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   Chapter 2 Miss you

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"Wait, wait, wait, so, you're telling me he just left after two year's, without a warning or a sign in the relationship?" I asked as I swallowed the burning liquor down my throat. "Another one!" I demanded.

"Yup!" Betha said while popping the p sound a bit louder as she giggled.

The bartender gives us a look while shaking his head. It was past two in the morning and here we we're drinking away. "Just like you, you left without a warning also. I guess I'm the problem." She whispered giggling once more.

"Let's not go there Betha, we both know I wasn't fit for Billionaire, Jackson Bank's daughter. I was a poor boy who dear daddy didn't want you near." I angrily said, remembering what had happened between us long ago.

"Yea, let's not go there tats, let's forget I waited for you to come and you never did. Let's not remember the promises you made to silly "Betha", when she was just eighteen. Or the ring, or the night you took my virginity or the night I bailed you out or the time we ran away for the weekend or the time.."

"ENOUGH!" I shouted, holding my anger in.

The tension was high. My heart was beating like it was playing a loud solo in a stadium.

Why did I think this was a good idea?

"Take me home tats, I'm exhausted to the point I can't walk. Carry me like you use to, remember?"

Sighing loudly, I placed a Benjamin bill on the counter, I grabbed her by the waist and straddled her around my hip. Her arms wrapped around my neck as she giggled. "Aren't you going to complain about my butt being big? Remember? You always uses to say that."

I stared at her, like really stared at her. Her beautiful face was the same but her eyes weren't, I pulled the bun apart and let her chocolate-brown hair fall down her back. She moved it left and right which cause my upper lip to tilt up in a smirk.

"You wanna go?" I asked.

"Where?" She asked.

I started to walk out the bar with her in my arm's.


"Why do you always carry me like this, you'll end up with a boner, then I won't hear the last of it from you." She giggled letting out a snort.

"Cause I want to feel you and besides, I know you want me to carry you like this, cause you're wearing heels today." I said reaching up the apartment where I was staying.

"Where are we?" She asked curiously. I pushed her in, locking the door.

"Don't look at me like that, you know we're not having sex." She stated pulling me closer. "But we can make out."

I dived in, capturing her lips in between mines. Three years of being with her, trying so hard not to take what she doesn't want to give up yet was the hardest shit I've even done. But this was Betha we're talking about, I'll wait until forever for her.

End of flashback...

"You said you'll wait forever for me, why did you leave tats. I loved you so much, more than anything in this world." She confessed as tears fell down.

"Let's not Betha, please!" I said placing her in the back seat of a cab. "Take us to 6th Ave." I said seating next to her.

Her lips were on my neck, skimming my throat down.

I grabbed her cheeks with one hand and squeezed gently, bringing her lips near mine. "Don't play with fire Betha, the flames have been on for way too long and I know you can't handle the heat."

"I just want sex, I haven't had sex since you tats, I forgot how it feels." She whined.

I laughed loudly, "What did you and your boyfriend of two-years did for fun?" I asked.

"I told him I was a virgin and wanted to wait until the wedding night to have sex." She pulled away from me facing the window.

I couldn't tell if she was lying to me or playing with my mind. "I swear to god Betha if you're....."

She turned her face and spits on me with much hate. "Stop the f*cking car." She yelled.

"Don't f*cking stop, just go! She's drunk." I stated firmly. Her hands attacked me with full force causing me to shield myself. "God damn it woman."

I managed to get a hold of her in my arms. It was an awkward position but I didn't let go, her head was tucked into my chest. Her arms were crossed while my legs was on her thighs.

"We're here sir!" The cab driver announced.

Letting go of her, I opened the door, handed her my hand to grab but she just refuses it.

Bending down to face her, "We're gonna have raw sex tonight, then you leave, I never see you and you never see me."

I waited for her answer, waiting, I leaned against the side of the cab. She was thinking about it, her foot stepped on the concrete, she held her posture straight while glaring at me.

"I know you don't miss me Betha, you just want the pain to go away. I also want to let go of some stress, so tonight we use each other, as the others relief."

