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   Chapter 4 Strong personalities

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Alex aka tats...

"So you guys are a couple?" One of the twins asked who I think was Abby.

"Yea, Betha was my first love back in high school but things didn't go our way. Her dad or should I say your dad didn't like me, he thought I was trouble for his daughter. But now we're back together and I'll be damned if I'll let her go." I stated firmly as I looked over to Betha that was staring back at me.

"Don't listen to him, we're not a couple. He's hallucinating thing's, go on and eat your breakfast." Betha said as she ignored my gaze.

"I think you two look cute together, Alex seems nice Bethenny. Why don't you want to be with him?" The other twin said while I chuckled.

"Yea Betha, why don't you want to be with tats no more? Don't you miss me?" I questioned as I slipped my hand under the table, caressing her leg. She grabbed my hand and pulled it up even further then it was, "tats been a bay boy, I need to discipline him a bit before giving him another chance." She stated as she pinched my hand as hard as she could.

I pulled back while a satisfying smile plastered on her lips. "So what do you do Alex?" Abby asked as she took a bit of her food.

I sipped my coffee while pulling? Betha near me, "I run my dad's company, he owns a Sago

Incorporate." I said while pulling on Betha hair.

"Hey, stop that", she wined.

"Wait, you're tell me that your dad owns Sago? Like Sago's in the name brand clothing?" Amanda said in shock. I nodded my head and smile, "Yup, that would be my dad." I said as the girl squealed happily.

"But why are your shoe so freaking expansive? Like who the hell had $600 dollars for shoe's?" Abby said as she frowned.

"Well, it's hand-made with italian leather. The quality of our brand is our top priority, yea their expensive but so are all other name brands. I was meaning to ask you Betha, can you design a new look for us? I'm looking for a designer and I think you should be that person." I stated as the girls gasped.

"Hold the front door, you're a designer? It's like you guys are meant to be, what kind of clothing have you designed Bethenny?" Amanda asked as she got up and sat in front of her.

Abby rolled her eye's which caused me to laugh, "guess you're a Tom boy huh?" I questioned curiously.

"Amanda is so in fashion while I'm good with wearing whatever, I mean don't get me wrong. Who wouldn't want designer clothes, but we don't cross that line. Sam has enough on her shoulder." She stated calmly.

That girl had her mind-set, she's going places. "Ugh, just ignore her and tell me. Who have you designed for? Are they famous people? Tell me." Amanda said curiously.

"I don't know if you seen the Mayor's wife & her daughter in last month's event. Well anyway, the mother wore a mint lace gown while the daughter wore a backless peach short dress. I designed both of them." Betha said proudly as Abby gasped.

"Are you serious?" Abby asked astonished. Betha looked at her strangely before looking at Amanda who was giggling. "Abby fell in love with peach dress as the picture of the gala were in the newspaper the following day. I believe her exact words were, "I'll never be able to wear that kind of dress." Amanda said as my heart ached.

The poor girls had a multi millionaire as a dad and they never got to enjoy it. "Hey, I promise I'll make you both dresses even better looking than what they had on." Betha said as she held Abby's hand.

"No it's cool, I'm just in awe that it was you who designed the dresses. You're really good Bethenny, like really really good." Amanda said as she got up and sat next to Abby that was in shock.

My phone rang which I answered it quickly. It was Nicolas, "Hey how are the girl's?" He asked quietly.

"They're good, eating and chatting with us." I replied as I watched Betha draw something on her phone.

"Please keep an eye on them for a little longer, Sam is going to sleep and I'm staying with her. We'll meet you around lunch time, take care of the girl's and feed them. Buy them anything they want and I'll pay you back." Nicolas whispered lowly.

"Don't worry man, you take care of Sam and I got these three with me. Later man." I said, ending the call.

"Wow, you make it seem so easy Bethenny. You know, Abby has a couple of designs she created but hides from me but I secretly took a peek at them without her knowing." Amanda said which caused Abby to look at her.

"You what?" She yelled angrily. "So mature Amanda, I hid them for a reason." She stated while looking at her.

"Geez Abby, sorry!" Amanda whispered apologetically. Betha took Abby's hand, "Hey, I would love to see them once we get back, if that's OK with you." Betha said with a smile.

"Hey girls, wanna go shopping? Nicolas said you can get anything you want, I'll pay." I stated as I stood up.

"No, it's ok! We don't want anything but thank you for offering." Abby said politely. These girl we're brought up right and humble, Sam did a pretty good job.

"I insist, let's go dress shopping for the wedding tomorrow. Betha needs a dress as well, let's go. I know you girls take a damn long time in picking out what you want, I'll be lucky if you finish by the end of the day." I said with a chuckle.

"I think you should give Alex another chance Bethenny, he's really cool and nice." Amanda said as she walked side by side with Betha and Abby.

I winked at Betha while smirking, "Yeah baby, give me another chance so I can cause a heart attack for your dad." I laughed loudly.

