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   Chapter 39 Thee end...

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He did it again, that thing he always did with my heart. Where it stings but also smiles. How?

"Words are not meant to be thrown just like that, especially the I love you words Nicolas. You'll need more then super glue to put back the pieces you shattered. And even if you do, it won't be the same. No person on the face of this earth is kind enough to give a second chance. I'm human, as much as I hate you. I still love you, but love is never enough. You need trust to go along with it, and you don't have my trust. You might have my heart, but you have forever lost my trust."

I got up, marching in a fast pace back to the house. Entering the place, I was greeted by cool air, hitting my heaving burning body. Or was it my heart that was on fire?

I couldn't tell, I didn't give him a chance to grab me as he tried to. I left towards the bathroom, before closing the door.

"Sam...I get it. You don't trust me, I" he stopped. "I thought I wanted something, when all I ever wanted was you."

I want you too Nicolas, but you fucking stabbed my heart.

"Go to bed Nicolas, I'm going to take a shower then come out."

Stripping out of my clothes, I pulled my hair down from the messing bun I was rocking all day. Taking a good look at myself, I laughed.

"You should have told me I looked like a tomato."

"Juicy one too." He whispered out. "Can I join you? I need a shower as well."

"Go to bed Nicolas."

"I'll wait!"

Opening the shower, I adjusted it to the right temperature. Even tho it's hot, I still showered in lukewarm water no matter what.

Placing my right foot in, I release a sigh as the water hits against my body. Enjoying every second of it, as if it was washing away the stress away with every drip.

At times my mind won't blank out from everything, but then it would reload all back at once.

What am I doing? Was this worth it? Can I trust him again?

You love him!

The sound of the door opening brought me out of my endless questioning. I should see him standing there, looking at me shameless without a care. I went along, caressing my body.

The steam fogged up the glass, but I should still see his figure standing there. Wiping off the steam, he came into clear view. His eyes intensely roaming the outline of my figure, thoughts wandered thro


Slowly, inch by ....."Oommmmgggg" I screamed out at he filled me up.

A shiver went through his body which I felt, before a loud grunt escaped from him. Moving his hips left and right, trying to adjust himself.

Taking a moment to breath out, only to have the air in my lungs being sucked out.

He pulled back and forth, "I'm sorry, but your going to take it all." He said before he pulled my body closer. I felt it something I never knew was there.

"Oh fuck, you feel so good."

"Go slow!"

"NO!" He yelled out before ramming into the depths of my core. He kept going and going and going until I was completely gone.

I took every inch, every pain that came with pleasure, every thrust, everything!

He built a pressure in me like no other, a pressure that was waiting to explode.

"I" thrust. "Love" thrust. "You" thrust.

Trembling, shivering, quivering, shaking was all my body knew.

"Yes beautiful, that's what I want you to feel. Do you feel me Sam? Huh? Do you?"

I couldn't answer as my body drifted off into a galaxy filled with stars and fucking rainbows before crashing down. He continued to ride out the waves, bring me back and forth between heaven and earth. The feeling stopped, I felt his throbbing manhood before hot liquid shots of his filled me up.

He laid his body upon mine, kissing me senselessly.

"I love you Sam, love you so much."

"I can't feel the lower body of my body."

He laughed before kissing me one more. Tears filled my eyes, "I love you too Nicolas."

Thee end..

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