She closed the cab door. "Ok!"

It was a simple answer. I nodded my head and held her hand, "So you never had sex with anyone besides me?" I questioned as we went into the apartment complex.


Again, another simple answer.

Reaching my apartment that was on the fourth floor. I unlocked it, opening it widely. She slipped out of her heels and walked barefoot, her eyes roamed over the place, taking everything in. Her head snapped my way as I slammed the door loudly.

"The room is down the hall, on your right." I said touching myself. Her eye's were drunks in lust as she watched me.

Removing her hideous suit jacket, she threw it on the sofa that was next to her. She walked past the painting while pulling her blouse off, unbuttoning it as she face me. I pulled the white tee-shirt over my head, her eyes stared at each tattoo as if she was remembering the old ones while understanding the new ones.

Her hands went around her back, unclasping her bra, slowing pulling it down until two round perky breast bounced up.

My d*ck was in a standing ovation. She motioned for me to come with her index finger and like an obeying puppy, I did!

She grabbed my hand, moving it around to caress below her navel in circles. I was too lost in her eyes for me to notice that her pants were off, I backed away to feast my eyes on her body.

"Be gentle on me." Her soft voice spoke and I lost control, charging into her like a wild beast. Hosting her around my hips, I groaned loudly.

Who needed ecstasy, when you have the person your heart beats for, in your arm's?

Our tongues fought each other, ignoring what the aftermath holds for us. We we're lost and there was no turning back. My lips went down the valley of her breast, inhaling the scent I've missed so much. Her body shivered in pleasure, shaking uncontrollable.

"So soft!" I mumbled into her chest. Caressing my lips on her right breast until my mouth found her erect nub, waiting for me to suck on. A loud moan came escaped her as she quivered in my arm's.

Bringing her hand to place them on my cheeks. She raised my face, bringing my eyes to stare at hers. I was beyond lost and I haven't even started yet, but what she said next, made my heart stop its beating completely.

"Do you still love me tats." She said.

Letting her tears do the damage as my heart ripped apart. "Just let me f*ck you Betha, no need for that talk."

"Yea, just f*ck me tats, I need that, I'm sorry!"

The lust was gone and replaced with doubt in her mind. "Well, let's go! F*ck me tats, isn't that what you want? I'm already naked in your arm's, what more do you want." She shouted.

"You ruined it, I don't want to do this no more." I placed my head between her breast and fought hard not to ram my c*ck in her. I knew if I did that, then I'll never forget this night, that she'll never forgive me.

Her arms wrapped around my neck as I cradled her like a child in my arm's. "Thank you tats!" Her voice whispered in my ear.

"I hate you still Betha, but I won't hurt you. We had something once, and I don't want you to forget that side of me."

I bent my knees, so I can't sit on the floor with her. The silence was daunting as we sat there, I didn't know if I could be with her any longer, the pain hurts so much.

"Why did you leave me tats, you lied to me, you broke my heart. You took what you wanted and left, Why? I loved you so much, I believed you."

A lump in my throat couldn't go down, I wanted to breathe but she was suffocating me with her word's. "Let's talk about this when you're sober Betha. Now is not the time for it."

"Just give me one reason tats, one f*cking good reason and I'll let this go." She said as she pulled away from my arm's.

Goosebumps appeared all over her body due to the chilling air, I pulled back to take a good look her.

You still love her idiot!

"Your dad, that's the reason Betha. Now can you let it go?" I said looking at her as she frowned. "He was right, we were young and didn't care about anyone. It's not like we would still been together, would've we?" The words came out without thinking.

Of course we wouldn't have. Her father would have made sure of it.

"Yes! We would have, but you left, without a f*cking explanation. YOU LEFT AFTER YOU TOOK WHAT WAS MINE, LIKE YOU DIDN'T EVEN CARE! I F*CKING HATE YOU, HATE. YOU!" She yelled, landing a smack on my cheek.

Ok, I deserve that!