She shook her head and walked past me, still the same freaking feeling that will never change for he

r erupted in the pit of my stomach every time I looked at her. Guess something never change, maybe that's why I never forgotten about her.


Bethenny aka Betha....

The girls didn't buy a thing, wouldn't even try on anything. I was really pissed, even when I offered to buy them from my money they declined very nicely.

"Come on girls, buy something." Tats begged as he handed the girls a couple of dresses to try on but still the refused.

"We really don't want anything, thank you for the offer guys but please stop asking." Abby said as she held on to Amanda's hand.

The look in Amanda's eye's said she wanted to but Abby would look at her and she would say no as well. "Look, I'm your older sister, so when I say you're going to buy anything you want then you're going to do so rather you want to or not." I stated firmly.

I just wanted them to be happy and have what they're heart desires but they weren't cooperating. It was like they think I was pitying them but I wasn't.

"Really guy's, Nicolas already bought us dresses for the wedding and we have everything we need. So thank you again but no thanks, we're good." Abby spoke for the both of them.

"Can we get back now, I want to go check on Sam to see how she's doing." Abby stated firmly as she pulled Amanda out the shop.

"Give them time Betha, they seem very mature for their age. You sister did a hell of a job in raising them." Tats said in awe.

I was proud of them, they didn't want pity from no one. But I really wasn't pitying them, I just wanted to make them happy. Guess you can't buy people's happiness with money.

Tats had the shopping bags in his hand as we walked out. "Smile Betha, they need time and love. Not money, Sam has a big influence on them. She taught them not need anyone or ask from anyone. Maybe Amanda wants but Abby is there to keep an eye on her. Abby seems stronger and more mature, they're good girl's, you? should be happy." Tats said as we reached the girls that we're waiting on a sidewalk bench.

I had tears in my eye's, "Are you ok Bethenny, why are you crying?" The girls asked.

"I'm sad cause you wouldn't accept anything from me, I'm not pitying you. I just want to make you girls happy." I stated as I wiped my tears away.

"We know Bethenny, how about you buy us lunch and then we can go get a manicure & pedicure. We don't want you to buy us things to make us happy, we love you no matter what." Abby said as she and Amanda hugged me.

"Money isn't everything, but family is." Abby whispered lowly as she pulled back.

"Told you she's mature for her age." Tats said with a smile, "Let's go find something to eat then you girls can go get your nails done."

"Maybe you can come and live with us when we get back home. You'll love our small apartment." Amanda giggled as we walked behind tats.

"I think you guys will live with Nicolas in his penthouse. Tats said that Nicolas will ask Sam to move in with him, let's hope she says yes." I stated as I recalled what tats said to me.

Nicolas was planning on taking Sam and twins to live with him but still didn't know how will Sam react to the news. I seriously hope they get married soon so dad can attend the wedding and realize that Sam is his daughter.

I knew she didn't want to see him but the twins had the right to choose for themselves. "Hey girls, do you want to see how dad looks like?" I questioned curiously.

Abby halted her steps as a disapproval look flashed through her eye's. Amanda let go of my hand and stood by Abby side, "I want to go back to the hotel please." Abby said quietly as tears rushed into her eye's.

"Alex, please take us back to the hotel. We want to go, now!" Amanda yelled as tats turned to face us. He walked back to where we we're standing at, "What's wrong, you girls aren't hungry anymore?" He asked curiously as he stared at Abby's tears that fell.

He dropped the bags on the floor and went over to her? Did I say something wrong?

"Hey, why are you crying Abby? Is something wrong?" He asked in a consider tone. "I just want to go back, please--" "No, Bethenny thinks we want to see our dad that left mom and Sam all alone dealing with all carp that life through their way. No, we don't want to see him. Not now not ever." Amanda shouted loudly as she cut off Abby from finishing her sentence.

Tats looked over towards me with disappointed look, "Really Betha, you thought it's a good time to ask that question? Hey, Abby, you don't have to do anything you don't want. Ok, please don't cry. I hate it when girls cry." Tats said as my tears fell as well.

God, I'm so stupid. Why did I say that, couldn't I wait until they gotten to know me more. "I'm sorry, so sorry. I didn't mean to, I just thought you girls would like to see his face that's all." I whispered as I buried my face into my hand's.

"Shit", tats hissed. "I can't handle all three of you girls as you cry all at one." Tats said as he pulled me into his arm's.

Walking me a few steps ahead, "Come here.'' He stated as his arm went around the twins. We at met in the middle as I heard Abby crying uncontrollably. "Shhh, please don't cry Abby. Betha didn't mean any harm, she thought you girls would want to see how he looks like but now she knows you girls need time." Tats said as his hand went up and down on Abby's back.

I didn't know how long we stood there until I heard a voice from behind me that was all to familiar.

"Bethenny?" He questioned as I turned to look at him. He had his hand wrapped around the blonde girl who stood besides him.

What the fuck is he doing here?

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