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   Chapter 3 Torn

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"Stop playing with yourself Betha, you know I can hear your moans, right?" Tats said from behind the bathroom door.

I was snickering lowly.

I wasn't playing with myself, I just knew he was standing behind the door, fighting with himself to come in or not.

So I decided to play with his mind, just a bit.

"Mmmm..oh, " I faked moaned while mentally laughing.

His grunts were getting louder and louder. I couldn't hold back my laughter any longer, swinging the door open and purposely not having a bra on. I laughed, long and hard.

"You actually thought I was playing with my pu*ssy? Isn't that your job?"

I crossed my arms that lifted my C cup breast a bit higher and tighter than they normally are. His eyes laid on my chest, "It's not like you haven't seen them tats." I said, pushing him out of my way. He pushed me back in the bathroom, holding me by my neck. His eyes were shut as he tried to calm his breathing.

"If you want me to f*ck you Betha, just say so." He stated while caressing my neck. His eyes snapped open as he pulls me in a demanding, hot, lucious kiss.

Tats left a burning flame on my lips as he always did. It was kisses like these I carved for, he was dominant and I love it. My mind drifted off the first time he showed me this side of him. He was only seventeen, I didn't understand why he was into kinky love-making but my god was it good.


"Betha?" Tats yelled out as I was watching the Simpsons. He came and sat down by my side, handing me a bowl of cereal.

"I have to leave in hour, so if you want to make out then say it." I said while winking at him. I shoved a spoonful of lucky charms in my mouth.

He licked his lips, watching me eat. "Can we make out my way?" He asked.

I frowned, "Sure, as long as you don't hurt me or fuck me, then do what you want." I said, taking another spoonful of cereal.

"Strip naked." He said or should I say demanded.

Setting the bowl on the floor, I strip down until I'm in my bra and panties.

"How much you want to bet that I can have you begging for me to f*ck you?" He said as his index finger motioned for me to come closer.

I gladly did, my hands went through his thick hair, as his mouth sucked below my navel without breaking eye contact. His hands kneading my rear roughly which caused a soft moan to escape from my lips.

I was pulled down with much force on my knees, causing me to look at him strangely. "My way in making out Betha, ok?" He questioned for permission as his eyes turned into pure lust.

"What's your way of making out?" I asked. He was thinking really hard at first, but I just backed away. "Do as you please tats."

He flipped me over on the floor, holding my hands were above my head tightly while his our hand landing a painful smack on my a**.

"Ouh, " I yelped in pain but the pain went away when I felt his member poke near my entrance. A shiver came over me and I gave in, "I won't hurt you, it's pain with pleasure baby. Let me do what I want, just trust me." He said as he laid on my back.

His lips brushed along my back, sucking, kissing, leaving me wet to the core. I couldn't take it anymore, I wanted to face him and kiss him as well.

Flipping myself over to face him, I grabbed him near but he held my hands in place. "No, I do what I want, you just lay there as I watch you trembled in need.


Hour later...

"Where have you been young girl, you're with that troubled boyfriend of yours. I told you I don't approve of him, why are you still with him?" Dad yelled.

"Because he just made me have an orgasm without placing his d*ck in me and I love him." I said in my head.

"He loves me and I love him, why don't you like him? Just because he has tattoos on him, doesn't mean he's a bad person dad." I shouted.

"He is not fit for you, he's poor and dangerous. He will influence you in drinking and smoking, stay away from him Bethenny, you hear me." Dad yelled back.

"Oh just shut up dad, he does smoke but never asked or told me to. You smoke cigarette, cigars, why haven't mom been influenced by you, huh?" I asked.

He charged at me but mom stopped him. "Leave the girl alone, can't you see it's just a phase. It's not like she'll marry him."

"Actually we will, after I'm done with high school. Well get married, we love each other." I stated as I walked to my room.

End of flashback


"Betha, what are you thinking of? I'm sorry, did I hurt you?" He asked as he caressed my neck.

"Yes, you did. You hurt me a long time ago tats. You made me cry for a year, I thought you loved me, that you were going to marry me, but they were all lies." I said pushing him back.

He rubbed his face, "It's all your dad's fault Betha, all his f*ucking fault." He said. I fell to my knees, crying, trying to make this pain go away.

I caught him pacing the room, then started to break everything in his sight. "ALL HIS F*CKING FAULT, ALL HIS F*CKING DAMN FAULT." He screamed loudly.

There was only silence, I couldn't hear anything anymore. So I decided to get myself together.

After my cries became no more, I got up and washed my face. Stepping in the room that was trashed, I watched him as he sat on the chair, facing the balcony, smoking away.

