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   Chapter 38 The king's Queen

Just Pretend By MarillaGarden Characters: 7173

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"Help me understand your love."


The day was over, a pretty good day if you ask me. After the boat ride, we chatted a bit, getting to know the couple that were with Nicolas and I.

Never have I seen a man love a woman as Pedro loves Zara, was it stupid to be jealous? I wanted that with Nicolas, I wanted him to love me just as Pedro loves his woman.

We were on an island that seemed to be private, I found out that we were on Pedro's island where only his three story house stood proudly. The ocean was his view as palm trees scattered his surroundings. It was a sight to see as I took in the beautiful island.

"I'm so tried to walk Pedro, carry me!" Zara said. Pedro swiftly picked her up, soft giggles came from her as I watched her place her arms around his neck before laying her head on his shoulder. "I love you!" She whispered out lowly but I heard her clearly.

"I love you more!"

Awwwww, damn it I was hella jelly.

Nicolas hand slipped into mine, I was still learning to let go of the past but it would always come back to me. The knife went in deep but I couldn't see myself with anyone but him. He's been trying so hard, he still needs to prove to me that he loves me and not my money. I had an idea in my head to test him, I can't go through the pain again.

We entered the Pedro's lavish home where a petite woman greeted us.

"Senor, Senora! How was your day?" She asked happily. She took Zara's heels from her hand, Pedro still carried her until reaching the cream color sofa. Gently placing her down.

"It was amazing Camila, you should have came with us." Zara implied.

"I'm glad you had fun Senora, do you want me to prepare a bath for you?"

"No, I wanna sleep. Take me to my room Pedro!" She ordered.

"Camila, please escort our guest to their room while I carry this beauty up to her room." Pedro said before carrying Zara.

Walking behind them, they took the stairs that leads to the second floor while we walk the hardwood floors going around the vertical stairway. Opening a door that leads to a small hall path where painting decorated the walls. I take in the unbelievable view

hey will have answer in the morning, he went up to his room and locked the door shut behind him. He grabbed his feather pen and started to write. Morning came and the maids couldn't get the doors to open, they called the guards to help, but no use. After awhile, they decided to break the door down. They found him sleeping on his bed, went to wake him up but he was...dead. All over the walls in his room, were writing of his everlasting love for her. And a note he held on tight they read, All I did was love you, and never regretted a moment. Make my kingdom proud my queen, for I give my all to you. And forever will be your king."

Tears fell down my cheeks that he gently wiped them away.

"They called for her so she can see, then crowned her the kings queen. She never knew who truly was the king, but she knew the poor man she fell in love with and tears were all she could sing. That room, was the room she slept in until her dying days. The last breath she took was, we will meet again my king. We will get to know each other and be together forever my king. I truly never loved anyone but you my king."

"That's.... so... sad." I cried out in pain.

"I told you this not for you too cry Sam, I told you this because I want you to know. I will never love anyone more than I love you, I am the evil king and you'll forever be my Queen. Even if I don't have you in my life, I'll never be with anyone else but you."

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