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   Chapter 8 Starting fresh

The Billionaire's Hidden Wildflower By MarillaGarden Characters: 8132

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"If a certain someone in your life is holding you back, then you should let them go. They need to know that you are capable of endless possibilities, rather it's small or big, they should support you. When two are in a relationship, there's no I? or you. There's a we, hand in hand together you build each other up." ~ MarillaGarden



I couldn't move, I felt trapped but not trapped in a bad way, but in a protective way. I felt the love and security that I was missing in my life.

His soft snores and hot breath blew? against my neck, why wasn't I at my place? His arm placed on my stomach while his leg gently lock my thigh under his. I turned my head to the right to get a better look at him, silk black hair in all different directions and a stubble that covered his chin.

By far tats was the hottest guy I've seen and been with or maybe caused we shared a past made him more desirable to my eye's. Whatever it was, I knew I still wanted him but will dad accept him?

I exhaled as my finger traced his decorative arm, old and new tattoo's were there that told a story he wanted to speak but can't find the word's, so he would get a tattoo to express himself.

He knew how to handle me back when we we're teens and still knows how to handle me now. But was I ready to try once more with him?

"Your not yelling nor moving so what are you thinking about?" He whispered against my neck as a small smile took over my lips.

"I was thinking about what's next for us tats, what happens now?" I questioned as I stared up at the ceiling.

"We go on a date and start fresh Betha, then maybe after the date I can bury myself in the deepest of your soul once more."

Cocky and outspoken this guy was, never knew how to take shortcuts in life. He would take the long road even when he knew the shortcut was closer. "That sounds nice but why haven't you buried yourself in me when you had so many open doors to do already?"

I ask a lot just because I want to know, "Cause I want to do it right, take you while you're wide awake and know what's happening. Not while you're sad nor crying, I want you and you know it but I won't be the cause of your pain. One wrong move from me and I won't ever get a chance with you, that's why I'm patient with you my wildflower."

His Wildflower, my nickname that he picked out for me way back when we first met. "I hate how much you know me tats, hate it

rabbed the bottle of pity that will help me forget my pain. I slumped down against the refrigerator door and sipped away my pain. That fucking asshole, got I'm so stupid to trust him.



"Where are you? We need to meet now Rachel", I stated as I walked up to her apartment. "Are you here?" She questioned while I knocked on her door. She opened up and smiled, "How was your trip with Bethenny? Come in and tell me everything, I need details Alexander."

She rushed me in while locking the door behind me. "Where's Robinson?" I questioned curiously while taking a seat. "He's taking a shower, now spill! Did you two hook up? Will you guys be dating again? Omg Alexander, I'm so freaking happy for you. Can't wait to meet her." She gushed happily while her boyfriend came out in a towel.

"Dude, my eye's! Cover yourself." I said while covering my eye's. He laughed and came my way, "Good to see you my man, did things work out for you and Bethenny?"

These two we're going to kill me with this question, "I have a date with her tonight, if you two are up for it, we can go on a double date. I need to get this off my chest before she finds out." I declared loudly.

Both Rachel and Robinson looked at each other before looking at me, "I owe you Alexander, if it wasn't for your help. Rachel would have never forgave me, so yeah! Definitely we will come if you want us to." Robinson stated.

My phone vibrated, it was a text from Betha. "Fuck you tats, say hi to your girlfriend for me" along with a picture of Rachel and I.

"Fuck", I hissed loudly while throwing my phone against the wall.

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