Crawling off me, she grabbed her blouse and placed it on. "You called the following week and said sorry, and being the stupid girl I was, I forgave you. You told me to pack and I did. You asked

for me to wait at the bus stop and I did, I waited and waited and waited until sunrise. But you never came, you know how hurt I was walking back home, knocking on my parents door in the early morning. No! You don't!" She hissed. Coming at me, kicking me!

"I had to learn how to be a f*cking heartless b*tch because of you. I didn't date anyone until Lucas came, the stupidest part was, he reminded me of you. Dad was right, I just don't know how to choose real men. First you, then Lucas, and look where I am now, here, with the lowest a**hole of all time."

I knew she meant every word and I knew she wasn't drunk anymore. Dressed in her light purple silk blouse and her white tight underwear. She walked back to the living room, I got up to follow her cause I knew she wasn't leaving. She entered the kitchen, heading towards the coffee machine. "WHERE'S THE F*CKING COFFEE CREAM."

I walked until over to her side and opened the top cabinetry, taking out the cream for her. Walking back, I sat on one of the stool chairs that was facing her, I needed to smoke something hard but decided to let her vent some more. Her hands shook as she head the mug, bringing it up to her lips.

"I was there Betha, I was staring at you as you waited for me. If it was in my hands, I would have walked up and took you away, but I couldn't. I had to choose between you and my family. Your dad threatened my dad, if I came near you, he would have destroyed him. You don't know how much my heart was breaking as I watched the tears fall down on your cheeks." I declared.

It was time for her to know the truth.

"My dad was just starting to get known in the industry. His name was climbing up the latter, he worked his a** off, just to reach the top. Your dad found out his beloved daughter was dating a teenage boy, filled with tattoos and had a troubled past. He didn't want someone like me to be with his daughter. I wasn't fit for his princess, but little did he know I would have given you the world. It was the hardest choice I've ever made in my entire life and I'm sorry. I was only eighteen Betha, I didn't have a strong backbone. We we're just kids, I didn't know what to do, but I knew I wouldn't let my dad down, your dad was powerful at the time. He had connection that would have broken my dad's back, I wasn't going to be the reason for him to crumble before me. So I had to step on my pathetic heart."

Her eye's held hurt and pain. Now I needed something to smoke.

"No girl ever made me feel the way you did Betha. Even when I drowned in every woman out there, it was you who I imagined I was with the whole time." I chuckled as I continued. "We can't turn back time, but just know, you never left this place." I said as I? pointing towards my heart.

"You can stay in the guest room until the morning, I need to smoke a blunt." I got up and headed to my room, locking the door behind me.

The revenge I was planning on her father wasn't going as planned, I didn't know if I was going to be able to go through with it. I laid on the bed, inhaling deeply, trying to forget the ache in my heart.



It was morning and I didn't get an ounce of sleep, tossing and turning, thinking about what Alexander said last night made my mind go into overdrive.

Was my dad the reason for my pain all these years? Why would he do such a thing?

"Betha!" The voice came as a slight knock was heard.

I rubbed my face and got up to open the door for him, his eyes were red. I didn't know if he was high or didn't sleep last night.

"Breakfast is ready, " he said walking in front of me, he looked back to see if I was following him and I was.

We entered the kitchen and sat besides each other.

"I don't cook, so we're having Cheerios for breakfast."

We ate in silence, the birds chirped happily, that was the only sound that could be heard throughout the apartment. It was a bit breezy but I knew he kept the AC on no matter what season it was. Three years with him had gotten me to know everything he liked and hated.

"I have a wedding to attend and I need a date, you're coming with me rather you like it or not." He stated while eating.

"I have work Alexander, I can't come. Find someone else." I said, taking a sip of my coffee that he had prepared for me.

"You're coming with me and that's final. We still have a lot to talk about, and never ever call me Alexander ever again. It's tats to you no matter what." He replied, staring at me intensely.

He knew I only called him Alexander if I was mad at him. "Tell dear daddy that I'm you're boyfriend Betha, you will see how he will react. He never liked me because of my appearance, he's a pagan." He said harshly.

I didn't know where he was going with this, why would he want me to tell my father he was my boyfriend?

