabbing his coat, "You're fucking going man, end of discussion."



"Come on Sam, Nicolas is a good guy. You can't just judge him on one mistake he did, yes it was wrong but we all make mistakes. Look at you, it seems you lost weight. Are you ok?" I whispered lowly while grabbing her hand.

She told me about what happened between her and Nicolas but that was before they we're in a relationship. If it was during then I would have told her to forget him but it was before, so technically he didn't cheat on her. Yea it hurt it, hell, I would have killed him if he did such a thing with my sister.

"It's just, I thought he was different you know. That video surprised me and put me in shock, like Nicolas? Sweet, kind, caring Nicolas would do something like that? Why? And for me to witness it was even worse, his whole image of him just shattered before my eye's." She replied softly.

The cafe was full, I mean full to the max. Not a table was empty, "Is it always like this?" I asked curiously while looking around. She giggled while shaking her head, "Sometimes I wish it was empty and quiet but business is booming. I've been able to pay my debt and I'm so glad for that." She smiled happily.

"Yes, I want to see that smile always Sam. Please make it work with Nicolas, I s

hey work it out cause they look so freaking cute together.



"Later man, see you on Christmas eve. Bring a bottle of expensive champagne with you ok." Nicolas yelled out as he entered the car with Sam.

I waved bye at them and got back to my call, "Yea, sorry! So did you win the auction bid?" I asked my lawyer.

"Yes Mr. Sego, Bank's Inc is your's to call. Congratulations but you have a lot of work to bring it back to life, I hope you know what you're doing? Mr. Sego." He replied nervously.

"I know what I'm doing, did you place it under the name I gave you?" I questioned him while looking at Betha who was staring at me. I smiled her way as she did the same, I wondered how she will take it once she finds out that I bought her dad's company.

"Yes sir, it's under an unknown buyer but I placed the name Bethenny? Michael Sego. It's hers to claim? whenever you like sir."

"Ok, thanks and have a merry Christmas."

"You as well Mr. Sego, merry Christmas."

I ended the call and went back in, "ready to go babe or do you want to stay some more?" I asked as she took a sip of her coffee.

"No, I'm ready! Let's go."

She got up and left the shop, "Later James!" I yelled out.

He waved bye as we left. Cold and snowing it was in NYC but it felt good in a way. "You look happy tats", Betha said as she entered the car.

I got the engine going and smiled, "Never been happier babe and I get to spend Christmas with you is a bonus."

"I'm excited as well tats, very excited."

Let's hope this excitement last longer.


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