I walked over to the bed, where shopping bags were placed. I looked in each bag, from shoes to dresses to undergarments. He bought it all, I grabbed a cream light

dress and placed it on my body. Walking to where he was, I took the seat that was next to him.

We just sat there enjoying the view, I wanted to sit on his lap and cry, until there were no more tears left. "I hate your dad with a passion Betha, I hate him to the point it hurts to look at you and not remember him, but it's not your fault. It's his and he will pay for the pain he put me through."

I just sat there, not saying a word. I caught a glimpse of Nicolas and Samantha along with the girls walking out the hotel. "You know. She looks like my sister." I said out of nowhere.

I felt his eye's on me as I placed my hands on the rail. I watched them disappear, "who looks like your sister?" He questioned.

"Samantha, dad had a picture of her in his desk drawer. Her eye's, hair, everything looks like her but older." I said quietly.

"What are the odds in her being your sister? You're probably imagine things, besides she looks nothing like you." Tats said.

I didn't know what was what anymore, but something about her looks familiar. "Come on, let's go eat. I'm starving." He said standing up.

He walked in the room and came back with flats in his hand's. Placing them in front of me to wear while pushing a strand of hair away from my face, he gently placed a kiss on my temple. "Breath Betha, just breathe." He whispered.

Held his hand out for me which I grabbed.

This was weird and confusing, i had issues.


It felt right to be by his side, memories of good and bad flashed by, but I took them in. There wasn't a day when we were together that he did not express how he felt about me, but he still left me.

How can you let go of the one you love?

"You're too skinny, what happen to your butt." He said as we ate along the beach chore. I giggled for a bit until I replied, "You weren't stuffing my face with food anymore."

"Yea? Maybe I should do that from now on." He said, placing a fork full of Hawaiian baked chicken and rice.

I was beyond full but still ate away. "If your done, we can walk on the beach." He stated. I stood up, pulling on his hand, "pick up your junk, so much for keeping the environment clean." He mumbled.

I laughed loudly, "I'm to full to bend down, you grab them."

He shook his head and placed the remaining food in the bag. Holding out his hand, "Now you can pull my hand."

I huffed and walked away. "Hey, come back here." He yelled, but I just kept walking until I reached the sand.

Taking off my flats, I sighed as how good the sand felt beneath my feet. He eventually caught up with me, his shoes in his right hand while the other draped over my shoulder.

"So, are you going to tell your dad that I'm your boyfriend again?" He asked.

I looked up at him, "What are we tats, we haven't agreed to anything. All I do is cry, you brought back the pain I buried six years ago."

He sighed, pulling into his embrace. "I told you I had no choice. You're dad..." He trailed off with his word's. "Let's not Betha, please."

I stared at the two girls that were playing along the shore line. "Isn't that Abby and Amanda?" I asked.

Nodding his head, we walk up from behind Nicolas and Samantha but stopped as I heard her talk.

"Actually, my mom left him. He didn't know at the time that mom was pregnant with my sister's. But I still hate him, mom never told me the reason she left him but I knew he must have hurt her in a way." Samantha said.

Nicolas moved in closer and placed his arm around her shoulder as she laid her head on his. "So you knew where he was but never went to ask him for help or ask for answers?" Nicolas questioned.

She shook her head then paused for a moment before continuing. "You know him actually." She whispered quietly.

She faced him, "I don't know a person who's last name is Dickson." Nicolas stated.

"My mom change our name after she left, she said it would be easier for us and harder for him to find us, if he ever tried to. My mother's name was Tressa Michael-------Bank's." She said, causing my heart to beat faster. "I'm Johnson Bank's daughter." She said quietly.

I couldn't take it anymore, I knew she looked like her, Oh my god, she was my sister.

"You're my......sister?" I stated out loud, causing her to startle.

I was standing next to Alexander for support, my legs became weak, I couldn't breath. Tears we're in my eye's and in hers as well. "Oh god, I knew I wasn't crazy." I shouted as I faced tats. "I told you she looked like her but you said what are the odds." I then faced her. "Oh my God, " I yelled before running as fast as I could.

"Bethenny, stop, please stop." I heard her yell. "Please come back."

Her voice cracked, I stopped, looking back at her as she cried. On her knees she let out the most intense scream I ever heard in my life. Her sister we're watching as Nicolas held them back.

Tats was by my side, "You hate her?" He asked. I shook my head, "No, I'm just...I don't know."

"I hate him, it's his fault, not yours or your mother's. It's his f*cking fault." Samantha said.

I walked over to where she was, got on my knees and hugged her.

"All his fault." I whispered.

The girls came quickly and started to ask questions. "What happened, are you two ok? Sam, Bethenny, someone tell us what's going on." Amanda yelled.

I pulled her into the hug then pulled Abby. "We're fine, I just...I'm so happy I have you guys to call my sister's."

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