"How's dear father doing with his business?" He asked.

He knew how he was doing, everyone knew he was going bankrupt due to the last business deal he made. He lost half of his money to a company that ripped him off. He still managed to stay on both feet, but it took a toll on him.

"Why do you ask Alex?" I questioned.

He glared at me, causing me to glare back.

"I said don't call me anything but tats, got it." He remarked.

I decided to ignore him for the time being. I just wanted to go home, why was I even here?

"I'll go get dressed, wear your hideous outfit. My friend is waiting for us at the airport with his girlfriend, we'll be going with them." He said before walking without giving me a chance to debate against him.

"Alexander, I'm not coming." I yelled.

He turned around and in a blink of an eye, he was in front of me, holding my neck gently as his thumbs pushed my chin up to face his cold stare. "Say Alex, Alexander one more time and I'll have you on the floor begging for me to f*ck you."

I couldn't breath as his eyes stared at my lips. His fingertips caressed the back of neck as his thumb did the same with my chin. "Wonder if those lips still feel the same?" He questioned placing his forehead upon mines. He back away unexpectedly, when all I wanted for him was to kiss me.

"Get ready, they're waiting for us." He said, leaving me there to stare at his back as he disappeared into the hall.

Twenty minutes into the drive, I was arguing with him to take me home. This idiot is actually taking me with him, "My god tats, are you freaking serious right now?" I shouted as we entered the runway where a jet and a couple of people were standing. "I can't believe you, I don't have anything packed. Aren't we invading their space? Oh my god tats, I freaking hate you." I said as he parked his red porch.

Hopping out the car he shouted loudly at his friend. "Come on man, aren't you going to introduce us to this fine sexy piece of art you have in your arm's?"

A couple stood there beautifully. The man's arm was around the woman waist as if he didn't want to let her go.

"What's up Al, this is my girl Samantha, Sam this is Alexander Sago, you can say he's family." The handsome man said as I approached over to them.

Tats noticed me besides him and said carelessly. "This is Bethenny, we're here to join your trip."

Rolling my eyes, I introduced myself. "Hi, nice to meet you both, You are so beautiful Samantha, thank you Nicolas for letting us tag along. I'm sorry for the inconvenience." I said shyly.

I'm glad tats mentioned his name as he spoke with him over the phone.

"No problem, anything for my man over here." Nicolas stated, patting tats on the back.

Both walked ahead of us, Tats seemed to be good friends with Nicolas.

"Are you ok?" Samantha asked as my eye's that were following tats were now on her. I smiled softly, nodding her head.

Entering the jet, I somehow remember father owning one just like it. There were two twin teenage girls facing each other, tapping away on their iPhones.

We all we're seated and tats pulled out a blunt, like there wasn't a care in the world, smoking away. "You ok with us tagging along, right Nicolas." He said as Samantha stared at him then at Nicolas in horror.

"AL, not in front of girls, ok!" His friend said with a warning look.

Tats rolled his eyes and stood up walking towards the door, taking one more puff before throwing it out.

He came back to sit in his seat, he smile and said. "Happy!"

I shook my head at how careless he was. "What is it that you do Bethenny." Nicolas questioned me.

I unbuttoned my suit jacket as it was bothering me. "I'm a new designer, tats here is dragging me to someone wedding as his date." Nicolas laughed while shaking his head. "That's AL for ya, always gets what he wants."

"What's your last name? You seems familiar." Nicolas asked.

"Bank's, Bethenny bank's!" I said firmly. He probably knew my father.

"Ah, I knew I've seen you before. It's a pleasure meeting you, I'm working with your father on a new project." Nicolas said.

Samantha was staring at me weirdly.

"Are you ok Samantha, you seem as if you seen a ghost." I said a bit concerned.

Tears we're falling from her eye's, we all stared at her.

"Hey, you ok?" Nicolas asked as his hand gently turned her face towards him.

"Yea! Sorry! Just kinda scared of flying that's all." She said as Nicolas wrapped his arm around her. Giving me one last look before she buried her face in his arm.

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