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   Chapter 5 We meet again

The Billionaire's Hidden Wildflower By MarillaGarden Characters: 6707

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"Old boyfriend"


I stared coldly at him, the man who left me after making me believe he was in love with me. After two fucking long years he just leaves, leaving a note. Now he's here's on sandy beaches with a blond fucking bimbo that's clenching onto him for dear life.

Oh please hun, I don't fucking want him even if he crawled back on his hands and knees begging for forgiveness.

"Wow, I never thought I'd see you here, heh! Um, hi!" He stupidly said while hold out his hand.

Tats snaked his arms around my waist as the bimbo blond stared at him with lust. I felt like I wanted to rip her eye's out as she kept staring at tats. I didn't know what came over me, I nuzzled my face into his neck that caused him to shiver.

"Oh, so you've moved on huh?" Lucas said while pulling the blond girl closer to him but she wouldn't move.

"Aren't you Alexander Sego?" She asked as she walked up to him. Tats didn't reply as my twin sister's giggled, I looked over to them then over to tats who was staring down at me. "I miss you doing that, miss it so much." He whispered against my forehead as I remembered our past.

That simple gesture I did was his favorite, he said that it made his heart beat quicker. My eye's were closed as all the memories of tats and I came flooding back. "You also like it when I kissed below your jawline." I stated as I giggled.

The girls came by our sides, "Yea, sorry! They're in love and kinda reminiscing good times they had together. To answer your question, yes he is Alexander Sego and Bethenny, my sister which is Alexander's girlfriend." Amanda said as she placed her chin on my shoulder.

Abby was besides tats as she held his arm, "It was nice seeing you but Alexander promised us food and we're hungry. So bye!" Abby said while pulling tats arm.

"Wow Bethenny, I'm glad I took your dad's offer. Take care!" Lucas said which caused me to frown. What the hell did he mean by my dad's offer?

Tats pulled me away from him, "Forget him Betha, let's go eat!"

I shook my head and continued to walk but my mind was in overdrive as I over though what he said. What did dad offer him? "I so love how you two are, I wish you work it out and give each other a try once more." Amanda said.

I grabbed her hand as tats led us to a restaurant that was near by. Taking a seat in the middle between my two little sweethearts, I had a look at the menu. The girls were pointing out dishes they wanted to try while tats was taking pics of us, I smiled as I watched him look closely at his phone.

"How many tattoo's does Alexander have?" Abby whispered so low that I could barely hear her. I raised the menu book to cover our faces, "He's covered from head to toe, so I would say a lot." I whispered back.

"Was he like this covered in high school?" Amanda asked as tats pulled down the menu, looking at us strangely. "What ya girls whispering about?"

The girls giggled as they both avoided him, "Oh nothing, just girl talk. Where's our tats? We're hungry!" I stated as the girls nodded in agreement.

He just smiled and waved for the waiter to come, "You girls don't mind if I ordered for you?" He asked. "Please do", the girls said in sync.

"We'll have Laulau, Manapua, fish tacos and Saimin please." Tats said as the waiter wrote down our order. "And Huli Huli chicken as wel

l please." I added.

The waiter left and we chatted for a bit. The girls were in love with tats, he was very sweet and patient with them. The food arrived and we got down to business, everyone was busy enjoying their food until I caught a glimpse of Lucas.

Trying to ignore him as much as possible but it wasn't working. His eyes drilled a hole in me as he seemed to be upset that I was doing well, then his words rang into my head.

I'm glad I took your dad's offer..

"Why aren't you eating Betha?" Tats questioned curiously as he turned around to see what I was looking at. Lucas staring at me while smiling, tats turned to look at me but didn't say anything. Just kept eating, not like himself to not state something but I guess he didn't want to ruin the girl's appetite.

"Can we go now, I kinda wanna check on Sam." Abby said as she stood up. Tats placed money on the table and stood up as well, Amanda took one last bite before standing up as well.

I got up and followed them but not before looking over to Lucas one last time. I was exhausted and sleepy, I just wanted head back to the hotel and take a long bath then sleep until I woke up on my own.

The walk back to the hotel was quiet, no one said a word as we entered the hotel. The girls were running towards the elevator as tats slow steps told me he wanted to talk alone.

"You miss him?" He said out of nowhere. I stared at his back as he made his way next to the girl's. We entered the elevator and waited for it to take us up to our floor. "Not one bit tats, thanks for the lovely lunch, I'll see you soon." I stated as the Abby unlocked the door.

"Can I get a kiss at least?" He asked as he placed the shopping bags inside. I grabbed his cheeks and pulled him in for a kiss, the girls giggled as I melted into his arms that locked around my waist tightly.

The kiss was small but it felt amazing, he captured my lips once more into one of his dominant kisses before leaving me as I wanted more. He closed the door as I turned to face two girls that were blushing.

"That was hot and cute, Omg you guys are goals." Amanda gushed. I shook my head and went towards the welcoming bed that was calling out for me. Sam wasn't here so I think she out with Nicolas, the girls jumped on the bed as well and chatted with each other while I still felt the burning sensation on my lips that tats left.

Mixed emotions of love and hate for both ex I had but tats was a different story. He was my first love but Lucas and I had two beautiful years as well.

I wasn't going to think about what Lucas said, even though it was bothering me. Tats said that it was dad's fault that we're not together and I believed him but what Lucas said sounded worse.

Why was he glad that he took dad's offer? What did dad offer him?

I yawned loudly as I looked over to the girls who were already drifting to sleep. Abby had her eye's closed while Amanda placed her phone down and closed her eye's as well.

I went and laid next to them, my eye's got heavy. I was happy to have sister's, "Give tats another chance Bethenny, he really loves you. I can see it in his eye's." Amanda said as she laid next to Abby who was already asleep.

I smiled widely, "sleep!" I whispered lowly as I closed my eye's. I was going to do what I wanted and that involved tats in the picture.

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