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   Chapter 7 Denial

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"You may not know what caused a person to do what he did. So don't judge until you hear from both sides of the story. For you, one may seem as the devil, but to the other, he is an angel." ~ MarillaGarden


"Get down Betha, why are you even drinking huh? You're not the one who's hurt, the poor twins are. Sam is old enough to understand but those two are still babies and don't deserve to shed one tear for your asshole of a father." I yelled as I pulled her down.

She went out the room until she knocked hard on Nicolas bedroom door, "I think they're asleep Betha, you can talk to them in the morning." I whispered lowly. She pushed me with all her strength, "You freaking idiot, you should have stopped me before I went over to dad." She shouted loudly down the hall.

I followed her back into the room, where I slammed the door behind me shut. She grabbed the bottle and drank from it, I marched over but she held her hand out as her eyes pierced angrily towards me. "Fuck off", she hissed.

"You know what, I will fuck off. Enjoy Betha!" I yanked off my clothing and went under the covers, she can drown in her own shit.


I tried to ignore her but the second bottle popped open, I huffed loudly while jumping out of bed. I stopped as I rubbed my eye's to make sure I wasn't seeing what I was seeing. "Not like you haven't seen my body before tats. Remember that day when we we're at the beach, no one was there but you and I. Made me strip naked as you molded my body against the sand, stood above me and said-"

"Your body will forever be engraved in my mind Betha and it did and will alway be." I confessed as I made my way over to her. I grabbed one of my tee-shirts that was on the floor and walked over to her, I fucking hate it when girls cry but my fucking heart breaks when I see her tears.

"Come on betha, cry over one thing at a time. Not everything at once." I stated as I placed the tee-shirt around her neck. She managed to wear the rest of the shirt without my help.

"But it's better to cry it out all at once. I know Sam and the twins see dad as a monster that left them but it was their mother who left. He searched for them and gave up when he couldn't find them, it's not his fault. Yes he did a mi

ave, we have to wait for Tom to come pick us up." Nicolas said as I tried to wake up Betha.

"Thanks man, I can drop you off if you want." I offered but he just gave me this look, "it's a two seat convertible dude, how the hell are you going to fit us all?"

"Whatever, it was the only thing I can offer."

He laughed and went over to the girl's who we're looking at Betha and I. She finally woke up but was grouchy as fuck. She complained of a headache, Nicolas brought over some Advil and a bottle of water.

She thanked him while taking the pills, "Let's go!" I said, grabbing her hand and walking out the plane. She halted her steps and stood before Sam, "I'm sorry Sam, I really am." Betha choked out while Sam hugged her tightly.

"It's ok, we'll talk about it another time. Go home and rest, I'll call you." Sam said, the twins said their goodbyes as we made our way out.

All I wanted was to go and sleep in my apartment, "take me back to my place tats, I need more sleep." Betha said as she laid back in the convertible seat. I bought the bad boy to life and left the airport in a rush, soft snores came from Betha.

Instead of taking her to her place, I took her to mine. Carrying her sleeping form up, she lightly moved in my arms as I tried to unlock the apartment door.

Accomplishing the hard task, I locked the door with my foot and headed straight down to my room. Laid her on my bed as I laid next to her, pulling her body into mine and dozed off into a heavenly sleep.

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