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   Chapter 10 First date since a long time

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Chaos, complete utter chaos I was in. So much work and so little time, the holidays are around the corner and I haven't designed one single dress for my clients. A week has passed since tats and I "started fresh", it's been calm and steady.

He comes over whenever he feels like it, while I drown in work. Three pieces I've finished for three clients only and still thirty left to go, it was hard work but I was determined to finish no matter how stressed I was.

"Why don't you open your own business Betha? You can hire people to help you with all your designs, your only one person and I don't think you can finish every all this work by deadline time." Tats implied.

He was right but I didn't have enough money to open up my own business, even though my father is a millionaire. I never would ask him to help me, I was obsessed with this idea to built myself from nothing without anyone's help. I wanted to see if I could do it and I did, no one hits it off big and successes in life. It takes time and patience and I had that, at times it was hard but I still managed and I can say that I've grown and my name is out there.

"Not yet tats, I still need a couple of grands to open a business. When the time is right, I'll do so but for now it's me and my old sewing machine." I replied back.

"I can help you betha, how much do you need?" He offered which caused a smile on my face.

"I need about 200k for me to open a small business and become an owner. There's a Boutique for sale but the owner wasn't to sell the entire building as well. I have 500k saved up over the past six years, thanks for the offer tats but I want to do this on my own. If I wanted, I would have asked dad for a loan and he would had happily lend me some. Countless of times he offered but I declined, I want to be able to say. I did that all on my own, without the help of no man but myself."

I stood up from the chair to sit on the floor, I had to sew in the small crystals onto the hem of the dress. It was what my client wanted, a laced beige gown with a hit of black and red crystals on the dress. It was made to fit a queen, I was pleased and happy how it turned out to be, "that looks amazing Betha, like really something." Tats complimented me.

"Thanks tats, it's for the Mayor's wife, she loved last year's dress I made for her and asked if I can do another for her this year. It was the last-minute but she pays really good money, did your mother like her dress I made for her?" I asked curiously while looking at him.

"She wanted the wings but loved how you made the cape and the dress look like she was royalty. I'm sensing your style is elegance and high-end but it's weird cause your style is anything but that." He stated while sitting next to me.

"What I wear is different from what I love to design, I love vintage and classic looks that takes your breath away. No matter what style a woman loves, she will always want to we

t, she was nervous when she met me. She's so young and I feel like she's being forced to marry him." Tats stated.

"Poor thing, but isn't he like, you know, apart of the Mafia?" I asked curiously. I heard rumors about the Lexmark family but never believed it.

His father runs an a multi millionaire dollar business in trading, the biggest in largest in New York. "I don't know, all I do is trading with their company and I got to know Damon first hand. He's seems smart and understanding to others but when I met him for lunch the other day, his fiance came in with her friends. He asked or more like demanded for her to sit when she didn't even want to, I asked him to let her be but he just glared at me. They started to talk about the wedding and that it was time but she said she didn't find what she was looking for and never will. So that's when I asked what kind of dress she was looking for and I swear betha, it was like she was describing the same dress you sketched that day. So I asked her if she wanted to see it and gave her your number too. If she calls, please help her out. She's seems sad and doesn't want to go with this marriage, the least we can do is make her feel happy with her wedding dress." Tats said in a sad tone.

I felt bad for the poor girl, "if she calls, then yes, I'll show her all my designs. I hope she calls, I feel bad for her now."


Finished with dinner, we sat on the sofa watching a black and white movie called The third man, tats is more of a classic guy when it comes to movies. Laying between his legs while he massaged my neck felt so good.

"This was a good first date tats", I mumbled out as my eyes felt heavy.

Kissing my temple softly as I melted even more into his embrace.

"It was a good first date since forever Betha."

Sleep took over me and for the first time in a long time, everything felt right.


If you want to know about Damon Lexmark, then read "Trapped with the devil" ??

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