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   Chapter 9 Helping a friend

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She knew, fuck! Rachel and Robinson stared at me with questionable eye's. Resting my head back on the sofa, I cursed loudly. "FUCK!"

"Breath Alexander, what happened?" She asked curiously while holding my hand. I stared at her puzzled face, "She sent a text with a picture of you and I together, asked to say hi to you. I should have told her, I have to go and see her." I said while standing up.

"I'm coming with you!" Rachel stated as she stood up, "I'll tell her, you just take me to her and leave it up to me."

She rushed down the hall as I stood with Robinson, "Don't worry man, she'll understand every once she understands the truth."

I stared at him then down the hall, "how's she doing, she looks better don't you think?" I asked while sitting back down.

The only reason I was helping Rachel was because of Robinson, he was in love with her but Rachel's father, the senator. Didn't approve of guy that's been in jail, Robinson was sentenced for 6 months for fraud but I knew my best friend like I knew myself. He wouldn't do such a thing, after doing my own investigation, I found out the truth.

Two robbery heist attacked the same bank that year and the case wasn't solved. After that the president of the bank claimed bankruptcy, people lost their jobs. Robinson was one of the lucky ones to keep his job, a year past and something seemed fishy to Robinson.

He was an accountant working at the bank when he noticed that the numbers didn't add up. Then went to tell his boss about it only to be fired then a week after, arrested for fraud.

I found out that president of the bank and his fellow companion stole over 8 million buck and that they we're behind the so-called robbery, they were smart enough to spend it on personal toys like yachts, cars, mansions and family vacation etc but left one thread loose for me to grab on and pull.

After finding out that things didn't go well for the three partners in crime. I called him and wanted to know what happened, got him drunk and secretly tape recorder him confessing to the entire crime. Waited a couple of days until he was sober and made him listen to the entire recording.

After denying that it wasn't him, I made a deal with him while recording him again. I took both recording over to the police station and got Robinson out, now you may want to know why I dated or pretended to be Rachel's boyfriend.

I'll tell you, her uncle was apart of the three people who committed the crime. She knew and didn't know how to act so I offered to help. Yes I used her but she understood why, hooked up with Robinson after.

All was good but her father wanted to keep his daughter out of the media's eye and he did. The only way for them to be together is if I pretended to be her boyfriend. It's been a year but it's not even a freaking real relationship, now I have to explain to Betha why I didn't tell her the truth.

"Let's go", Rachel said. Bringing me out of my thoughts, I knew Betha was drunk by now. I cursed angrily one last time before getting up, "Let me know how it goes." Robinson yelled out as we left.



Dancing and singing along with the song in tats clothes made me fe

had a lead. We acted as boyfriend and girlfriend until we got a confession from one of them, the case was solved and I was happy I wasn't the one putting the cuffs around uncles hand's. Robinson got out and I kinda fell for him, we dated for a couple of months. I decided it was time to introduce him to dad and mom but all hell broke loose when they knew he was in jail for the same thing my uncle was. Dad didn't want any more media shit so he said no to Robinson, I wasn't allowed to date him or be near him. So tats and I just stayed as boyfriend and girlfriend in the media's eye's but now that's all going to change. You have no idea how much this guy loves you."

I bite my lips nervously as I looked over to tats who was already staring at me. "Please give him a chance, we'll make a scene to make everyone think we're over. I'll have to face my father and mother, let them know that I want Robinson rather they accept it or not. He's innocent and was framed to take the blame so their opinion on him doesn't matter to me nor does the public eye." Rachel stated as she stood up.

"I'll leave you two alone, talk it out and let me know if your still up for that double date Alexander." She said to him while giving him a hug.

She faced me and held out her hand, I stood up and hugged her. "Thank you for telling me everything." She hugged me back and laughed lightly.

"I owe Alexander, Robinson and I owe him a lot Bethenny. Hope you two work it out." She said. I walked her out and waved bye while closing the door.

I turned to face tats that was staring at me intensely, "Is it too late now to say sorry?" I sung while walking towards him. "Cause I'm missing more than just your body." He sung back while pulling me on his lap. "Oh I know that I let you down, is too late to say sorry now?" I whispered lowly.

He pulled my legs up and wrapped his arm's around my body tightly as if I was going to disappear. "I still have those same feeling for you Betha and I don't think they'll ever go away." He declared as I nuzzled my face into neck.

"Same here tats, they came rushing back like a freaking hurricane."

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