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   Chapter 6 Sorry!

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Alexander aka tats..

"He's already seen you with me tats, might as well go up to him and say hi." Betha insisted as she pulled my hand. I hated the man, despise him so much that I want to hurt him badly.

"Dad, what bring you here?" Betha greeted him with a hug while placing a kiss on his cheek. "The question is, what are you doing here? Weren't you crying over your ex a couple days ago? I'm surprised to see you here with him." He spoke as he stood up.

If I can only jab him in the throat, but I clenched my hands tightly, I knew if I held out my hand, he wouldn't take it. So I just nodded his way, "Mr. Bank's, nice to see you."

He narrowed his eye's towards me while looking down at me. Bitch I got more money than you, what, still not good enough for you?

"Why didn't you come to visit your mother and I? It would have been better than being with him." He declared loudly. He was lucky I had feelings for Bethenny or I would have punch him here and now.

"Dad, why are you so harsh on tats? Let him be, I came here caused Nicolas invited me and I had business here as well." Betha said quietly.

Nah Mr. ass, I dragged her here with me and I will have her back rather you like it or not.

"Who are those girls that we're seated next you on the table? Friends?" He asked curiously while looking over to the twins who we're dancing. Then looked over to Nicolas and Sam who we're enjoying their drinks by the bar.

"Those are my new friends, the one next to Nicolas is his fiance. You wanna go say hi?" She asked happily while I shook my head.

Shit, this wasn't going to end good.

"Yes please, she looks like-" He whispered but didn't continue. "Like who dad?" Betha added.

Shit Betha, you know this isn't a good idea. Wtf are you doing?

"No one dear, let's go say hi before they leave." He ushered Betha with him

the last thing I do.

Walking through the doors, I found Betha waiting for me. "Did they leave?" I asked as I opened the door for her, she entered the rental car. Closing the passenger door as I hopped in the driver's seat. "She wouldn't even look at me, the twins we're crying their heart out as Sam pushed me away from them. What did I do?" She questioned stupidly.

I stared at her coldly, "You fucking knew she didn't want to see him let alone speak with him but you had to walk him over to her. To them, he's not dear daddy like he is to you. He's a stranger that left their mom alone and helpless while he bathed in money and you asking me what you did? Come on Betha, put yourself in their shoes. How would you feel to see your rich father come up to you after all those year's, you want them to just hug him and say. "Oh daddy I love you"." I shouted loudly.

Betha already had her water works going but I felt bad for the twins even more.

"Fuck betha, I'm sorry! I didn't mean to shout at you, I'm just pissed and feel bad for Abby and Amanda. The poor girls had tears in their eyes that fucking broke my heart."

She looked over to her window and ignored me the rest of the way.

Great, now I'm the bad guy.

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